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Having been here six months - I've noticed several common threads...

2020.02.03 20:22 boston_naturist Having been here six months - I've noticed several common threads...

I joined nudism around six-seven months ago, because of the lack of conversation on other boards.
And it's been stimulating talk, to a degree but the three most common threads I've seen.
  1. "There aren't any people my age there. All old people. Ewhggghgg!"
Yep. The old hippies. But when we were young hippies, I explained, we didn't mind going to a place where there were people our parents' ages. They were pretty hip, too. And this was in the Woodstock/"Generation Gap" era. Were we, as hippie/boomer people, more tolerant, more accepting of others than the young adults of today? I have to answer, presumably YES.
If you can tolerate us, we can tolerate YOU. And as I said - I really feel sorry, sad for those who refuse to come to nudist gatherings because they harbor an anti-older-generation prejudice. I've had a lot of fun in nudism/naturism for 40 years and will likely continue to do so until I die or become too infirm to get out there.
Be open minded and join in the fun.
2) "How do I meet other nudists in my area?"
Well, in this information age - GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND. We give advice here - if you're in the United States, contact - and check places to go. And - check the Naturist Network. In Canada (or nearby) And in Britain, British Naturism
GO WHERE THEY GO. You'll meet them, you'll know that they're there for nudism, and it's a safe neutral ground. This is better than, I think, random meet-ups on the web, or someone inviting you over to their house to hang out naked.
YOU have to make that first phone call. YOU have to be the one that goes to their swim or club gathering or resort. Since its SOCIAL NUDISM you are expected to be able to socialize.
3) "how do I get my wife/girlfriend/partner to go to a nudist beach/event with me?"
I don't have the answer. While I've been at this for 40 years with my wife, we came to the conclusion some 20 years ago that it's not our responsibility or obligation to figure a way to get your female partner to come aboard. My wife and I did have a project some years back to get guys to bring their reluctant wives to a non-nude gathering at a restaurant with nudists. It was moderately successful but we were condemned for it, particularly from two guys who thought we were trying to "couple-ize" nudism. No = we were trying to HELP you guys out. Your wives see we're normal, nudist women are normal, not all "10s", etc, it might help. But whatever...
Now, I also don't know YOUR wife or girlfriend as well as you do. So I can't advise you to do something that works - because each individual is different. While some have come up with propaganda pamphlets, you are the one that does the convincing and if you're rebuffed, I have no answer. The only pieces of advice I can give you is
  1. Don't let your nudism mess up an otherwise great relationship and
  2. Like the dandruff shampoo ad said "you never get a second chance to make a first impression." If she says she'll go with you ONCE - don't take her to an all-male gathering.
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2019.07.31 09:27 mkyl500 Nudist feature request

Hi guys - I'm writing a feature on female naturists based in the UK, and how shedding their clothes may have helped with body positivity etc. Would love to chat to any women keen to share their story, particularly if they were introduced to the scene by a partner. It's for a weekly glossy mag and there is possibly a fee. If you're keen, DM me!
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2018.03.22 16:10 mts89 London activities

For the last few years living in London, nudity has either been confined to relaxing at home, life modelling for art classes, or occasionally sunbathing on a beach or Hampstead Heath.
I'd really like to expand and try more social nudity with people around my age group (28) so thought I'd put together a list of what I'm aware of in London.
Most of what I've found either seems a bit seedy or single sex, which don't really appeal. I'll make an effort to experience the rest of the list though. If anybody is interested it would be nice to try some of these as a group, or even just have a naked picnic in the summer.
Regular events
Naturist London Sunday Swim
Naked Yoga
Bare Yoga (men only)
Altogether Yoga (men only)
Butt Naked Training for Men (men only)
Annual events
World Naked Bike Ride 9th June
Streak for Tigers August
Rio's Naturist Spa (a bit seedy in the evenings apparently)
Porchester Spa (clothing optional on single sex days)
Naked Hands Spa
Hampstead Heath Men's Pond (men only)
Hampstead Heath generally (if you're discreet)
Edit: some people seem to have an issue with the single sex comment. I don’t think it’s acceptable to discriminate on the grounds of gender, excluding people due to their sex strikes me as incredibly old fashioned. I want to be able to bring my partner and friends along to events, and meet a mix of people, single sex events hugely limit that possibility.
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