ItemUpdating ve

override the ItemUpdating event I am able to get the old value but not the new one, and when I override the ItemUpdated I can get only the new value. Mainly my issue is that no matter which of the 2 events I override the count of the AfterProperties and BeforeProperties hashTables is always 0.... Does anyone has an idea on what I am doing wrong ? I’ve created a ListView and gone ahead and created the three events attached to it. Below you can see that the Intellisense has brought up the fact that I can check for exceptions: So what’s useful about this is that I can actually write up some methods that will: Check for an exception and/or an inner exception I've checked and made sure the database is in the correct SQL instance, and the DBO is the AppPool user. I have been unable to find anything else that would be causing this issue. Again, WSS, IIS, and SQL are all on the same box. Tag: SharePoint - Development and Programming ItemUpdating or ItemUpdated ? SharePoint Products and Technologies; 10 Developing a Sharepoint application would have all the fun of a video game, if only you had infinite lives. Dangers lurk hidden out there which, if you run into them, can be a blow to your project and waste a great deal of time. Damon gives just one example of a poisoned dagger in the game of Sharepoint Development: The Item Event Receiver. once the limit has been reached. I've looked for XSL String Truncate examples but to be honest, I don't really understand them Would appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction, thanks! Tag: SharePoint - Development and Programming ItemUpdating or ItemUpdated ? SharePoint Products and Technologies; 5 Posts about ItemUpdating written by alnedru. Dear readers. Recently I was working on a task on which I’ve spent a lot of time because I came across unexpected issues and not unpredicted circumstances, by writing this post I hope I will help someone in the future to avoid it. I'm trying to find how a field's value has changed in an ItemUpdating event receiver. The particular field's display name and internal name is Regions. As soon as ItemUpdating is hit, the value of... I’ve written a console app that searches items in a SP document library (MOSS 2007) for a specific condition and updates the value in a column for each item that meets the criterion. I run the console app as a domain/SP admin and on the front-end SP server, so there is no question of security, rights, etc. After some amount of effort I've got my DropDownList in my ListView EditItemTemplate bound correctly when a user clicks the Edit button in the ItemTemplate. Now I'm trying to ensure that when the user clicks the Update button, that I get the newly selected value from the drop down list and write it back out to the database. I've got some code I need to run in an ItemUpdated event receiver method, but only if the value in specific column changed during the update.. My initial thought is to also implement some code to grab the BEFORE value int the ItemUpdating event and stash it in a member variable.. My worry about that is that I can't find a reliable source to reassure me that the same instance of my ...

Was there a change to Parven’s shop blueprint discounts with the latest big update?

2020.10.23 09:10 poplarbear Was there a change to Parven’s shop blueprint discounts with the latest big update?

I know there’s been changes to Lovecraft’s Exchange but I’ve noticed ever since the update the discounts for blueprints in Parven’s Shop are almost nonexistent. Before, I would get at least one 6-8% discount blueprint item a day but after the update, I’ve only seen discounts on average like twice a week.
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2020.10.23 08:35 GummiBearryJuice Fire Red Nuzlocke Run Update - Evolution

After healing my team up, releasing Link and Lemon (RIP poor babies! D:), and stocking up on some items, I headed west to Route 8 to do some training. My first encounter was a Growlithe that used roar on me. The Growlithe using roar on me almost made me mad enough to break or bend the nuzlocke rules to keep searching for another growlithe but honestly a pokemon using a move like roar or whirlwind kinda counts as a failed catch in my opinion (but Growlithe would've been an awesome replacement for Link! T_T)

Anyways, my team is on levels 18-28. I'm almost at my level cap with Whitney, my Gloom. Speaking of Gloom, I was considering when to evolve Whitney into a Vileplume. At first i wanted to evolve her into a Bellossom, but then I remembered that I would need a National Pokedex and to find a sun stone which both aren't available until after I beat the game (I think). So, I'll wait until Whitney reaches level 44 where she learns her final move (in gen 3 at least) before I evolve her (looks like I'll be stuck with her for another gym or two. lol)

In other news, Kagura the Spearow evolved while i was fighting some of the trainers on route 8 and no one has died. I still need to level up Zuzu the Zubat, Kagura the Fearow, and Viper the Ekans up some so they can be on par with the others. I gotta say though, Buttercup, Whitney, and Gwenivere are really carrying my team so far. But when i reach Celadon City and take on Erika, I think Gwenivere, Zuzu, and Kagura will be my key players. Thankfully, Erika uses three Pokemon (though I'll also use Buttercup as back up as well).

Well, I guess that's all. Hopefully next time I update, I'll have earned the Rainbow Badge from Erika and without no deaths, and I hope some more of my team would have evolved too.
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2020.10.23 08:12 kevinF1000 24x7 USA +1800.300.3595 QuickBooks payoll Support Phone Number

QuickBooks Payroll offers Good and reliable bookkeeping services for small businesses by giving most updated and accurate financial records. Impeccable financial records are maintained accurately. Nevertheless when you can get stuck in every form of technical or just about any other issue, the QuickBooks Payroll customer care telephone number gives the correct solutions and customized solution for the problems.

QuickBooks Payroll Phone Number Payroll Customer Support Help- United QuickBooks Payroll Contact Number 1800-300-3595

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Professional bookkeeper services

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QuickBooks Payroll related issue is solved by calling QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service telephone number. The consumer could possibly get knowledge or solution to the query by contacting our expert and well-trained team. Users are contacted QuickBooks Payroll customer care contact number to get every possible resolution of these HP related issues. Following the discussing all of the details pertaining to QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service if the user has still some fault regarding their issues then they is the concern with expert QuickBooks Payroll customer support contact number and their all issues is likely to be rectified on an urgent basis. Our service always available 2/7 everywhere and every time. Quickbooks Payroll Contact Number
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2020.10.23 08:02 MasterBeatle Tutorial Quest Can't Compete

Can anyone confirm the bugged tutorial quest where you have to plant the seed in your fort. I've talked to her, received the item, proceeded to place the item in my fort and it doesn't update. Instead it just makes me go back and talk to her again to get another seed. Rinse and repeat. I've got 3 of the item I can only have 1 of AND I have 1 already placed.
I go to people's camp and they have this fully grown tree where mine is still a little sprout. Any way to fix this? Am I missing something?
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2020.10.23 07:29 Beta-984 Something isn’t right here

I feel like there has to be something that was miscommunicated with the most recent community update in regards to armor coatings. That being said, I wanted to examine and attempt to make sense 343’s explanation.
"Coloration, along with materials and patterns, will now be baked into the coating, taking the place of the primary/secondary armor color options found in prior games."
At first glance, yes, this sounds bad. But I think the community’s been too quick to paint this as a negative, and I think that’s what 343 was afraid of based on what Uny goes on to say later:
"Learning about some big new customization changes coming to Halo Infinite by seeing some marketing materials and reading a few paragraphs isn’t ideal, but with programs already in motion and our date shifting, here we are."
Now keep in mind that if we were still going by the original release schedule, we’d be hot on the heels of some form of open beta where we could see and experience for ourselves what the new system brings to the table and what we can do with it. Now since that’s no longer the case due to the delay, we need to look carefully at what is actually being said because, as stated above, this isn’t how 343 wanted to do the reveal so the wording is very important. Nowhere does it say that players won’t be able to choose their own colors, just that coatings are replacing the old primary/secondary system. Of course, some coatings, like the promotional ones we’ve been shown may not be recolorable and that makes sense, as they’re purpose is to promote a specific product, company, individual, group, etc. But for the most part, I believe the coatings will be at the very least partially, if not fully recolorable and I think we should be excited based on the official description we’ve been given.
"A 'coating' is 'a seven-layer shader that allows us to put any artist-authored color, material, or pattern into seven channels and apply it to in-game items like weapons, armor, and vehicles.'"
Now with a different context, this sounds amazing, right? Being able to apply upwards of seven colors and textures to your spartan (and hopefully elite) in a multitude of different patterns does a way better job of making your character feel unique than just choosing a primary and secondary color.
Now whether my interpretation is spot on, dead wrong, or somewhere in between is still anyone’s guess, though I’d assume with much of the community up in arms, we’re probably in for a more detailed explanation sometime in the near future and hopefully they’re able to clear up all this confusion.
TL;DR: We’re hopefully just overreacting because of an unclea confusing explanation.
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2020.10.23 06:54 gnassar Account merging with Epic Games

So I played rocket league on my Xbox a couple years back and then eventually moved to PC. I bought the game on Steam and have been playing it there ever since. The update came out for Epic Games and I linked my Steam account to it.
I'm wondering if it's possible to link my Xbox rocket league account to the same Epic Games account and potentially merge them? I've got some items on my Xbox account that would be cool to have.
If not, is it possible to trade items cross-platform?
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2020.10.23 03:42 zane49er Unloader/disabler (turn off factory blocks for performance)

I posted something similar in the suggestions discord, but I wanted to elaborate here. I would love a feature that allows players to completely disable factories, removing machines in them from the list of items to be updated. This would allow you to keep old factories without worrying about their performance as much, since currently, machines that don't do anything still get updated and processed.
I have four suggestions on how this could work. They are ordered in order of my preference, with 4 being my favorite way it could work. Option one: UI element One way I can see this working is that there is a button that is always bound, maybe B or something, that allows you to toggle the state of machines selected with control. When you press this button, machines turn semitransparent like blueprints in factorio. These machines are saved, and exist to be re-enabled, but belts can't have items on them, machines don't calculate time, or anything like that.
Option two: "dumb" block version The rest of my suggestions involve blocks, but this is by far the simplest. A chunk with this block in it gets disabled. To re-enable it you can remove the block. Perhaps the building and wires layers could be separate in this system.
Option three: buildcraft quarry If you've ever set up a buildcraft quarry you probably know what I mean by this already but if not then here's what I mean: You surround a factory in a rectangle of blocks, or markers in the corners. You then put down a "controller" block that searches for four corners, and designates the area inside them as disable-able. When the controller receives a wire signal, it disables that area, both wire and building. Since the controller is not allowed to be in the area, softlocks are not possible.
Option four: remote block version In this version, you would select buildings with control, then press a keybind, and instead of copying the buildings you get a reference to their positions. Then you use the block UI (like a constant signal generator) to paste that position data into the block, and when it receives a wire signal, it disables the referenced machines. The block can't select itself, and new machines placed in the area aren't effected, so zones can be non-rectangular and softlocks are not possible.
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2020.10.23 03:42 coRvid_ice_elation My name is Tony Bobulinski: Hunter biz partner confirms email, details Joe Biden’s push to make millions from China

My name is Tony Bobulinski: Hunter biz partner confirms email, details Joe Biden’s push to make millions from China
By Michael Goodwin
October 22, 2020 12:42am Updated
Full statement from Tony Bobulinski to the New York Post
My name is Tony Bobulinski. The facts set forth below are true and accurate; they are not any form of domestic or foreign disinformation. Any suggestion to the contrary is false and offensive. I am the recipient of the email published seven days ago by the New York Post which showed a copy to Hunter Biden and Rob Walker. That email is genuine.
This afternoon I received a request from the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs and the Senate Committee on Finance requesting all documents relating to my business affairs with the Biden family as well as various foreign entities and individuals. I have extensive relevant records and communications and I intend to produce those items to both Committees in the immediate future.
I am the grandson of a 37 year Army Intelligence officer, the son of a 20+ year career Naval Officer and the brother of a 28 year career Naval Flight Officer. I myself served our country for 4 years and left the Navy as LT Bobulinski. I held a high level security clearance and was an instructor and then CTO for Naval Nuclear Power Training Command. I take great pride in the time my family and I served this country. I am also not a political person. What few campaign contributions I have made in my life were to Democrats.
If the media and Big Tech companies had done their jobs over the past several weeks I would be irrelevant in this story. Given my long standing service and devotion to this great country, I could no longer allow my family’s name to be associated or tied to Russian disinformation or implied lies and false narratives dominating the media right now.
After leaving the military I became an institutional investor investing extensively around the world and on every continent. I have traveled to over 50 countries. I believe, hands down, we live in the greatest country in the world.
What I am outlining is fact. I know it is fact because I lived it. I am the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings which was a partnership between the Chinese operating through CEFC/Chairman Ye and the Biden family. I was brought into the company to be the CEO by James Gilliar and Hunter Biden. The reference to “the Big Guy” in the much publicized May 13, 2017 email is in fact a reference to Joe Biden. The other “JB” referenced in that email is Jim Biden, Joe’s brother.
'''Hunter Biden called his dad “the Big Guy” or “my Chairman,” and frequently referenced asking him for his sign-off or advice on various potential deals that we were discussing. I’ve seen Vice President Biden saying he never talked to Hunter about his business. I’ve seen firsthand that that’s not true, because it wasn’t just Hunter’s business, they said they were putting the Biden family name and its legacy on the line.
I realized the Chinese were not really focused on a healthy financial ROI. They were looking at this as a political or influence investment. Once I realized that Hunter wanted to use the company as his personal piggy bank by just taking money out of it as soon as it came from the Chinese, I took steps to prevent that from happening.
The Johnson Report connected some dots in a way that shocked me — it made me realize the Bidens had gone behind my back and gotten paid millions of dollars by the Chinese, even though they told me they hadn’t and wouldn’t do that to their partners.
I would ask the Biden family to address the American people and outline the facts so I can go back to being irrelevant — and so I am not put in a position to have to answer those questions for them.
I don’t have a political ax to grind; I just saw behind the Biden curtain and I grew concerned with what I saw. The Biden family aggressively leveraged the Biden family name to make millions of dollars from foreign entities even though some were from communist controlled China.
God bless America.
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2020.10.23 03:32 _niiccotine Jumping on the Fallout 1st outrage, Bethesda really didn’t think about what they’re giving us for our money.

So what do we get, the Scrapbox, should’ve been in the main game as something people could work for as (due the recent free week) many more people have discovered, if you’re putting time into this game unlimited scrap space is essential.
What else, free atoms? Fantastic, except virtully all skin packs & PA skins cost close to the 1800 we receive each month, so again not really a huge bonus there, SO WHAT ELSE? One single free item each month, BRILLIANT except the items have been dogshite & possibly only 1% of subscribers actually enjoy these items, & the other bonus is our solo servers, which yeah okay fair play in my opinion its a great addition for solo players &even co-op players looking for some time alone & reliable xp farms etcetera.
I guess for £12 a month we can’t really complain, but for the people that can’t and very fairly don’t want to give Bethesda any more money that inevitably wont actually go towards fixing & improving the game, the daily grind limits truly hid harder than any fo1st users. Its incredibly hard to stockpile scrip weapons while keeping ALL their junk&keepable weapons n armour in the 800 limit, and for players with very limited time these restraints make the end game unreachable.
Please re-evaluate & consider the pay walls you’re setting up for players, you want long term players well you have them, but stop fuckin trampling us down with slow updates & disheartening “community events” and please reconsider who you’re actually designing this game for. You might not & evidently don’t play this game yourselves but please listen to the people who do & allow the full range of players to get the most out’ve it, we have a fucking fantastic game here but please stop making it harder and harder to defend it.
Also sorry i’ve had a little drink after a lot’ve days of working, but you lot deserve more with the amount of time you all put into this game, this is easily one of the best communities i’ve sunk my teeth into & its heartbreaking to see how little consideration the devs take to listening to us, BUT HEYHO WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER N WE WONT FUCKIN STOP TIL WE GET WHAT WE WANT.
Long live the dwellers of Vault 76.🖤
EDIT - Oh yeah and the tent, the tents fuckin brilliant but again let us all have it, im more just annoyed, (as are we all) at Bethesda for constantly letting down probably one of the most committed and caring communities out there. We all fuckin adore the series’ you’ve produced, TES or Fallout or ANY OF THEM, but still (and i don’t mean to jump the gun n talk for everyone) but these subreddits that’re filled daily with ideas and ways to make these games more enjoyable for the majority are just ignored.
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2020.10.23 03:28 abner-rufino22 Exotic engrams question

Hello there I'm a noob, so I don't know how these exotic engrams work. I've saw somewhere that I have to speak with Tyra Karn, but it says there that she doesn't have available items. When I search for information about this all I can find is how to farm. Please help.
Ps.: Sorry if this is a dumb question lol
Update: with you guys help, I've managed do learn what to do. Thanks a lot. I'm really enjoying this community.
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2020.10.23 03:16 savnk What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 23rd October, 2020

What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 23rd October, 2020
Art by u/CapPosted.
Hey everyone! It’s Sav and Tarn here this week

What's been going on this week?

Update 21.1 for BTD6 arrived this week which fixed an issue with the event
Decoded results: 1st: Giveon - 2 minutes and 3 seconds 2nd: exephur - 2 minutes and 4 seconds 3rd: tsp - 2 minutes and 5.51 seconds 4th: RIZE - 2 minutes and 5.334 seconds 5th: GivenUp! - 2 minutes and 6 seconds

This weekend's focus:

- BTD6 - Ongoing Halloween event. Pile O' Monkey Money and T3 Insta Monkeys on sale. Ongoing "Military Mayhem" Odyssey, ending Tuesday. "Spook" Race this weekend.
- BATTD - Ongoing Halloween Event. Ongoing Martian games: Magic man, no powers and more regrow. Half cash and allies only starting on Saturday. Finn Adventure Pack, Max Adventure Pack and Character Bundle Pack on sale.
- Tower Keepers - Hero battles rewards x2 and x2 Gem sale. Ongoing Gem Master.
- BTD Battles - Friday: MOAB - BFB Card, BFB Boosts Only Saturday: MOAB Card, MOAB Club - BFB, BFB Card Sunday: MOAB, MOAB R3 Speed - BFB, BFB Boosts Only, BFB Card Club Monday: MOAB 2x Medallions with Bag and Chest of Medallions on sale.
- SAS4 web - Ongoing Halloween Event. x2 Nightmare Alloy bonus for all maps. LMS on Friday, Apoc on Saturday and VS with black item as rewards on Sunday. Sale on Epic pack and 6th premium gun set: Ricochet, CM 352 and CM 467
- SAS4 Mobile - VS on Friday, Apoc on Saturday and LMS with black box as rewards on Sunday. Sales on nantos, NV vet pack, epic pack and 2nd premium gun set: Donderbus, RIA 15SE and Torment
- BMC web and mobile - Daily monkey teams with Monkey Knowledge pack on Sunday. Knowledge Pack sale (ancient on mobile too).
- BTD5 - Monkey team starting Friday, rotating every 3 hours. Blue counting for the leaderboards. Sniper skin and Monkey Money on Sale.
- BSM2 - Double blops and boosters.

Questions from the comments:

Where is the soulbind wizard? Retired!
The archive forum looks good, many pages are still missing though. Any estimation when they will be available? We weren’t able to fully back up the archive forums to include all pages, unfortunately. Most are there but we have no way of retrieving the missing ones!
Do you plan to update BTD5 Console with the new maps at any point? We appreciate the question, but the team is pulled in too many directions already. Sorry to say we don’t have plans to add BTD5 console maps.
Could you let people still get a black boarder if they exit in between rounds? I don't wanna be robbed of my black border just because I have to go eat dinner. Sadly, this is the condition of getting a black border so we won’t be making changes to this. I’d suggest turning off auto start and then leave the game running while you eat dinner.
Hypothetically, which hero would win a combat tournament between all of them (discounting Benjamin)? I predict that Quincy or Gwendolyn would do well, while Pat and Etienne would have the worst chances. Churchill. He has a tank.
Are the monkeys aware of the whole Red Bloon Equivalent mechanic? We’re pretty sure one of the monkeys came up with RBE. Whatever the Bloon RBE the monkeys will rise to the occasion.
Will the current Halloween trophy store items return next year on Halloween? We can’t say for certain! We do understand people wanting them back if they miss them, so we’ll have that in mind next year for sure, but we also want to have room in the store for new seasonal items.
Is Bloons Adventure Time TD abandoned? It's been 10 months since the last content update. We are not actively updating the game at this point, but we are still working with our friends at Cartoon Network to bring more players in, which could help fund new development.
While it's clear the monkeys are civilized and very much sentient, what about the bloons? Where did their grudge against the monkeys come from? The monkeys have studied Bloon behavior for years looking for clues about motivation or rationale, but we haven’t heard about any conclusive evidence or theories. Time may tell.
Is it possible to transfer game data from the web to the ninja kiwi archive after flash is gone? Or is that just something that I should do now? If you’ve played previously on then it’s completely possible. Just sign into your web account in the NK Archive and you’re good to go!
If the canon is made by the community, what happens if people disagree? Alternate realities.
What does the process behind balancing towers/heroes look like? How do you decide what to buff/nerf/not change? Is the community's opinion taken into account? It’s not something that we feel could particularly be summed up in some quick & simple explanation without leaving out a lot of important factors that would undersell it. But we try to consider everything even if we disagree and the majority of things the community feels and shares usually make it to us, aside from occasional times when people assume that we know something but really we don’t find it out until months later. Community influence factors in significantly, but we still make final calls as a small team based on what we see as personalities/feels of certain towers and heroes, where we see the meta game, and what sets up future updates.
"In Monkey years, human years or Bloon years?" What is the Bloon to Human year ratio? About rubber to 1.. Give or take.
What's your favorite feature in BTD6 (besides anything monkey/hero related?) The kiwi in bazaar - Sav Races - Tarn
Can you guys make btd6 in java? I have a 2nd computer thats linux so I cant play btd6 on it. :'( We won’t be making BTD 6 in java as that would mean re-writing the entire game. We are aware of the issue with Linux/Proton and are working with them to get it fixed up! Sadly, it's just a waiting game as we need them to fix it on their end. :(
In the new map, Encrypted, is there a secret or is the secret the thing with the coffins (only being able to place certain towers)? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It wouldn’t be a secret if we told you, would it?
Before release, what strategies did you guys devise in BTD6? Especially with all the weird bugs and balancing there must've been some interesting ones. Shinobi + grand master ninja was pretty ridiculously OP before launch… so much so that it broke the game :)
How does a monkey become a hero? I think the real question is, how does a hero become a monkey.
Will NK Archive support for other operating systems be coming soon? Not at this time.
What happen if Bloon eat banana? A mess.
If Gwendolyn has a firefox, then who has Google Chrome and Internet Explorer? Etienne uses Chrome and Striker uses IE.
what is the correct pronunciation of the Druid? is it pronounced Drood or Dru-id I say Dru-id - Sav obviously Droo-id - Rohan
Why didnt professor evil make a return this week? Professor Evil will be returning don’t you worry!
How do heroes work in co-op games? Is it one hero, or four separate heroes? How do they feel about seeing “themselves?” More like clones! It was a bit weird at first but they’ve gotten used to it.
How does Etienne control 8 separate drones at the same time on a single remote control? If they’re completely autonomous, why does Etienne have a remote control at all? He is very talented and very good at switching between tabs quickly.
How do monkeys survive literal nukes, artillery and Tsar Bombas dropped onto their heads? Friendly fire turned off: Correct.
How far into the future do you have content planned? Do you guys have sort of an idea of what you want to add for the next 5 updates? Or do you just think about the next update? We plan a few months in advance and have a rough idea of what we want to be in each idea but that may change depending on how much work is needed for each feature!
Are there plans to improve the tutorial in Battles? It’s not on our plans at the moment, but the game has evolved quite a bit since the tutorial was designed, so we may revisit it at some point.
Have a great weekend and happy gaming!
- Sav and Tarn
submitted by savnk to NinjaKiwiOfficial [link] [comments]

2020.10.23 02:59 yesindeedilydoo FT: Truly HUGE Selection of DIYs LF: Read Post

Ok I have a ton of DIYs to trade. I can’t believe I let it get to this point, yet here I am! Please look at the list of things I will trade for, which understandably depends on what/how many DIYs you want. I’ve categorized the DIY list as best I can. I will update the list as DIYs are claimed and get back to everyone as quickly as I can! Either DM or comment. Thank you!
Items I Prefer if you’re looking at combos of the better DIYs:
Gold Nuggets
Birthday Cupcakes
Spider Webs
Any Gulliver Items (except some hats - just ask)
Wedding Pipe Organ
Wedding Candle Sets
Cafe Curtains Wallpaper
Cherry Blossom Pochette
Cherry Blossom Flooring
Cherry Blossom Umbrella
Cherry Blossom Clock
Cherry Blossom Outdoor Picnic Set
Mom’s Homemade Cakes (Chocolate, Carrot, or Dog)
I will accept NMT(s) for more ordinary DIYs. No bells please!
Halloween DIYs
Spooky Standing Lamp
Spooky Arch (x2)
Spooky Lantern Set
Spooky Chair
Spooky Lantern (x3)
Spooky Tower
Fall DIYs
Tree’s Bounty Lamp (x2)
Pile of Leaves (x2)
Yellow Leaf Pile
Tree’s Bounty Mobile
Tree’s Bounty Little Tree
Acorn Pochette
Golden DIYs
Lucky Gold Cat (x3)
Golden Dishes
Golden Arowana Model (x2)
Gold Armor
Golden Flooring
Celeste DIYs
Libra Scale (x2)
Star Wand
Ocean DIYs
Mermaid Screen (x2)
Mermaid Dresser
Mermaid Chair
Shell Arch
Shell Bed
Flower & Fruit DIYs
Hyacinth Lamp
Hyacinth Crown
Blue Rose Wreath
Palm Tree Lamp
Coconut Wall Planter
Apple Hat (x2)
Cherry Speakers
Cherry Lamp
Orange Hat (x4)
Orange End Table
Peach Hat
Peach Rug
Bonsai & Bamboo DIYs
Bonsai Shelf (x3)
Bamboo Partition
Bamboo Hat (x2)
Bamboo Stopblock
Bamboo Bench (x2)
Bamboo Drum
Bamboo Floor Lamp
Bamboo Wall
Bamboo Candleholder
Uncategorized DIYs
Street Piano
Honeycomb Wall
Woodland Wall
Gong (x2)
Classic Library Wall
Fossil Doorplate
Jungle Flooring (x2)
Giant Teddy Bear
Basic Uncategorized DIYs
Simple DIY Workbench (x3)
Cardboard Sofa
Small Cardboard Boxes
Medium Cardboard Boxes
Basement Flooring
Straw Umbrella Hat
Deer Decoration (x2)
Unglazed Dish Set (x2)
Modeling Clay
Leaf Mask
Knitted Grass Backpack
Wooden & Log DIYs
Wooden-Block Wall Clock
Wooden Low Table
Wooden-Mosaic Wall (x2)
Wooden Chest
Wooden Simple Bed
Wooden Mini Table
Wooden Block Table
Wooden Block Chest
Wooden Full-Length Mirror
Log Chair (x2)
Log Dining Table (x2)
Iron DIYs
Knight’s Helmet
Ironwood DIY Workbench
Ironwood Chair
Iron Frame
submitted by yesindeedilydoo to AnimalCrossingTrading [link] [comments]

2020.10.23 02:56 RiffRaffMama Has anyone ever had a parcel arrive at the destination country's airport and just stay in that status for 6 weeks?

I ordered an item to be sent to somebody in the Philippines. The tracking says it arrived at the airport in the Philippines 6 weeks ago. I have been regularly checking for updates, but it has said this for 6 weeks now. The recipient says it has still not been delivered, so it's not a case of the tracking info not being updated. Is this normal for the Philippines? I've never had an item "stuck" at any stage for more than a couple of weeks in the past, but I've never sent anything to the Philippines either. Who would I contact about chasing this down? The seller is likely to tell me it has arrived and is just awaiting delivery and is out of their hands, and it is, so I don't see much help coming from there.
Has anyone had any experiences like this, especially with the Philippines? Advice?
submitted by RiffRaffMama to Aliexpress [link] [comments]

2020.10.23 02:53 RiffRaffMama Parcel has been waiting at airport in destination country for 6 weeks now. Is this normal in any circumstance?

I ordered an item to be sent to somebody in the Philippines. The tracking says it arrived at the airport in the Philippines 6 weeks ago. I have been regularly checking for updates, but it has said this for 6 weeks now. The recipient says it has still not been delivered, so it's not a case of the tracking info not being updated. Is this normal for the Philippines? I've never had an item "stuck" at any stage for more than a couple of weeks in the past, but I've never sent anything to the Philippines either. Who would I contact about chasing this down? The seller is likely to tell me it has arrived and is just awaiting delivery and is out of their hands, and it is, so I don't see much help coming from there.
Has anyone had any experiences like this, especially with the Philippines? Advice?
submitted by RiffRaffMama to Aliexpress [link] [comments]

2020.10.23 02:51 RiffRaffMama Parcel has been at airport in destination country for 6 weeks now. Is this normal?

I ordered an item to be sent to somebody in the Philippines. The tracking says it arrived at the airport in the Philippines 6 weeks ago. I have been regularly checking for updates, but it has said this for 6 weeks now. The recipient says it has still not been delivered, so it's not a case of the tracking info not being updated. Is this normal for the Philippines? I've never had an item "stuck" at any stage for more than a couple of weeks in the past, but I've never sent anything to the Philippines either. Who would I contact about chasing this down? The seller is likely to tell me it has arrived and is just awaiting delivery and is out of their hands, and it is, so I don't see much help coming from there.
Has anyone had any experiences like this, especially with the Philippines? Advice?
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2020.10.23 02:47 tinyhappysteps Keep getting this error only first time entering a card?

Hi, am on Windows, keep getting this error for first card I try to enter in a session. When I close it I can add card as usual... any ideas?
Ps - am on Win 10 2.1.28 anki version and I only have Image Occlusion Enhanced and ImageResizer add ones installed
Error An error occurred. Please start Anki while holding down the shift key, which will temporarily disable the add-ons you have installed. If the issue only occurs when add-ons are enabled, please use the Tools > Add-ons menu item to disable some add-ons and restart Anki, repeating until you discover the add-on that is causing the problem. When you've discovered the add-on that is causing the problem, please report the issue on the add-on support site. Debug info: Anki 2.1.28 (7d8818f8) Python 3.8.0 Qt 5.15.0 PyQt 5.15.0 Platform: Windows 10 Flags: frz=True ao=True sv=1 Add-ons, last update check: 2020-10-23 11:44:03
Caught exception: Traceback (most recent call last): File "aqt\", line 482, in handler File "aqt\", line 479, in File "aqt\", line 189, in _addCards File "aqt\", line 591, in saveAddModeVars File "lib\site-packages\anki\", line 87, in save File "lib\site-packages\anki\", line 231, in update File "lib\site-packages\anki\", line 414, in add_or_update_notetype File "lib\site-packages\anki\", line 265, in _run_command anki.rsbackend.InvalidInput: InvalidInput { info: "attempt to save stale notetype" }
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2020.10.23 02:46 Butterfly-kiss77 Controlling baby snatcher MIL wants to play mum?

I've lurked on here for a while and finally decided to join and share my situation. I like that there seems to be such great common sense advice and the sense of solidarity here. Apologies in advance for what will probably be a long one.
My MIL (and SIL who is Mils clone in looks and personality) have hated me since I got in a relationship with my husband. They'd only visit when I wasn't home and was at work. There's a long history now but some back story is that when husband and I were first dating, she'd used her position in her Govt job to meddle in my file - works at a ministry of social development centre that handles old age pensions, unemployment benefits and student accommodation supplements and at the time I qualified for student assistance on top of my part time work. Husband owned his house and his mother boarded with him. After a long while we decided we just wanted it to be us and he told her that with a long timeline for her to move out but she decided to move out right away and then "advised" her work that I was in a de facto relationship, as being the school holidays when the additional supplement (all of about $60) is stalled, I had only just moved in and hadn't yet got round to updating everyone including these people about my updated details, which I was going to do, but she beat me to it and I got a message from them saying someone had "advised" them of my change in status and address and she did this because it effects what supplement if any you can get. Which I was fine with, what they gave as a supplement was just a small booster to my normal work earnings when I was flatting, but she wanted to beat me to it and it felt like was using her position to hold power over me and meddling in the files of your sons partner is not OK so I filed a complaint.
Early on before she moved out and I'd just visit, I noticed a real maternal eneshment situation where she was treating my husband like a spouse at least emotionally. His sister is his twin, MIL and their dad separated when he was 5 and when I visited when she still lived with husband, she showed him a picture of a mosiac coffee table his sister had made and said "look what your daughter has made". He corrected her and then she laughed and joked about "the Freudian slip". Once I was around on a weekend and now husband and I were being intimate in his bedroom, she was working at her second part time job (the Govt job is her main full time one) and she walked in on us being intimate because she always had a habit of opening his door whenever I was visiting without knocking. He told her to get out and instead of shutting the door right away flustered and apologetic as most would she asked him three times where the washing powder was.
Fast forward to when we decided to get married - we decided to elope to avoid MIL and SIL drama at a wedding but we decided to have a wedding party a few months later with all family and friends. My aunties had been given control over catering and making food themselves and organising tables and decorations but when they arrived the MIL took over this including catering so my aunty ended up with months of home made foods that she stored for her kids because MIL stomped over everything and brought in ordered food, took over the table and decorations and it was all hideous and my aunties didn't get a look in. MIL had known beforehand too that my aunties were doing catering for the meals and we had told her she was welcome to do the desert stuff which she agreed to but when it came to the time she took over everything and my aunties who are easygoing down to earth people got so upset at her that during the organising of the party that they had to storm off. They later told my mum that understood now what I went through seeing it firsthand. When it came to speeches my grandma spoke and welcomed my husband to our family. His mother decided to speak and didn't mention my name once, instead decided to talk about how husband and his sister are like chalk and cheese and how my husband was welcome to come to her house anytime "through the back door" which made all of my friends and family laugh in shock and horror...
And now enters baby who is our rainbow baby. As I said earlier MIL never visited if I was home, only when at work. Once I got to my third trimester she was coming around and dropping off ridiculous amounts of stuff, double ups and a lot of gaudy and used items and cluttering everything up. She also made these bead by numbers large pictures to hang up on nursery wall despite the fact I'd already picked out the decor for my nursery. The first wall hanging she put together was this frankly hideous picture of hedgehogs who are also dandilions and when she gave it to me she laughed about how it was the only pattern left on the Wish? website...she also told us she'd bought a bassinet for her house and said she wanted to offer to take the baby at her house every second Sunday. The bassinet was old school with lots of drapes and hangings and she's a smoker who keeps expressing her outdated ideas about how to bed a baby such as in her day we tummy and side slept them and we put toys and wedges behind their backs... I told her recently how sleeping babies on backs as reduced SIDS by 40% I think it is and she always has an answer for everything, told me why would they even sell sleep aids if they weren't safe? (gee I don't know, the same reason smokes are sold, coca cola, McDonald's - capitalism?!). Anyway the bassinet - I told her baby wouldn't even be staying at MY parents the night when so young and she has an answer again saying oh no, not the night, just a few hours so you can have a break/go out and do something. I notice these Mils with baby rabies always tell mums when to have a break and seem to want to take the baby away on their own...
Husband told his mum that we didn't want visitors for two weeks after the baby was born. I told him later that I didn't mind if she visited briefly at the hospital sometime later and a visit or two maybe after the first week home would be fine but what happened was she arrived when I was in the hospital ward while baby was feeding, came right in and looked at how she was latched, kissed me?! then mentioned to husband how she'd like to come to the house and do a big clean up for us. I ignored her. When she was gone, I told husband that wasn't happening and he agreed. Next day I was discharged and I'd had an episiotomy and a few tears, was in quite a lot of pain, had lost a lot of blood and home is meant to be sanctuary but we arrived and I saw her car parked at the driveway... Then found her inside cleaning. Turns out she has a key to our house and if told husband for years I suspected she's probably made cuts of the spare at some stage and he still deals with the fog sometimes... He was like maybe I left one of the doors unlocked... But I was like no because she wouldn't come to our house when I'm at the hospital with plans to come inside when we weren't there unless she had a key. It's not like she turned up hoping to find an unlocked door. Thankfully she left soon after we arrived... but was round the next day and the next and came every day for about 7 days to spend our first week back as new parents with us. She'd actually booked short notice leave from her job in order to do this, without asking.
Baby is now 8 weeks old tomorrow and his mother has been coming over every Sunday and I think expects that Sunday is "her time". I haven't obstructed this, once a week I can handle but she said to my daughter in a baby voice "I only get to see you once a week"... Which is more than anyone in my family has gotten because they don't live 10 minutes away from us like she does and she has seen my baby more than anyone in my family so far. She quit her second part time job which took her evenings and Saturdays up. Now she keeps saying over and over again that because she quit it and has more free time, she'd like to come over more often to "help" because she will be "bored" now without the second job. She also mentioned that there will be less financial wiggle room now that she's quit the second job (apparently a full time day job at a Govt department isn't enough to support just herself and side note, years ago husband discovered after asking her to move out of his house via his sister that she had stolen his inheritance left to him by the grandmother and then stolen the sisters inheritance to pay his one back!). MIL explained regarding financial wiggle room that she wants to be able to shout her friend lunch or buy shoes when she sees them...
She's a very overpowering and overbearing person. One Sunday she came round to walk baby in pram for an hour to so and told me to read a book or something and when she came back she said she'd like to do it again soon and maybe for two hours next time. I said regarding the next walk that I'd like to come along and she told me no, I can stay home and read a book or watch a movie. There's also been a few times I was breastfeeding baby and when MIL decided she was done, she scooped her away and took her. My daughter has really bad reflux which midwife at the time knew about, and the doctors I've seen know about it and his mother told me she doesn't think baby has reflux because she "knows reflux babies and they projectile vomit". She told me my milk quality won't be good (it's fine and baby is meeting all milestones despite the ongoing discomfort from reflux), when I mentioned some people telling me they've had good results going to an osteopath for reflux she told us "absolutely not" and that they mess around with bones and I kept hearing "no" come from her mouth which annoyed me a lot because she has no parental authority and if we decide to go to an osteopath that is our decision alone.
As said earlier, before baby she only visited husband when I was at work. Since baby I've seen her more than ever in the whole time I've been with husband which is so transparent and fake in my eyes. I want to be fair but I want to make sure we have strong boundaries and that she knows our parental authority is not to be challenged but she is so pushy and honestly very narcissistic. She never asks about anyone in my family. My dad once helped me wallpaper the spare room and she came by a few days later when I was at work and ripped all the wallpaper off to begin again. So... I want to be reasonable and fair but have strong boundaries. I am trying to get used to the practice of "no" being a complete sentence. I want my daughter to understand healthy relationship dynamics but unless a serious line is crossed I don't want to just cut off one grandmother but that grandmother needs to know that she's not centre of the ring with husband and my baby.
Any ideas?
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2020.10.23 02:41 Robhuge Any one else find the last update to be less fun and more annoying?

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m a casual-ish player with a level 100 2-hand melee Primal Strike Warder and I haven’t farmed the set items I need yet. I am randomly getting clobbered first at the Pit which I realized was some kind of inside joke after spending an hour getting trashed over and over, and now in Shattered Realms where I was previously successful for a while farming level 50-51 elite. I did notice that the bosses seemed to get more ‘creative’ after the last update with nastier combinations, more mages with weird effects, more numbers, etc.
As well more special Shattered Realms levels that randomly appear seem to be annoying like the one with the three giant blobs with mouths that takes forever and now I’ve encountered a small end shard level with 6-8 bosses that teleport me, then nullify and just generally clobber me. I gave up after playing 8 levels for no loot. Tried again and 4 levels later the same set of bosses and at SR50. Just bad luck or what? I usually enjoy the game and play to unwind but what is going on...
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2020.10.23 02:17 The-Workplace A story about tournaments...

TLDR: Got smashed by toxic SL smurfs. Read below for details! I'd love to hear from others who may have had similar experiences.
I'm sure this'll get lost/ignored, but I just wanted to share my experience. It really got me tilted and I thought it's a good example of how smurfing has such a bad impact on the integrity of matchmaking.
Earlier this week, I finally had the time to try playing a tournament. I was done with work and errands for the day, and my wife and kids were happily occupied. So I was excited! I'd played a few before, but it's hard solo queueing and getting matched with randoms every time, and of course life likes to get in the way of fun things. Obviously I'd love to get some cool black market items from the tournament rewards, but more importantly I want to get that beautiful "Season 1 Tournament Winner" tag I see occasionally! (And I need to get in the quarter finals 4 times for that stupid season challenge...)
I was C2div1 in 3s before the update, and I've since managed to claw my way back to C1div2. Mechanically, I'm average at best, but I have excellent positioning and like to think I'm good at setting up teammates. All this to say, I think C1 is what I deserve, and I know I'm nowhere near the top. But since I'm C1, I play in champ tournaments, which makes sense. My opponents and teammates had always seemed to be around my skill level, but I'd only played about 6 or 7 tournament games because I'd never made it past round 2.
This week as I joined the tournament, I was ready to give it my best shot as usual but also prepared to lose quickly again. To my surprise, my random teammates and I actually clicked pretty well in our first game, and we won relatively easily. The second round game was more difficult, but we managed a nice comeback to win in overtime. Somehow, we also won the quarter finals and then the semi finals! I was so close to getting that winner tag, I could taste it. As we loaded into the finals pre-match lobby, however, I was immediately concerned.
The first thing I noticed was that the other team was a 3-queue (since they had a real team name instead of the generic randomly generated ones). Generally, people queued together will have better communication than randoms, but that's not such a big deal, right? Then, I looked at everyone's MMR. On my team, everyone had about 1350 MMR, which corresponds to a rank of low to mid C2. One person on the other team had about the same as us, and the other two had ~1000, which corresponds to mid to high D1. I also noticed that those two players had brand new Epic accounts with no tags, the default profile picture, and short, single word names. They were also using stocktanes. In team chat, I jokingly told my teammates, "How much you wanna bet these two are smurfs?"
As the first game began (semi finals and finals are best of 3 if you didn't know), I could instantly tell these were not D1s. I think anyone in champ and above would be able to recognize that pretty quickly. I could also tell they weren't even close to C1 or C2, where I have been for quite a while. My only frame of reference for super high MMR lobbies is playing against an 1800 GC in a private match once. He basically 1v3'd me and two other people who were D2 at the time, without breaking a sweat. I'm a little better than D2 nowadays, but that's pretty much what those two guys were doing with my team in the tournament. We could barely even touch the ball.
After (obviously) losing the first game, I said "Nice smurfs, why don't you go play against your own rank" in the post-game lobby. I guess I shouldn't have done that because then they said something to the effect of 'yeah we already won a supersonic legend tourney, so we don't care.' In the second game, they went full tryhard mode, constantly flaming us with quick chats and calling us shitters and trash. Needless to say, we lost pretty handily in that game, and I lost all motivation to try winning any other tournaments. Perhaps I just got unlucky in that the first time I ever got to a tournament final, the other team was two SL smurfs carrying their (probably boosted) C1 friend to victory. But I have a sneaking suspicion that smurfing in tournaments happens on much larger scale than you might think, despite all the people who somehow refuse to believe it exists. Again, this was just my experience, but what are the odds of that only happening the one time I'm able to play a tournament?
I was pretty mad that night, but I'm over it now. I just won't be playing any more tournaments. So I guess I just want to say congrats to those two smurfs who felt the need to shit on our team and probably everyone else they went up against. (For reference, the difference between SL and C2 is like the difference between C2 and P2.) Congrats to the guy who needed two SL's to carry him because he'd never have a chance of winning legitimately (he only had like 50 points in each game) - you must be proud of your accomplishment. And thanks to Psyonix for allowing such obvious matchmaking disparities to exist with no recourse for players to do anything about it. Just so everyone knows, based on the MMR I got from getting 2nd place in that tournament, those smurfs will be able to continue playing with the same guy and ruining others' enjoyment for at least 7 more tournaments. So much fun!
submitted by The-Workplace to RocketLeague [link] [comments]

2020.10.23 02:09 COD_Mobile_Official Call of Duty: Mobile - October 22nd Update

Call of Duty: Mobile - October 22nd Update
Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community! We are only one week into our Anniversary Season and with the amount of content already released, and events going on, it already feels like so much has gone down. We’ve had millions of players party it up in The Club, battle to escape Alcatraz, and collect a variety of new loot, weapons, characters, and gear! It has been thrilling to see you all finally interact with everything we’ve been working on.
We spent the last update thanking the general community and playerbase in every other paragraph, so no more compliments for you all 😉, but thank you for the widespread love and support around this release. Seeing our developer’s community messages shared around all corners of the community, and in a positive light, has been humbling and made us once again feel very grateful to have you all.
With this update we have a variety of different events to highlight and many of which are Halloween themed, but we first wanted to share our brand-new S11 events trailer (released today) to give you a glimpse of most of the major events coming this season! Take a look.
This update isn’t quite as massive as last week, but there is still plenty to discuss. Let’s jump in below and go over everything launching over this next week and some of the usual feedback & bug reports.
Here is a quick look at all of the new events starting today and a few other new ones already running:
  • 10/21 ~ Survival Kit Seasonal Challenge
  • 10/23 ~ Elite Marksmen Seasonal Challenge
    • Grab the first ever explosive sniper rifle, the NA-45
  • 10/23 – 11/01 ~ Pumpkin Confirmed Event & Playlist (MP)
  • 10/23 – 11/01 ~ Halloween Standoff Playlist (MP)
  • 10/23 – 10/29 ~ King’s Quarters Event (MP)
    • New map, new rewards, and more competitive combat
  • 10/23 – 10/29 ~ King 24/7 Playlist (MP)
  • 10/26 – 11/01 ~ Attack of the Undead Playlist (MP)
*All Dates UTC
Before we jump into any of this week’s topics, we wanted to discuss shadows, secrets, and ciphers. The shifting balance of power in a match of chess - and we are all the pawns. Head to PawnTakesPawn to learn how to find secret codes, or redeem any codes you have already found.
Rewards can be found everywhere in this Anniversary Season of Call of Duty: Mobile, that’s part of the celebration, but there are some unique ones that can only be found through hidden codes. Best of luck to all of those seeking these out and be sure to try searching in a loud place filled with other players.
Halloween Events Something spooky has arrived in Call of Duty: Mobile and no it isn’t the original and overpowered version of the Molotov Cocktail. Starting today, Halloween events have begun to crawl their way to the surface and with a variety of different options available to try right now!
Currently, these events are almost entirely focused around Multiplayer, but don’t worry Battle Royale fans – there is more coming and specifically for BR. Check out all of these Spooktacular events launching now (or soon) below and get ready for more to come just before All Hallows' Eve.
Pumpkin Confirmed One thing that we’ve heard time and time again across 2020 is why don’t we just turn the dog tags in Kill Confirmed into Pumpkins? Okay, maybe that was just us thinking of fun ways to adjust some beloved modes, like Kill Confirmed, for Halloween.
This is a variant of Kill Confirmed is both a playlist and a featured event! It will be available on a variety of maps listed below, but surprise…it is also 10v10 Kill Confirmed! Now you can combine your love of 10v10 mode with the Halloween theme and Kill Confirmed.
There is one main featured event for these Halloween events and it is also called Pumpkin Confirmed (just like the playlist). For this event you just need to collect pumpkins (dog tags) or play on the Halloween standoff map through that separate Playlist. There are nine tasks focused around completing different tiers of those objectives and here are the main rewards for completing them:
  • (Epic) Charm - Pumpkin Smile
  • (Rare) Weapon - DL Q33 - Jack O' Lantern
  • (Rare) Weapon - MSMC - Jack O' Lantern
  • (Rare) Sticker – Deadlocks
Halloween Standoff This original Halloween map from back in October of 2019 is returning and available on a variety of different Multiplayer modes. You can explore the frightening but also delightfully decorated streets of Halloween Standoff in the modes TDM, DOM, Hardpoint, KC, Attack of the Undead, and Cranked.
If you weren’t around the first time this map released, make sure to check it out now to see why it has been continually brought in discussions and requested throughout the year…even during time periods where it would make no sense to bring out a Halloween map haha. We will always appreciate the excitement though, even if you request Halloween Standoff on Christmas!
Attack of the Undead We have seen many requests for Attack of the Undead to return around Halloween and we hope you can imagine how hard it was not to blurt out “don’t worry, it is on the way!”. There are no specific events tied to this one but is available in both the Halloween Standoff Playlist and its own Attack of the Undead Playlist. Enjoy it and we hope it feels perfect for the Halloween season!
World Championship 2020 Playoffs – North America While we are gearing up to release a variety of events themed around Halloween or the Anniversary celebration, there is also a little thing called the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championships 2020 going on 😉. Teams from LATAM, Brazil, Japan, Western Europe, and the Other regions have all fought it out over the past month and now we are at the last battle for this stage: North America.
You can find all of that starting for North America this weekend with Day 1 at 11:30 AM PT on Saturday October 24th and Day 2 at 11:30 AM PT on Sunday October 25th! You can primarily find that on our global YouTube channel. The tournaments have been amazing to see so far, with so many passionate players battling it out, coming up with impressively effective tactics, and showing their competitive spirit in the best of ways.
Speaking of which, a huge shout-out to all of the teams that played in the recently completed Western Europe Regional Playoffs and in particular a huge congratulations to the winners – Team Kingsclanios! Check out this interview with Naarkz from Kingclanios, who received the Sony Xperia MVP title:
King Is Here We mentioned this new Multiplayer map quite a lot last week in the update focused around the release, but this time we just wanted to say that it is now available to try for all of your competitive needs in the King 24/7 Playlist! There is also an event tied to it where you can acquire a variety of rewards just for playing and getting kills on this map.
Quick recap, but this small and balanced map is available only for Gunfight and 1v1 Duel. It is designed for those tense, precise, and sweat inducing modes that many love. Make sure to check it out and get a glimpse of the full map in our latest flyby video!
Now Available – NA-45 Sniper Rifle To recap our post from last week, the NA-45 is the first ever CODM sniper rifle with explosive rounds! Every other shot you fire triggers explosive damage that can hit multiple players. To balance this powerful ability, the overall damage of a single shot is lower than other snipers but precision shots (headshots) can still take down an enemy in one hit. Check it out in action
This new weapon is available in two days, through a seasonal challenge called Elite Marksman and through the newest lucky draw (also launching today) – Thorned Rose Draw.
If you prefer to jump straight in and grab a blueprint, then just grab the NA 45 – Lycanthrope with its unique and deadly looking kill effect. We’ve made it appropriate for Halloween and it is with some other new items or characters, like Ruin – Bone Warrior. Take a look!
One last note on this weapon, but since it is a brand-new weapon we will not be allowing it in the North American Regional Playoffs occurring this weekend for the World Championships. We’ve had a few questions about this and we don’t feel it is appropriate to have a weapon that has been out for just a single day be included in a competitive scenario like that. People need to time to learn and adjust to the weapon, but our teams also need time to observe and make balance changes before it can affect an official competition or tournament.
Bug Reports While we are still hard at work looking into a variety of different bugs, including some new ones that seemed to have only cropped after this new season released, we have already put out a hotfix! Here are some quick notes on what was changed in that:
  • NA-45: Damage reduced
  • DLQ33: Reload speed increased
  • HG40: Firing range reduced, damage at medium range reduced, and other adjustments
Battle Royale
  • NA-45: Damage reduced and bullet velocity reduced
  • Purifier: Damage enhanced slightly, players can now cancel Reload animation
  • Tempest: Damage and damage radius enhanced slightly, weapon fire charging time decreased
  • Attachments for shotguns
    • Sawed-Off Barrel (-2): Negative effect of reducing firing range has been mitigate
    • Extended Barrel (+2): Active effect of enhancing firing range has been weakened
  • Attachments for the NA-45
    • High Explosive Ammo: The explosion range of the ammo -10%
  • Attachments for the Fennec
    • Extended Mag: clip size extended
Not mention above are dozens of bugs that have also been fixed but aren’t as clear to call-out, like issues many players reported with the Anniversary Machine not working on the day of release, some rare crashes in BR, HUD and UI issues, and many others. We’ll keep it at, just keep reporting them!
Unable to Shoot Enemy Players We are looking into a variety of reports about hitboxes disappearing for enemy players in Multiplayer matches. This means that they can no longer be hit by normal weapons and most players experiencing this issue have reported that only explosives or area damage can still dish out damage. So far there hasn’t been any clear reason this is happening, like this only occurs every time you use the H.I.V.E. Operator Skill or every time you die while performing an emote.
If you are seeing this issue please continue to reach out with any video clips and we’ll forward that to our team along with any information you provide, like your device type, how it occurs, on what map, in what mode, and anything else that may be relevant to tracking this one down. Thanks to those who have already worked on reporting this up!
Players’ Weapons and Items Disappearing This incredibly and hopefully extremely rare bug has been presented as something where mid MP match you’ll lose access to any weapons or items. The HUD/UI will show no weapons or items and you’ll just be running around helpless. We’ve also tried to reproduce this one, but like the previous issue it has no clear cause or action that causes it to occur.
First off, sorry to anyone who runs into this one and especially in Ranked matches, but please report on over what you were doing before this started occurring. Similarly, it would be great to know what mode you are in, if it was Ranked, and on what map. Were you trying to perform a Gravity Spike smash right before it happened? Great information to know. Anything like that may help us figure it out. It is all appreciated.
Support Options Lastly, we have the usual message about please go to these player support areas to report bugs in general. Of course, for this update we just asked about two specific bugs and we’ll be checking community areas for information on those, but these areas below are truly the best places to go for individual bugs that may not be widespread or may just be specific to you.
Final Notes While you may have seen it already, there have been many giveaways going on through community areas for anniversary and congratulations to the over 100 players who have already won various rewards through community events, like Adler, Ghost – Loose Ends, COD Points, and some credits. Shoutout to the many community leaders who coordinated with us to help run these giveaways.
However, we have plenty of other events planned throughout the season, both inside and outside of the game! Some of which may be popping up through our social media channels soon with a chance to win some rare and unique weapons or characters, so make sure to keep an eye out for that.
Speaking of events, next week we’ll have some more Halloween news to share, more Season Challenges to highlight, a recap of the North America Regional Playoffs, and of course that fabled credit store update featuring the Man O War - Cardinal! We are also very excited to be able to share (soon) our first ever video focused around stories from across the international Call of Duty: Mobile community.
Lastly, we’ll be on the lookout for some new community highlights to share, more feedback and bug reports to address, and more fantastic CODM memes to fuel us through the week. Take care and see you then!!
- The Call of Duty: Mobile Team
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2020.10.23 01:58 cultsyrup AITA for reselling candles i didn’t end up liking from a small business? (same price and lower)

i just received my package that consisted of 3 candles from a small business that i ordered from. this small business has quite a following and their candles sell out within minutes, i was lucky to be able to get the 3 i wanted. when i opened the candles to smell them i was overwhelmed and i just knew i would be getting a headache from these. they smell good, but they’re way too strong for me. regardless of all of that i decided to burn one for about an hour to see how it smelled, i ended up not liking it. i burned another one for about 5 minutes before deciding against it because i was already getting a headache. so two of my candles are used and one is still brand new.
i took to social media to dm a few people that commented under the small business’ posts that they missed out on certain scents that they wanted and let them know that i was reselling them to those who missed out since i ended up not liking them. my prices were a bit lower on the used ones but i kept the same price for the one that hasn’t been used yet. i’ve successfully sold 2 of them today.
i then got a message from someone who said “this is weird. it’s not nice to sell (insert seller’s name)’s candles.” to which i was confused because, the original seller already has my money, i’m not claiming that i made the candles, and i’m not making the exact money that i spent back.
i think i might be the asshole because i’m reselling the candles to get some of my money back
UPDATE: the seller was told about this by the person who messaged me. they made a post outing me and basically threatened to file a claim. i’m in the middle of messaging them right now and they seem to be very upset with me..i feel awful
UPDATE2: the seller sent me money to buy a shipping label to return the candles to them. they told me that i should’ve came to them first to ask about a refund/return, but my understanding with most small businesses is that you usually ask for that when an item is missing, something is lost in transit, or something is damaged. you typically don’t just ask for a refund from a small business because you didn’t end up liking the item. overall i understand how it came across as shady to the seller and i will learn from this experience.
UPDATE3: in regards to “poaching customers” i can totally see how shady that seemed to the seller but in my mind i saw it as giving them a chance to finally get the scent that they wanted but missed out on. i’m not justifying that what i did was right but i just wanted to say my thought process behind doing that since it’s being brought up in the replies
submitted by cultsyrup to AmItheAsshole [link] [comments]

2020.10.23 01:51 PHDBR A short and long term solution to the "Empty world" problem in Genshin Impact

The following post intends to suggest a short term and long term solution to the late game lack of exploration/continued play stimuli and maybe even the Resin shudders issue.

Also, I would highly recommend reading:
I will be referring to some values calculated by u/Iracy7, in this post, while the weapon leveling value used in the final result is wildly incorrect (posted: 20 days, actual cost assuming max farm efficiency: 1\2days), the other values seem reasonable and will result in roughly) a month of farming to take a character from 0 to 70 with proper gear if you farm every single necessary resource at maximum efficiency every single day.

The problems for the people

There are currently several problems the community has found with the game so far but I will list the ones I'm aware of and trying to think of a way to solve with the help of the community.
  1. Resin: There are many complaints about the system, plenty of them involve the limit on meaningfull playtime being relegated to 10-50min
  2. Progression: People don't want to wait a month worth of time to grind their characters to their maximum achievable level. This also ties into resin in a way since exp and mora can be obtained through resin.
  3. Boredom: After around AR30 most chests have been found and enemy camps become scarce and unrewarding, there are no more oculi nor seelies to find and if you've finished the storyline available (~AR35) then the world feels completely empty in comparison to the initial GI experience.
TLDR: People want to play more of the game. There is no proper continuous gameplay loop (something you can keep doing indefinetely). And just asking people to roam around Teyvat trying to find mobs that have a low chance of dropping a 1* artifact does not caracterize a proper gameplay loop.

Mihoyo is a company and profit IS important

As pointed by u/Vartio the solutions must take the business side into account. I currently work as a Unreal/Unity dev and while 100mil is plenty of burst cash, its not something that will last forever while paying their 500-1k employees. Considering the minimum employee count and only 2000$ a month for each (very low for a lot of tech positions) this results in ~67 months of sustained development, since the game took around 3 years and 8 months to develop (44 months total) then this means they should have around 23 months of sustained development time from that money to further develop the game, and they must achieve profit to appease the higher ups.
It would be great to know the actual analytics of the game but I will proceed with this post considering the biggest draw for cash in this game are the character banners and not the use of genesis crystals -> primogens -> daily resin refills. I believe thats the case since the Resin is a daily refill of a resource that is not really aesthetically appealing and also require you to put effort and time (time is really key here) into converting such resource into what you are actually looking for (Artifacts/Exp/Boss drops/books) and that is after the genesis conversion to primogems. Meanwhile the banners have a conversion from genesis crystals to primogens(very fast) and then you are only 1 prompt away from a beautifully animated pull with usefull weapons for refinement/weapon exp and maybe a new/usefull/interesting character with gorgeous design and phenomenal voice acting that will either immediately strengthen your party if its a duplicate or make you extremely excited to try them out.
And thats where we hit a big issue. People can't try out new characters if they can't level them up. that is awfull for the money perspective. It takes away the point of the massive investment on the quality of these characters. I for once find Klee to be absolutely adorable and the basic attack that proc elements, effectively mine, destroy both geo and other fatui shields (not affected by the melee DMG reduction) make her a very attractive option as a party member. However, I can't afford to bring her up to speed with my current party, and having her get one shotted in the overworld makes me not even want to have her out in the field even for just exploration.
Other posts that tackle this situation: 1(Reddit), 2(Reddit), 3 (Forbes)
In short, Primogems are the most important resource for using the gacha system and I imagine thats where most of the money comes from, while character exp, artifacts and mora are the most important resources for advancing the game and making the overworld exploration worth it. Not having the advancing/leveling resources serves as a detriment to the desire of getting new characters. Thats less money. The rates are low enough that most F2Players are not gonna buy genesis crystals, but the value of the Blessing of the Welkin Moon (BWM) is probably enough to get the F2Players if they spend enough time in the game (I know I would purchase it every month as long as I'm playing).
I also believe rewarding extended play with more primogems (enough for a daily wish on top of the commission rewards) could maybe play enough into the banner urgency factor. F2Players that are close to their pity pull would maybe get the genesis crystals missing to hit the pity. In the current state buying genesis crystals require too much cash for too little reward for people with only 300$ of disposable income but 5h/day of disposable time, but the offer will be far more attractive if the exposure to the gacha system is more frequent. I know of at least 11 other players that will not touch the system untill another banner rolls in since they know they are not even close to having enough resources to hit the 5* pity counter in time. Reaching that edge of missing only 10 pulls while having only 5 hours left to purchase in the limited character banner is what I think will break the first purchase barrier for many. But that can only happen if they experience the gacha system more frequently.
TLDR: There is no point in getting new characters and spending money in the gacha system if players can't level that character up. You will not help many players break the first purchase barrier if they can't engage in the gacha system with enough frequency. Getting more people into spending is better for sustainability and extended development and there is much content still on the roadmap.


The way to solve these problems must encompass the desires of both the people and the company.
While many complain about the Resin System, plenty of the problems caused by it are due to the lack of availability of the resources obtained by spending resin.The biggest culprits when it comes to those resources are talent books and boss drops for ascension of the main party and character experience for newly acquired characters + mora for pretty much everything.
When it comes to the time for maxing out a character the biggest culprit is character exp (11 days of optimal farming). Plus the ascension materials that can be farmed within 3 days of extended playtime, which I believe its fair.
When it comes to gearing up a character the biggest culprit is artifacts taking a whopping 16 days to get enough to fully level some 4*s.
Now if you remove those times (occupied by artifacts and character exp), its possible to max out a lvl 70 character in around a week with optimal farming due to the mora constraints. And while that may sound too much for some, it seems fine for me, its a month to get a entirelly new party up to speed for doing Abyss/Exploration, that seems pretty reasonable.
TLDR: Lack of mora,char exp and artifacts are the main source of player dissatisfaction when it comes to resources, lack of guided activities is a major problem as well, both get in the way of players and the company's profit.

My proposals

I know some people will not like this, but my solution for the current situation does not involve a rework/removal of the resin system. But instead alternate means of obtaining the most restrictive resources in terms of time investment (artifacts, Mora and Character exp) through what I believe is GIs strongest point, exploration.
The solution would come in 2 parts, one for the short term since the amount of rage against the current situation is massive. It will not solve the issue completely but should be a great measure in terms of return in player satisfaction per effort to implement. And another for the long term meant to solve the problem from the game while increasing sustained engagement and offering more spending options for players.

Short term

Previously collected Common and Exquisite chests respawn
  1. This should fill the world with content to explore every week so people that only log in on weekends can enjoy the exploration to its full extent while grinders have enough places to farm for resources each day.
  2. You've collected this before so its not a new experience (lore explanation), Throttiling AR is important and not having it entirelly tied to quests,teleports,statues was a mistake in my opinion. As it is, players can reach max rank before there is quest content appropriate for that rank that will hamper the desire to complete new content if things are not scaled properly and make balancing more difficult. That being said the game currently does not have a proper gameplay loop so players need the AR gain as the drive for engagement. This is a band-aid measure that I believe is already costing more than its helping since the abyss is balanced for maxed out characters so people want to achieve maxed characters even if there is no proper storyline progression to support that climb in power level and AR. The max AR for the current state of the game should be 35-40 and the endgame content should expand as the actual game content does so things are kept balanced and engaging.
  3. As previously stated, in the current state, engagement with the gacha system is far too low due to lack of free sources of wishes/primogems, I actually believe it should be 2(common) and 5(exquisite) primogems but I don't wanna push too much and get this measure overlooked entirelly. With 700 chests to open during the weekend giving an average of 1.75 primogens each, thats around 1200 primogems, thats almost enough for a weekly 10 pull and if you did all comissions everyday then its enough for a 10 pull. That should be the minimal engagement with the system to make it at least somewhat attractive. with the 2-5 primogems per common-exquisite chest its around 2800 per week or 3220 if you've done your daily comissions thats 2 weekly pulls for highly dedicated players which I believe to be close to the ideal rate of engagement since it amounts to 80 pulls a month, close enough to the pity amount to maybe drive some Genesis Crystal sales. The optimal would be enough to get 70-80 pulls per limited character event banner duration consistently but since this is only the short term measure and the long term one will also involve primogem rewards, it might be worth it to consider using the 1-2 primogem rewards even if the situation seems dire for now, since the long term system is something that will greatly help with the gameplay loop problem.
This measure can come in phases since it tackles a very urgent issue and can't take long to begin taking effect and stopping the current imminent drop of a significant amount of the playerbase.
The first phase should just have the system respawn previously opened chests that are unguarded. Since there will be no puzzle/monsters to keep track of/respawn synched with the chest it should be quicker to implement.
The second phase should tackle the easiest of the two options monster protected chest respawn or puzzle locked chest respawn.
The third one should be directed at making proper UI/tutorials/resources for explaining the respawning chest mechanic. I.E. Paimon - "Don't be afraid to collect every single chest, they come back after some time, since monsters always have new adventurer loot to store. I don't wanna think about where they got that loot from though..."
The fourth one should prepare the respawning chest system for the Journey system, described in the Long term section of this post
All of these should be permeated with surveys to check if high AR players are noticing the respawns (if the spawn rate is significant), if they are engaged (if the measure was effective), if the rewards are balanced and if that has alleviated the resin issue after all exquisite chests can drop talent books.

TLDR: Previously collected chests should respawn togheter with their puzzles/enemy guards. They should spawn at a rate that will fill the world with treasure in about a week.

Long term

What I'm going to describe is a system that will take a good chunk of time to implement but would go a long way to provide longevity for the game.
Introducing the Journey System (bounty was already taken):
My suggestions for the system structure/balancing:
Encounter count Chests type Journey points
1-4 Common 10
5-13 Exquisite 20
14-19 Precious 40
20 Luxurious 100
Also the last encounter (end of journey) will have 3 times the amount of chests of the corresponding type and/or Jpoints. I.E. A Regular(14 encounter) journey would feature 4 common chests/40 Jpoints in the first 4 encounters then exquisite chests in encounters 5 through 13/180 Jpoints total and in the last 14th encounter they will be rewarded with 3 precious chests/120 Jpoints. This totals to 4 common chests, 9 exquisite chests and 3 precious chests and/or 340 Jpoints.
The monsters are presented in the format -> monster type(relation to expected average character level) I.E. if the expected character level for the given world level is 60 and a monster is supposed to be level 55, it would appear like this: monster name(-5)
Journey length Monter type at the start of the journey Monter types by the end of the journey Suggested last monster
Short Basic Hilichurls(-10) Whopperflowers(-5) Whopperflower(0) or Shielded Mitachurl(-2)
Regular Shield Hilichurls(0) with Samachurls (-5) Abyss Mages (-5) or Geovishap Hatchlings(-5) 3x Abyss Mages (0) or 2x Cicin mages (0)
Epic Geo shield Hilichurls (-5) with elemental Archer Hilichurls(-5) / Treasure hoarders(0) Rock shieldwall Mitachurls(0) or Ruin guards(0) with plenty of lesser mobs 2x Ruin Hunters (+5) or 3x Fatui Agents/Skirmishers(+5)
I mentioned 2 reward types, chests and Jpoints, however the ideal would be both since chests are fully randomized and there could be a shop with the Journey NPC that trades journey points for specific resources.
Why not just journey points then? Well chests are VERY satisfying to open, while just seeing the Jpoints number go up after clearing an encounter would feel just... good, but not enough to maybe keep doing this every day.
Would those chests award AR exp? No, as stated in the short term solution, providing a way to endlessly grind AR while the game does not have all of its story content in place is really detrimental IMO.
Would those chest reward primogems? Maybe. I think primogems should be rewarded mostly at the end of each journey, something like 60/100/240 total sounds like great number for me. I hope Epic journeys to take around 40-80minutes and 3 primogems a minute for a tough challenge sounds fair. Maybe Mihoyo disagrees, but like I said before, keeping players from touching the gacha system for too long will hurt the bottom line, there has to be just enough exposure to hook them.
Do you think Mihoyo would ever do something this cool? I believe Mihoyo is secretly developing something similar to this specially since they already reserved the name Bounty (which I pray to be a similar system to this). But this is pure speculation.
What are the expected rewards to be gained daily? Assuming you always do the same journey type:
Journey type Expected Jpoints / journey Expected clear time (minutes) Expected Jpoints / hour Expected chests / hour
Short 160 10-30 480 12C + 18E
Regular 340 30-50 510 6C + 14E + 5P
Epic 740 40-80 740 4C + 9E + 6P + 3L
What would the Journey shop sell? There would be 3 sections of the shop, with the nomad's offerings (limited time and stock offers that change weekly), the Limited goods (fixed selection of items with limited stock that refreshes monthly/weekly) and Journey exchange post (fixed selection of items with unlimited stock).
Suggestions for each include:
Item type Jpoints cost (per unit) Available stock
Cycling 4* character of a set pool (the pool contains 8 characters that can appear in this slot that are expected for F2P users) 20000 1
Cycling prototype weapon material 5000 1
Random 3*/4* Claymore 1000/10000 1
Random 3*/4* Sword 1000/10000 1
Random 3*/4* Spear 1000/10000 1
Random 3*/4* Catalyst 1000/10000 1
Random 3*/4* Bow 1000/10000 1
Random Skin (when added) 8000 1
Random furniture (when/if added) 3000 1
Note: only one of the weapon types offered will be 4\ at any time)
Item Jpoints cost (per unit) Available stock
Fragile Resin 400 14
Acquaint fate 1000 10
Intertwined fate 1000 10
Item Jpoints cost (per unit)
Adventurer's experience 10
200 Mora 1
(locked by AR20) Random 3* artifact 30
(locked by AR30) Random 4* artifact 120
(locked by AR40) Random 5* artifact 500

How would all this be monetized?
Since the entire system draws power from time investment which is pretty common to be the most demanded currency from F2Players, I'd suggest making a high value monthly deal:
The Journeyman's pocket guide/Blessing can be purchased for 5-15$ and grants you 3-5x Jpoints gain for an entire month, thats a pretty sweet deal, and greatly accelerates character leveling.
Supply packs of Jpoints / Genesis crystal conversion to Jpoints ("who said the Journey NPC can't be bribed?"), suggested rate 1 genesis crystal -> 10 Jpoints
Nomads favor can be purchased for 10-20$ and grants you the current nomad offered character, skin and furniture + the current 4* weapon in a neat package.


Possible/common questions

**Why is this post so disorganized/made use of feature x or y?**This is my first Reddit post, letting me know what is wrong will help me improve the post.
Why did you make such a long post as your first one?
After joining the Genshin Impact discord server it came to my attention that the posts deemed more relevant were posted on Reddit and were very detailed in their description. Since I already had a decently fleshed out idea of what I thought would improve the game I decided to create the Reddit account.
Why are you defending the resin system?
Because I think its but a shadow of a far more concerning issue, which is the lack of a repeatable and rewarding gameplay loop that benefits players that are engaged and deeply in love with the game's experience, or at least what was experienced in their first 2-3 weeks of play.
You wouldn't say this if you were AR4x+!
Maybe, enlighten me as to why please. I'm currently at AR37, 0 quests left to do, can't find a chest for the life of me, missing 2 documented seelies, all timed challenges done, all oculi collected. As of right now I don't see why I wouldn't understand the problem yet.
Hey OP do you take constructive criticism?
Heck yeah! Specially if you think of ways to increase the chances of this getting seen/approved by Mihoyo
Would you allow Mihoyo to just take your idea and run?
It would be my pleasure, no credit needed. After all my idea is derived from systems I've experienced in other games that tackled the issue of lack of repeatable content.
What do you expect from posting this?
The dream is to get Mihoyo to implement a similar or outright clone this system. The hope is getting the playerbase to help me refine this and shape it to be a plausible solution. I've only made premium style games before (pay once get everything) so having the help and opinions of gacha veterans would really help with shaping this post.
Anything you would have liked to do in this post but couldn't?
Polls, I think people can do polls on reddit but I might be wrong. I would really like to know the percentage of people that would buy the Blessing of the Welking Moon monthly should the game get an update with the contents of this post and the amount of players that would be willing to buy any of the monetization options offered here. Personally I feel like Genshin Impact would deserve a monthly 10-20$ depending on how well they could maintain the joy I felt in the first 2 weeks.If anyone knows how to do polls let me know, thanks.
Summary: Genshin Impact suffers from a severe lack of stimuli for continued exploration in the available late-game. Another issue is the cap of obtainable character experience and Mora required to level new characters. The first issue will push both whales and F2Players away over time (not long) and the second one severely damages the desire to engage in the gacha system since getting a new character is meaningless if you can't engage the current content with it. It is important for the game to have sustained development funds to keep the content flowing and the devs paid, so solving these issues is a must. Having chests respawn would alleviate the first issue since chest include the most restrictive rewards in the late-game. That should keep the F2Players engaged for at least one more month post 1.1, after that starting development on a system similar or equal to the Journey System should keep the F2Players engaged for a period long enough to start breaking their first purchase barrier. Until such system is developed its recommended that events be far more abundant when it comes to their rewards in primogems, since players need a minimal level of exposure to the gacha system and need to see minimal results coming from it to even consider a purchase. So 10x wishes should be an occurrence every player has at least 4x a month consistently on the analytics, if this is not being achieved then one of the greatest drives of a gacha game (the actual gacha) can be considered unsuccessful in capitalizing on the potential it has given the game reached such high engagement on PC and PS4.
TLDR: The game needs more chests and/or ways to get resources, this will be good for whales, F2Players and the bottom line of the company.
(Edit) u/Tigger3584's TLDR version:
When you get to lategame, there's nothing left to explore, so the game gets stale. The limit on Mora and EXP is an issue for F2P and whales as well- what's the point of pulling new characters if you can't level them?
Rework chests- remove AR EXP from rewards and replace with a few prismogems. Also increasing chest respawn rates & adding mobs. Also introduce some sort of new system to take combat quests, with the ability to earn more better rewards for longer ones. The new system uses some sort of point system- that allows players to exchange for 4* characters, weapons, materals, etc. on a rotating schedule.
Solution Explanation
Removing AR EXP from chests slows down AR progression and gives MiHoYo more time between expansions. Extra prismogems incentivizes players to keep grinding for the gacha. The new combat quest system allows resources to not be bottlenecked and for MiHoYo to create a monthly pass for it.
Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
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