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When you finally convince your partner to play, you gotta start him off right...#SugarMama

2020.07.03 21:34 tamdotcom When you finally convince your partner to play, you gotta start him off right...#SugarMama

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2012.03.03 15:12 tabledresser [Table] IAmA 19 year old male college student with a "sugar mama". AMA

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Date: 2012-03-03
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What's her job/career? Who made the first move in the relationship that got you guys hanging out or whatnot? Be descriptive. She's a fairly high-level businesswoman. I was working at a coffeeshop over winter break and she would come in almost every day during lunch. I tend to be a bit flirty with all ladies so we hit it off pretty quickly. After a week or so I started taking my break when she came in so we could chat. She gave me her number and invited me to her house to watch a movie. A few days later she told me that she really liked hanging out with me and offered to pay part of my tuition.
Do you get a weekly allowance? No, I never see a penny of what she gives me. It all goes for tuition/room&board.
I once knew this girl with a sugar mama. She looked kind of like this. Does yours look like that? THAT'S HER!
When she invited you over to her house for a movie, did you expect sex to inevitably follow? We didn't have sex until about two weeks after that first date.
So are you on exclusive retainer or are you allowed to pursue your own relationships outside of the arrangement? We decided that we're not technically boyfriend/girlfriend, and she told me that she would be ok with me having a girlfriend my own age. I've just decided not to, because I'm not man enough to handle two ladies, and It would be cheating on the one my own age.
What does she look like? Milf? Cougar? Does she have a daughter your age or around? Who looks better? Mom or daughter? I think she's beautiful and sexy, especially for her age. She doesn't have any kids so she isn't technically a MILF, but she is definitely a Cougar.
Could we get a pic? Sorry, but if she were recognized it could mess up her career. Also, my dad and brother are redditors, so I'd rather stay anonymous.
Lets say this makes it to the front page (seems likely), and lets say your brother or father mentions the post for some random reason. How good would your poker face going to be? I have a great pokerface, but I don't think I'm going to need it since my dad or brother aren't the type to say "hey did you read that IAmA about the dude with a sugarmama".
Soooo.... Is she popular? She's not famous if that's what you're asking.
Fascinating AMA. Does your sexual partner have a smooth shaved pussy or a thick hairy bush? It's cleanly trimmed. You're welcome.
How can I obtain one? Talk to them, be flirty as hell.
How did you you meet her? I worked at a coffee shop over winter break, she was a regular so we became friends.
How old is she? 40.
Does she give you cash or gifts? She pays for the part of my tuition that scholarships and financial aid don't cover, as well as pays for the occasional weekend getaway for us.
NICE. How much does she rake in a year that she's able to help you with tuition? I don't know and it would probably be rude to ask her, but considering her job position, probably 500,000+/year.
HOLY FUCK, Don't lose it man. If you don't mind me asking. Does she live near a beach? No, but we went to the beach one weekend.
How do you feel about it? Do you feel taken advantage of? Do you feel as though your taking advantage of her? I feel like it's a good situation that benefits us both. I don't feel taken advantage of because I get a great friendship, great sex, and help paying for college. I don't feel like I'm taking advantage of her because she initiated it, and the money only goes toward my education.
What is your favorite Commandment? "Thou shall not kill" is a pretty reasonable request.
How did you pull this off? are you handsome? do you have a big dick? I suppose I'm fairly handsome and a bit above average. It's mostly just charm and alot of respect.
What does she ask you to do for her? Is the sexual part of the relationship pretty balanced, or is it more one-sided (she gets all the pleasure)? Sex was never an official part of the agreement, and I really like her and think she's sexy so I would still be with her even if she weren't helping me out financially. Sex is a fairly small part of our relationship and it's very balanced, although she usually does dominate, but I like it better that way too.
If not sex, what is the point of this expensive relationship from her POV? What is the "official agreement"? Well it's definitely partly the sex, but she's really likes the companionship as well as helping me with my education. There is no official agreement...we go out about twice a week and take trips about every other weekend, and she takes care of the part of my tuition/room & board that my scholarships don't cover.
So what's in it for her? I understand why you're doing it (duh), but why is she? She gets a steady safe sex life, companionship, someone to cuddle and watch a movie with, a travel buddy, arm candy, a lot of compliments from me, and the enjoyment of helping me afford college.
Did you first do it for the lulz, then she grew on you? You could put it that way.
Why is my life never that awesome? Http://
What's the craziest thing you've done in bed with her? Retrograde Wheelbarrow.
Oh so you have a 40 year old sugar mama? Niiiice. It's Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice ;)
I know you can't show a picture, but could you help a fellow out and give us a famous person that she sorta resembles? Maybe a younger-looking and slightly curvier version of Sigourney Weaver?
How did you meet her? I worked at a coffee shop that she came to every day.
What was the most expensive thing she got you? Probably the trip that we took to Miami for a weekend.
Do you date girls your own age? Now that you're in this thing, do you feel at all trapped? I have dated a few girls my age. I don't feel at all trapped, either of us could end it at any time.
Does she have a FUPA? (Fat upper pussy area) Nope. She's curvy, not fat.
Where can I get mine? The local coffee shop.
Seriously, you and that other guy both said it happened at coffee shops. What happens at those places? 8====> ---> (0)
Do your friends or family know about this situation? They know nothing about it. They would definitely not approve.
How does your family think you're covering the gap in your expenses and tuition? Don't they ask how you can afford these trips? My dad was never able to pay for my school. He thinks that financial aid and scholarships cover it all. I guess that's not technically a lie since she is "financial aid"
Do you find it more enjoyable to pound her, versus an 18 year old hussy? Yes, she's much more experienced, and I think sexier.
Have you two ever outwardly discussed expectations, i.e. use sex as a bartering tool and recognize that it's almost a business agreement? Or do you generally feel affection towards her with "sugar mama"ness being a pleasant side effect? There really is no official agreement at all, and sex is only a small part of our relationship. It's more of the second one.
If she were to end things between you and her, do you think you would go about doing something similar with another older woman again? I would consider it, but I feel like this is sort of a one in a million sort of chance.
How would you feel if she were to suddenly end it? A bit disappointed since we're really close friends, plus I would have to either get some student loans or work a lot more.
Had you heard of the sugar baby lifestyle before this relationship? Did you ever have an interest in the lifestyle before? Well I was aware of sugar daddies, but I didn't even realize that she was my "sugarmama" until after it started.
Did you ask for her to pay your tuition, or did she volunteer? If she volunteered - what was your immediate reaction? She offered, I was very thankful.
How long has this relationship lasted? A little over 3 months.
How big is your penis? About 7.5in.
"the old settler" Yes, it's precisely like that.
According to Urban Dictionary Not quite.
Do explain? She's not overweight and doesn't have stringy hair. She doesn't have blue eyes and wears very little makeup. Also, I'm not black.
You do realize that you are her bitch right? Absolutely, and I'm loving every minute of it.
How do your parents think you're paying for college? They think I have it 100% covered by scholarships. I have most of it covered but she takes care of the rest.
So, there's really no delicate way to ask this. Anal? A few times.
Does it bug you at all that you're kind of just her boy toy? I'm not just her boytoy...we're very close friends and there's an emotional aspect too.
What does she do for a living? -Are you still attracted to chicks your own age? -A business owner offered me $50/hour for companionship/public dates (no sex). Is this a good deal? Yes. 3 Of course.
What's your favourite letter of the alphabet? X is pretty badass.
I know you said she doesn't have any kids, but is she married or anything? Never married.
Did she order the hot coffee? You could say that ;)
Does she have big tits? Indeed.
If you're still answering, does she know you're doing this AMA? No, but I've kept her anonymous so I'm sure she's fine with it.
What is your major? Biology (hoping to get into med school)
How do you dress? Cheap but classy.
Did you bone her. Yes, in a much classier sense.
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