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Peter Pan

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Peter Pan is a fictional character created by Scottish novelist and playwright J. M. Barrie. A free-spirited and mischievous young boy who can fly and never grows up, Peter Pan spends his never-ending childhood having adventures on the mythical island of Neverland as the leader of the Lost Boys, interacting with fairies, pirates, mermaids, Native Americans, and occasionally ordinary children from the world outside Neverland.
Peter Pan has become a cultural icon symbolizing youthful innocence and escapism. In addition to two distinct works by Barrie, the character has been featured in a variety of media and merchandise, both adapting and expanding on Barrie’s works. These include the 1924 silent film, 1953 Disney animated film, a 2003 dramatic/live-action film, a television series and many other works.
Peter Pan first appeared as a character in Barrie’s The Little White Bird (1902), an adult novel. In chapters 13–18, entitled “Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens”, Peter is a seven-day-old baby and has flown from his nursery to Kensington Gardens in London, where the fairies and birds taught him to fly. He is described as a “betwixt-and-between” a boy and a bird. Following the success of the 1904 play, Barrie’s publishers, Hodder and Stoughton, extracted these chapters of The Little White Bird and published them in 1906 under the title Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, with the addition of illustrations by Arthur Rackham.[1]
Barrie returned to the character of Peter Pan as the centre of his stage play entitled Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, which premiered on 27 December 1904 in London. Barrie later adapted and expanded the play’s storyline as a novel, published in 1911 as Peter and Wendy.
J. M. Barrie may have based the character of Peter Pan on his older brother, David, who died in an ice-skating accident the day before his 14th birthday. His mother and brother thought of him as forever a boy.[2]
Barrie never described Peter’s appearance in detail, even in his novel, leaving it to the imagination of the reader and the interpretation of anyone adapting the character. In the play, Peter’s outfit is made of autumn leaves and cobwebs.[3] His name and playing the flute or pipes suggest the mythological character Pan. Barrie mentions in Peter and Wendy that Peter Pan still had all his “first teeth”.[4] He describes him as a beautiful boy with a beautiful smile, “clad in skeleton leaves and the juices that flow from trees”.[4]
Traditionally, the character has been played on stage by a petite adult woman.[5] In the original productions in the UK, Peter Pan’s costume was a reddish tunic and dark green tights, such as that worn by Nina Boucicault in 1904. This costume is exhibited at Barrie’s Birthplace.[6] The similar costume worn by Pauline Chase (who played the role from 1906 to 1913) is displayed in the Museum of London. Early editions of adaptations of the story also depict a red costume[7][8] but a green costume (whether or not made of leaves) becomes more usual from the 1920s,[9] and more so later after the release of Disney’s animated movie.
In the Disney films, Peter wears an outfit that consists of a short-sleeved green tunic and tights apparently made of cloth, and a cap with a red feather in it. He has pointed elf-like ears, brown eyes and his hair is red.
In Hook (1991), the character is played as an adult by Robin Williams, with blue eyes and dark brown hair; in flashbacks to him in his youth, his hair is light brown. His ears appear pointed only when he is Peter Pan, not as Peter Banning. His Pan attire resembles the Disney outfit (minus the cap).
In the live-action 2003 Peter Pan film, he is portrayed by Jeremy Sumpter, with blond hair, blue eyes, bare feet and a costume made of leaves and vines.
In The Little White Bird (1902) and Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens (1906), he was only seven days old.
Although his age is not stated in Barrie’s play (1904) or novel (1911), the novel mentions that he still had all his baby teeth. In other ways, the character appears to be about 12–13 years old.
Peter is an exaggerated stereotype of a boastful and careless boy. He claims greatness, even when such claims are questionable (such as congratulating himself when Wendy re-attaches his shadow). In the play and book, Peter symbolises the selfishness of childhood, and is portrayed as being forgetful and self-centred.
Peter has a nonchalant, devil-may-care attitude, and is fearlessly cocky when it comes to putting himself in danger. Barrie writes that when Peter thought he was going to die on Marooners' Rock, he felt scared, yet he felt only one shudder. With this blithe attitude, he says, “To die will be an awfully big adventure”. In the play, the unseen and unnamed narrator ponders what might have been if Peter had stayed with Wendy, so that his cry might have become, “To live would be an awfully big adventure!”, “but he can never quite get the hang of it”.[10]
Peter’s archetypal quality is his unending youth. In Peter and Wendy, it is explained that Peter must forget his own adventures and what he learns about the world in order to stay childlike.
Peter’s ability to fly is explained, but inconsistently. In The Little White Bird, he is able to fly because he is said to be part bird, like all babies. In the play and novel, he teaches the Darling children to fly using a combination of “lovely wonderful thoughts” and fairy dust. In Barrie’s Dedication to the play Peter Pan, The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow up,[11] the author attributes the idea of fairy dust being necessary for flight to practical needs:
…after the first production I had to add something to the play at the request of parents (who thus showed that they thought me the responsible person) about no one being able to fly until the fairy dust had been blown on him; so many children having gone home and tried it from their beds and needed surgical attention. – J. M. Barrie
Peter has an effect on the whole of Neverland and its inhabitants when he is there. Barrie states that although Neverland appears different to every child, the island “wakes up” when Peter returns from his trip to London. In the chapter “The Mermaids' Lagoon” in the book Peter and Wendy, Barrie writes that there is almost nothing that Peter cannot do. He is a skilled swordsman, rivalling even Captain Hook, whose hand he cut off in a duel. He has remarkably keen vision and hearing. He is skilled in mimicry, copying the voice of Hook and the ticking of the clock in the crocodile.
Peter has the ability to imagine things into existence and he is able to feel danger when it is near.
In Peter and Wendy, Barrie states that the Peter Pan legend Mrs Darling heard as a child was that when children died, he accompanied them part of the way to their destination so they would not be frightened.
In the original play, Peter states that no one must ever touch him (though he does not know why). The stage directions specify that no one does so throughout the play. Wendy approaches Peter to give him a “kiss” (thimble), but is prevented by Tinker Bell. However, John Caird and Trevor Nunn’s introduction to the script for the 1997 Royal National Theatre production, states that this was never Barrie’s original intention, and was only added for a production in 1927, where Jean Forbes-Robertson took the title role, and played the part with a lighter, more fairy-like, physicality. Robertson was to play the part almost every year until 1939.
Cultural allusions The character’s name comes from two sources: Peter Llewelyn Davies, one of the five Llewelyn Davies boys who inspired the story, and Pan, a minor deity of Greek mythology who plays pipes to nymphs and is part human and part goat. This is referenced in Barrie’s works (particularly Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens) where Peter Pan plays pipes to the fairies and rides a goat. The god Pan represents Nature or Man’s natural state in contrast to Civilisation and the effects of upbringing on human behaviour. Peter Pan is a free spirit, being too young to be burdened with the effects of education or to have an adult appreciation of moral responsibility. As a ‘betwixt-and-between’, who can fly and speak the language of fairies and birds, Peter is part animal and part human. According to psychologist Rosalind Ridley, by comparing Peter’s behaviour to adults and to other animals, Barrie raises many post-Darwinian questions about the origins of human nature and behaviour. As ‘the boy who wouldn’t grow up’, Peter exhibits many aspects of the stages of cognitive development seen in children and can be regarded as Barrie’s memory of himself as a child, being both charmingly childlike and childishly solipsistic.[12]
Relationships Main article: Characters of Peter Pan Family Peter Pan ran away from his parents when he was a baby as told in Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens and Peter and Wendy. Finding the window closed and seeing a new baby in the house when he returned some time later, he believed his parents no longer wanted him and never came back. This younger sibling is referred to in the chapter “Lock-Out Time” in Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens but is not mentioned again.
Friends Maimie Mannering While in Kensington Gardens, Peter meets a lost girl named Maimie Mannering and the two quickly become friends. Peter proposes marriage to Maimie. While Maimie wants to stay in the Gardens with Peter, she comes to realise that her mother is so worried that she must return to her. Maimie promises to always remember Peter and goes back to her mother. When Maimie grows up, she continues to think of Peter, dedicating presents and letters to him. To remember Maimie, Peter rides the imaginary goat that Maimie created for him. She is considered to be the literary predecessor of Wendy Darling.[13]
The Darlings Wendy Darling Main article: Wendy Darling It is hinted that Wendy may have romantic feelings for Peter, but unrequited because of his inability to love. In the 2003 film Peter Pan, the feeling is mutual. Captain Hook can only take away Peter’s ability to fly by thoughts of Wendy leaving him, growing up, and replacing him with a husband. Wendy saves Peter by giving him her hidden kiss (signifying he is her true love); this gives him the will to live. In the movie Hook, an older Wendy implies that she used to (and perhaps, still does) have feelings for Peter, saying that she was shocked that he did not prevent her wedding day. In the sequel to the 1953 Disney film, Return to Neverland, Peter and a grown-up Wendy are briefly, but happily, reunited after many years and continue to show feelings for each other.
In the original novel, Peter later befriends Wendy’s daughter Jane (and her subsequent daughter Margaret), and it is implied that this pattern will go on forever. From time to time Peter visits the real world, and befriends children. Wendy Darling, whom he recruited to be his “mother”, is the most significant of them; he also brings her brothers John and Michael to Neverland at her request. It is mentioned that Wendy was the only girl who captured his attention.
John Darling and Michael Darling John, the older brother of the Darlings, proves to be extremely mature for his age. He becomes fascinated with piracy and imitates Captain Hook while playing at home with his siblings. Not only sophisticated, John is also courageous and smart. Peter typically tasks John with the responsibility of directing the Lost Boys when Peter is absent. Michael, the youngest of the Darlings, is convinced that Peter Pan is a real person after hearing Wendy’s passionate narratives about him. During nursery games, it is Michael who plays the role of Peter Pan whom he looks up to.
Mary and George Darling The parents of Wendy, John and Michael. Mr. Darling works as a clerk in the City, and is named after George Llewelyn Davies. Mrs. Darling is named after Mary Ansell, Barrie’s wife.
Neverland inhabitants Tiger Lily Tiger Lily is the daughter of Great Big Little Panther, the chief of the Piccaninny Native American tribe resident in Neverland. Barrie refers to her as “a princess in her own right”, and she is often described as such. She is kidnapped by the pirates and left to die on Marooners' Rock, but is rescued by Peter. It is hinted later that she may have romantic feelings for Peter but he does not return them, as he is completely oblivious of other people’s feelings. In the Disney film, Tiger Lily shows her gratitude by performing a dance for Peter and kissing him. The kiss makes him turn bright red, and makes Wendy jealous of Tiger Lily.
Tinker Bell Main article: Tinker Bell Tinker Bell is a common fairy who is Peter Pan’s best friend and often jealously protective of him. She is the friend who helps him in his escapades. As his fairy, Tink’s malicious actions are usually caused by her jealousy which leads to the Lost Boys shooting arrows at Wendy (or nearly stoning her to death in the Disney film), and eventually even reveals Peter’s hideout to Captain Hook, thinking that Wendy will be captured rather than Peter. When Tink realises her serious mistake, she risks her own life by drinking the poison Hook has left for Peter (or pushing Hook’s bomb away in Disney’s movie). Her extreme loyalty and dedication to Peter is everlasting.
The Lost Boys Main article: Lost Boys (Peter Pan) Peter is the leader of the Lost Boys, which include Tootles, Nibs, Slightly, Curly, and The Twins. The Lost Boys is a band of boys who were lost by their parents after they “fall out of their perambulators” and came to live in Neverland. In Barrie’s novel Peter and Wendy (but not the original play Peter Pan), it is stated that Peter “thins them out” when they start to grow up. This is never fully explained, but it is implied that he either kills them or banishes them.
In the song “I Won’t Grow Up” from the 1954 musical, the boys sing “I will stay a boy forever”, to which Peter replies “and be banished if I don’t”.
In Peter Pan in Scarlet (2006), the official sequel to Barrie’s Peter and Wendy, what happens to the Lost Boys when they begin to grow up is revealed when Slightly starts to grow older, as Peter banishes him to Nowhereland (which basically means that he and all his allies will ignore the banished person’s existence), the home of all the Long Lost Boys whom Peter has banished in times past.
The Crocodile The crocodile (Tick-Tock in the Disney film) is Captain Hook’s nemesis. After Peter Pan cut off Captain Hook’s hand in a fight and threw it into the sea, the crocodile swallowed it and got a taste for Hook. It also swallowed a ticking clock, which alerts Hook of its presence.
Adversaries Captain Hook Main article: Captain Hook Captain Hook, whose right hand was cut off in a duel, is Peter Pan’s arch-enemy. Hook’s crew, including Smee and Starkey, also consider him a foe. Captain Hook’s two principal fears are the sight of his own blood (which is supposedly an unnatural colour) and one crocodile. His name plays on the iron hook that replaced his hand cut off by Peter Pan and eaten by a saltwater crocodile, which continues to pursue Hook.
In the 1953 animated film, Hook seeks revenge on Peter Pan for having fed the crocodile his hand, and refuses to leave Neverland without satisfaction.[14] Hook is supported by Mr. Smee. After promising Tinker Bell ‘not to lay a finger (or a hook) on Peter Pan’, he lays a bomb in Peter’s hideout. At the conclusion of the film, Hook is chased by the crocodile into the distance. Walt Disney insisted on keeping Hook alive, as he said: “The audience will get to liking Hook, and they don’t want to see him killed.”[15] In the sequel Return to Never Land, Hook mistakes Wendy’s daughter Jane for Wendy, and uses her as bait to lure Peter Pan to his death.
Mr. Smee Main article: Mr. Smee Mr Smee is Captain Hook’s boatswain (“bo'sun”) and right-hand man in J. M. Barrie’s play Peter Pan and the novel Peter and Wendy. Mr Smee is Captain Hook’s direct confidant. Unlike the other pirates, Smee is often clumsy and incapable of capturing any of the Lost Boys. Rather than engaging in Hook’s evil schemes, Smee finds excitement in bagging loot and treasures.
Original works Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up (1904 play), a play in which Peter brings Wendy and her brothers to Neverland, where he has a showdown with his nemesis, Captain Hook. Barrie adapted this play as a novel; numerous variations and other adaptations have been produced in various media. Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens (1906), an origin story wherein the infant Peter flies away from his home, takes up residence in Kensington Gardens, and befriends the fairies. It is a “book-within-a-book” that was first published in Barrie’s The Little White Bird (1902). When Wendy Grew Up – An Afterthought (1908), Barrie’s sequel play. Peter and Wendy (1911), a novel Barrie adapted from the 1904 play, later republished as Peter Pan and Wendy; it also incorporates events of Barrie’s sequel play, When Wendy Grew Up – An Afterthought (1908).
Motion pictures, manga/anime, games, and comics Peter Pan appeared for the first time on screen in the 1924 American silent adventure film Peter Pan released by Paramount Pictures as an adaptation of the original stage play. In the early 1930s, Edward Mason Eggleston painted a series of images for calendars that included Peter Pan, Indian princesses and pirates. Since their 1953 animated film, Walt Disney has continued to use Peter Pan as a character. The studio featured him in the sequel film Return to Neverland, in their parks as a meetable character, and as the protagonist of the dark ride, Peter Pan’s Flight. He also appears in House of Mouse, Mickey’s Magical Christmas, and the Kingdom Hearts video games. J. R. R. Tolkien’s biographer Humphrey Carpenter has speculated that Tolkien’s impressions of a 1910 production of Barrie’s Peter Pan in Birmingham “may have had a little to do with” his original conception of the Elves of Middle Earth.[17] He appears in the Italian comic series Martin Mystère. In the television series Once Upon a Time, a malevolent version of Peter Pan, portrayed by Robbie Kay, appears as the main villain in the first half of the show’s third season. and in the second half of the fifth season. In this series, he was originally a man named Malcolm and was father to Rumpelstiltskin, whom he sent away so he could be young again and took the name Peter Pan from Rumpelstiltskin’s doll. In the anime-styled web series RWBY, the character Scarlet David is based on Peter Pan. In the animated film Shrek (2001), Peter Pan is seen in a line ready to sell Tinker Bell to Duloc authorities. His only line in the film is “He can fly!”, as a response to seeing Donkey flying thanks to Tinker Bell’s fairy dust. Japanese manga artist, Mayu Sakai, appropriated the English term for her series, Peter Pan Syndrome.[18] Game author Diana Gaeta developed a Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting named Neverland – The Impossible Island that allows players to interact with Peter Pan in an environment based on Peter and Wendy by J. M. Barrie.[19] Music Singer-songwriter Ruth B released the piano ballad “Lost Boy” in 2015, featuring Peter Pan and Neverland. Country singer-songwriter Kelsea Ballerini released a top-charting country single and song titled “Peter Pan”, in 2016. South Korean boy-band BTS released a music video called “Adult Child”, the song makes reference to the Peter Pan story. British musician Kate Bush included her song “In Search of Peter Pan” on her second album Lionheart (1978). Korean boy-band EXO released a track called “Peter Pan” on both the Mandarin and Korean versions of the album XOXO (2013). Peterpan is the former name for an Indonesian pop-rock band, now called Noah. The eleventh track of singer-songwriter Troye Sivan’s debut studio album Blue Neighbourhood (2015) is entitled “Lost Boy”, inspired by Peter Pan. In Chance The Rapper’s song ‘Same Drugs’ ,featured in the album Coloring Book (2015), he makes multiple references to Peter Pan and Wendy, another major character in the novel. Other uses in popular culture The name Peter Pan has been adopted for various purposes over the years:
Several businesses have adopted the name, including Peter Pan Bus Lines, Peter Pan peanut butter, Peter Pan Records, and Peter Pan Seafoods. Three Thoroughbred racehorses have been given the name, the first, Peter Pan I, was born in 1904. In the early 1960s, some Cuban families sent their children to resettle in Miami in an emergency effort calculated to save the children from perceived potential mistreatment under the Castro socialist regime; the program was called Operation Peter Pan (or Operación Pedro Pan). American psychologist Dr. Dan Kiley popularised the Peter Pan syndrome (puer aeternus) in his book, The Peter Pan Syndrome: Men Who Have Never Grown Up (1983).[20] He described individuals (usually male) with underdeveloped maturity.[21] His next book, The Wendy Dilemma (1984), advises women romantically involved with “Peter Pans” how to improve their relationships.[22]
Barrie commissioned a statue of Peter Pan by the sculptor George Frampton, which was erected overnight in Kensington Gardens on 30 April 1912 as a May Day surprise to the children of London. Seven statues have been cast from the original mould.[23] The other six are located in:
Egmont Park [fr], Brussels, Belgium,[24] 1924 Bowring Park, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, 1925 Johnson Park, Camden, New Jersey, United States,[25] 1926 Queens Gardens, Perth, Western Australia,[26] 1927 Sefton Park, Liverpool, England,[27] 1928 Glenn Gould Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada,[28] 1929 Other statues are:
In 1925, the town council of Melbourne, Australia, commissioned a statue of Peter Pan by Paul Montfort;[29] it is now located in Melbourne Zoo.[30] In 1928, Charles Andrew Hafner created a bronze statue for a fountain in the lobby of the old Paramount Theater in Times Square, but it is now situated in Carl Schurz Park, New York.[31] In 1949, a statue of Peter Pan by Alex Proudfoot RSA, Principal of Glasgow School of Art, was erected at the Mearnskirk Hospital for children in Glasgow, commissioned by Alfred Ellsworth in memory of his friend Dr John A Wilson, first superintendent of Mearnskirk Hospital. Wilson had also been a school friend of J.M. Barrie’s.[32] A statue by Ivan Mitford-Barberton was commissioned by Vyvyan and Gwen Watson in remembrance of their son Peter and given in 1959 to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Western Cape, South Africa.[33] A pair of statues by Cecil Thomas, one showing Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, and the other Wendy and the Darling children, have been located in Dunedin Botanic Gardens in Dunedin, New Zealand since the 1960s.[34] Two bronze casts of a statue by Alistair Smart, originally commissioned by the Angus Milling Company in 1972, are in Kirriemuir, Scotland, one in the main town square and the other in the Peter Pan Garden by Barrie’s Birthplace, now owned by the National Trust of Scotland.[35] In 1976, Ronald Thomason sculpted a bronze statue in front of the Weatherford, Texas public library honouring Weatherford native Mary Martin, who had portrayed Peter Pan in the 1954 Broadway musical production and several subsequent telecasts. A bronze statue by Diarmuid Byron O'Connor was commissioned by Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and unveiled in 2000, showing Peter blowing fairy dust, with Tinker Bell added in 2005.[36]
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2020.02.09 16:18 genji_is_throwing Up until I was 19/20 my parents never listened to me whenever I had a problem and would invalidate and laugh...at the same time they did so much for me...I'm so confused

Okay so like the title said, I'm so confused. I was invalidated my whole life but at the same time mum and dad did so much for me...I'm sorry this is going to be a really long read.
TL;DR: Injuries that will never heal due to them not listening to them, years of pain from periods, only checked out because mum thought iron levels may be low, being laughed at whenever I got emotional, guilt tripped, accused of things i didn't do and pressured until i cried meaning it was proof I was guilty, parents not only paying for all my medical expenses but also giving me an allowance and more even when I refused it and tried giving money back, then they use it against me in the future when money is tight, using my lack of money and bad health to keep me from moving away (doesn't work now as I finally have a well paying job in my career path), still sometimes trying to guilt trip me so i threaten to move before my grandmothers 80th, my 21st and mother's day if they keep going on. I literally will move right after download festival (which is wen i graduate) if they try one more time.
The biggest things were my mood swings and my lady issues. Let's start with the mood swings.
So I've always been an emotional and needy child. I was terrified of most things and while I appeared outgoing, that was usually because my anxiety was so bad I didn't know how to act around people and I'd just be overstimulated and react over the top to everything. I'm having the slightest bit of fun? Great! I look like the most hyper and extroverted child ever. This also affected any negative emotions. I often had huge reactions to things. Most of the time though, I could keep the negative stuff inside but at some stage I was bullied so much I couldn't keep it in any longer. I would talk to my parents about it, I just wanted some comfort but all they'd say is it's my imagination or tell the teacher...like I did that when I first started getting bullied when I was 7 and 8 years old...that did fuck all and made people dislike me even more. It got to the point by the time I was 11, most days at home I'd be crying and it would be easy to set me off. If I was moody or started crying my parents would ask what's wrong. I could either say nothing or say the truth and get invalidated again. Regardless it just ended with me being laughed at by my parents and older brother or yelled at.
The other big thing that still affects me to this day (I'll be 21 in 3 months for reference) is ever since I was a kid, I have difficulty staying composed when under pressure. My parents (dad especially) would accuse me of something I didn't do and I'd start by saying I didn't do it. Then he'd keep pressuring me until I start crying and I shit you not he'd then say "Why are you crying? You'd only be crying if you're guilty. That settles it, you did it." and depending on how serious the thing he'd accuse me of was, I'd just be yelled at or spanked (up until I was 10ish, hair pulling was a thing too as well as a spoon full of pepper....to this day I can't handle anything spicy). My dad recently pulled this guilty thing again as well as threatening to cancel my 21st, not realising I was already prepared to do so if we kept fighting.
Anyways all this bullying in school, invalidation at home and also just already being very emotionally vulnerable since I was a baby, when I was 18 (after 8 years of depression, 4 years of actually knowing something was wrong but being too scared to do anything as well as a suicide attempt and on and off self harm in those 4 years (most of it just in those few months before I turned 18) I got diagnosed with BPD (borderline not bipolar). My parents paid for all my medication, ubers to take me to therapy as I didn't have my Ps (provisional licence) until a year ago and initially frequent psychologist and psychiatrist appointments. They sometimes use my BPD against me as a means to invalidate me so without my therapy, supportive partner and my psychologist; I wouldn't know when my emotions were valid or not. Even still mum chalks up my mood swings to lifestyle stuff or just my BPD acting up...it's never real emotions.

Now for the physical and lady stuff. I have shoulder and back issues, a floating knee cap that will never stop partially dislocating and the worst of all: severe period cramps that just got worse and worse starting from when I first got my period at the age of 11.
When I was 13, I injured my shoulder in PE. It was bad enough to make me cry and by that time I never cried around people as it only ever led to more bullying. I have a strong pain tolerance so it was bad if I cried. It was the end of the year so we only had like 2 more weeks of class and they were hell. I was constantly going to sick bay to get ice for my shoulder and literally couldn't move my arm I had to skip concert band those weeks and a performance I couldn't play my clarinet. A few days after the injury dad took me to the doctor. I was given voltaren and he said if it doesn't get better in a week or two, come see him again. Well it didn't get better...kinda. I could move it again and voltaren did help soothe it slightly but overall I had no strength in my arm and the pain actually went to all the joints in my arm (my arm was stuck between a person and a basketball, the person spun around and it felt like all the sockets in my arm had been pulled out). I couldn't lift anything and it just so happened that it would be at its worst when I did the dishes, as I was lifting a lot. My parents refused to take me to the doctor again and said I was just trying to get out of doing the dishes, even though I was visibly wincing in pain whenever I picked up a single plate with my left arm and almost dropped plates a few times too. Fast forward to when I was 16 and mum injured her shoulder and had to get an ultrasound and MRI done. I asked if I could get one done too as my shoulder still hadn't recovered. Well sure enough there was a small tear still there. Nothing can be done about it aside from physio exercises and chiropractor as it causes back issues as well which then triggers my shoulder to play up again. I also have ulnar nerve issues as a result and again, nothing can really be done but physio.

When I was 14, I noticed sometimes when I would run, my knee would "slip". So I'd go down to the sick bay and get ice to keep the swelling down and be on my merry way. It happened during PE once and my PE teacher who used to bully me constantly even told me to go get some ice, it looked painful (which it was). I spoke to mum and dad and they didn't listen. I'm a very skinny person so you'd think if something was swollen, it would be noticeable. Nope. That didn't help my case. Fast forward a year and my knee slips any time I put weight on it. My dad caught me strapping it with a crepe bandage and helped me put it on properly, telling me he'd speak to mum for me. Well this time mum actually took me to the doctor and he said I need to see a physio asap, my knee partially dislocates whenever I put any pressure on it (this was after doing a few movement tests and him literally grabbing my kneecap and it not moving with the rest of my knee). It was apparently a ticking time bomb which could fully dislocate at any moment which would require surgery. So he gives me a note to exempt me from PE, my parents are forced to drive me to school as it's dangerous for me to walk, especially as half the trip is all uphill on muddy uneven ground (it's only a 5 walk downhill then another 5 mins to walk up the massive hill to back entrance all the way to the front where my roll call room was). So next week I see the physio and she's just as alarmed as my doctor was. Slowly slowly I recovered but it will never truly be right. I can't keep my knee in the same position (like sitting, I have to keep moving), I can't stand without moving for too long and I can't run/jog like I used to either.

Now finally the lady stuff. Always had painful periods and were irregular and heavy too. They slowly got worse and worse and a few friends recommended I go on the pill. Mum didn't listen. Said I didn't need it, she had painful periods too and I'm just overreacting. Yeah well by the time I was in year 10 (16 years) every few weeks I'd be in so much pain I'd need help getting to class and I wasn't even able to play my clarinet, sing or do much in drama. Panadol and nurofen also did fuck all for the cramps. Then in year 11, my periods went from every 20 days (still really heavy lasting 7-10 days) to every 10 days lasting 8-10 days and even heavier than before. Along with this I could barely stand, had my friends half carry me to class, my teachers ask if I'm alright and I wouldn't even be able to focus in class, usually hunched over in a ball against the wall during any science pracs or constantly writhing in pain at my desk. Along with this I had severe PMDD and was always emotional, crying and to top it all off exhausted and passing out as soon as I got home, during most of my classes and during lunch and recess. Mum wasn't worried about my pain even though I was complaining about it almost every week for the past 2 years, but she was worried my iron levels were low so we saw the doctor, got blood tests done for literally every diagnostic thing for lady issues and lo behold, they were dangerously low if we left things as they were it could've been life threatening. Given the pill, had ultrasounds both then and a year later (both reports were completely falsified btw) and iron supplements. All that pain for years and it was the fact I was almost always bleeding mum was worried about. The pill helped for about 6 months then slowly my pain came back and the only thing it really did was stop me bleeding every 10 days. Eventually mum listened to me and after the 2nd ultrasound not showing anything, she took me to see her gynie (an absolute legend) and straight away he started yelling and swearing when he saw my ultrasounds, showed me the odd things about them saying it's signs of adenomyosis. I had an MRI at that hospital which was inconclusive so the next step was a laparoscopy. It showed endometriosis and I also had a Mirena inserted while I was under as the pill was doing fuck all. It worked wonders until recently as I started developing ovarian cysts that would rupture, causing me to be in excruciating pain (actually ended up going to hospital thinking it was appendicitis) but this time mum actually listened to me. Ended up needing to go back on the pill in addition to the mirena but so far it's working.

I'm sure you're all wondering "why not get a job to pay for all this yourself?" Well I did have one when I was 15...for a month...where I wasn't paid and got bullied and gaslit by my bosses. It's okay 4ish years later they went out of business. I was too scared to report them as I felt like I did something wrong. That experience made my anxiety so much worse and job applications are the most terrifying thing for me. I got a job end of 2018 but was let go just before christmas due to changes in my medication and my BPD/depression not being under control and interfering with work. Well only now do I have a job and can actually pay for everything myself. It's a great job I enjoy and is actually in my career path that I'm almost finished studying for...even if I spent all day submitting the application I took a few months to complete and that day I applied I had too many panic attacks to count and even needed to take valium...something I very very rarely use.

Even through all this, my parents have done so much for me...financially at least. No emotional comfort it's all financial. My meds, appointments, ski trip at school (my brother got french trip, I dropped french in year 9 as I just wasn't feeling it), buying me chocolate, giving me an allowance (I'm so grateful for this...well everything in this list really), birthday and christmas presents (i never asked for anything expensive, usually under $100 AUD...aside from one year my brother and I got a shared ps3...that was mostly him begging and me once in a while hinting towards it...even though they're usually willing to spend a bit more than that even when money's tight and it was often something I needed, maybe every few years a new game that had come out). What else...they paid for fuel for the car until I got a job? Even still if money is a bit tight because I get a lot of cancelled shifts, they'll offer to pay for my meds (which I usually decline). I have a place to live, food, clothes, access to a car. Oh tutoring when I had trouble with maths (which I quickly caught up with and didn't need), I used to play sport as well. Piano, clarinet and singing lessons. Greek dance lessons, Greek school, Ballet and Jazz, Cricket (the most I did at once was actually all of the dancing, greek school and cricket one year, then i stopped ballet and jazz, then 2 years later greek school, one year later cricket and a year after that greek dance). There was so much they paid for.

One thing though is that they use all this money against me, guilt tripping me "we spend so much on you" when "sorry money's very tight this month" and then still treating me or giving me an allowance even when I say no and just transferring money back when i give it back to them. They also used it as a means to keep me from moving out with my boyfriend of over 3 years from the other end of Australia. Up until very very recently because now that I'm working and don't need their money, they have no way to stop me. They bring up my health but I've already made plans for it. My psychiatrist can refer me to a few people in Perth, my gynie I only really have to see if there's an issue or when I want to have kids so I can just fly back for an appointment, GP is fine, health insurance is fine I've already been looking at quotes, I've nearly got enough for a car when I move and even paid to renew my licence/get my green Ps without them even knowing I was ready (so they couldn't barge in to pay for it).

I'm so confused. They've done so much for me but have also completely destroyed my self confidence and I'm left with some physical issues that will never go away because of them...oh and my brother? Never had to go through this crap. Injured himself? Straight away to the doctor he goes. It was only me that went through this. Was I raised by narcissists? Or is this not quite what they are? I really don't know...
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2020.01.19 13:33 BLM4442 Glastonbury Rumour roundup

Hello! Welcome to the much shorter and much neater version. This will be updated every month.
As usual, I'm keeping it to the main rumours for those in the frame for high slots.
*Mods please pin the new thread.
Confirmed/Self Confirmed:
Our Three headliners.
The headliners are strongly rumoured to be Kendrick Lamar (Friday), Paul McCartney (Saturday), Taylor Swift (Sunday). These are the bookies favourites, listed on efestivals lineup page and all have dates around Glastonbury. So far two out of three have been confirmed.
Highly Likely
Don't Expect/Not impossible but not likely.
Ruled out.
Anyone I have missed please feel free to comment below! This will be edited occasionally as we know more.
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2019.12.18 02:08 Ubidenchi The server that gave me so much grief

Hi, before we get into the nitty gritty of the story, I just want to clarify that this is sort of a fail RP story, loosely crossed with fake friends (because of the owner specifically). I don't know what time one of those stories will be up, but I frankly just need to vent this, regardless. To further explain, this story isn't directly due to someone screwing up in RP terribly, but rather the inner machinations of the staff. I am describing it as fail RP due to the fact that this server is undoubtedly a Discord roleplay server with, when I checked last, 500 members.
To begin, allow me to set the scene: I had become staff in a server- let's call it Row, since it's acronym sounds as such - that I had wanted to devote my life (or at least my month) to while I studied at school. It was a nice enough server, hell, it spoiled me with its layers of lore and background descriptions only a literate RP server and up could properly muster. Unfortunately, I only realized that after I fell to one-lining and freshly baked servers.
All was splendid, as I fulfilled my role as a glorified OC acceptor, aside from a few stubborn fail RPers that drove me to near senility (perhaps even a story's worth). After all that drama regarding having to beat the sense into the fail RPers with words, there was an eerie calm. I couldn't help but notice it. The drama, the stubborn fools, and the issues simply vanished. I wanted to think at the time this was due to a security that only Row had for me. If only it were that easy.
You see, I had entered a faction of the server that was a forcibly peaceful island nation that I'll call Perth (not the real island name, it just irks me to hear the name of the island by association to Row). The three other staff behind the faction are nice. In fact, I'm still good friends with them today. The issue was that one of them (who I neglect to name) was being tormented and harassed by the owner simply because she didn't want to be friends with the prat. The owner would blow up at her for issues that weren't her fault, and making her head staff role nothing but a fancy paperweight.
When I found out, naturally, I was angry. The owner seemed nice - perhaps a tad depressive at times, but nice up until I heard what happened. When the staff didn't want to be the owner's friend, however, he openly called out the staff in a public vent channel (important later). I never saw any signs before that moment that he was harassing her, mainly because it was done in the head staff chat and DMs, which made me wonder why the other head staff did nothing. I found out later that the head staff found out that if they tried defending her, she would get yelled at more, or were serious kiss-asses towards the owner.
This was only the tip of the sullied iceberg. After that, drama started up again, and I found out that the owner was planning on implementing guns to the server depending on what one staff presented to him! Now, this wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't a FANTASY ROLEPLAY SERVER. I approached the owner and persisted that it was a stupid idea for obvious reasons, and their reply was, "If you can't be open to new ideas, then this isn't the server for you." Bullshit! So I went to the main staff chat and went on a small tangent about how guns wouldn't benefit the server, since it was a fantasy server to begin with.
I also went to the public Question of the day channel, and asked, without giving away any hints of if it would happen, "Should Row implement guns? Why or why not?" Of course, I wasn't surprised when almost every person who participated said no. Meanwhile, I returned to the main staff chat to see that a full civil war was happening. Apparently, my small rant about guns in a fantasy server instigated a highly heated debate between half of the regular staff, against the owner along with the idiot who suggested guns in the first place.
Looking back, I am not sorry for instigating such a mess, since I know of how poorly they treated the staff member from prior, but at the time I was just done. I'm not even sure that they themselves remembered what started it at the time, because no one turned on me like a morbid fruit bat and exclaimed, "you!" Instead, when I stepped in to calm both sides down and suggest a tea break, since the debate was going nowhere, they simply ignored me. It is what it is. That spiraled into a number of other issues, such as the fact that the owner was approving everything without even looking at it.
When I brought this up, they simply ignored me and the other staff members. This led directly into a debate between me and the owner if potions and magic items should count as ability slots. I said no, for it would render quest objects useless, and the entire class of Alchemist would be weak compared to literally every other class (since we ran on a class system that simply made more issues rather than solved them). I got fed up with their excuses, and when they warned me for standing my ground, my attitude deteriorated in that instant to leave me saying,
"Glad you know how to shove your power around. Actually, I don't see the point of staying. Under someone who constantly brings their life problems into Ethereal, and then blames others for the mistakes and threatens to delete it, just like a true dictator. Ah, the drama of life. Have fun with your understaffed server that is diminishing thricefold." With that, I left in an outright rage. Partly because of their taking literally every word I said as a personal insult, partly because they blamed the staff for my actions, and particularly because they shit talked literally everyone who dared object to their flawed server.
The drama over the course of a month made me hate everyone and stop giving a damn about my language filter at that point. I joke around now that Row made me into Ubidenchi Alter, a reference to Fate/Grand Order's alter characters. I don't think I ever forgave that server for being the cesspool that made me so pissed at the time. I wish I could say that it was over, but by then I found out that in my absence, some abhorrent fail RPer stole from my character's workshop (since they were an inventor). I think they stole the plans for an air cannon.
The reason this was such a fail RP, was that the island nation it was on, the prior mentioned Perth, was so heavily protected that it would be impossible to enter the workshop without getting caught, let alone the workshop literally being alive as to trap intruders that weren't welcome. As far as I could tell upon re-entering the server, they simply teleported, when that is against the rules. I prepared for the workshop to be closed before some staff member who I frankly couldn't bother to recall (Sanctum) ignored my questions towards him and banned me. I partially blame myself for having the same profile pic as before for nostalgic purposes.
When I got one of my staff friends from the Perth nation to confront them and ask why they banned me without explaining a single thing, and after they squirmed and ignored them too, that walking double standard finally answered, "too toxic". Why was I too toxic, you ask? Because apparently calling out people for their bullshit is 'too toxic'. Remember when I said that the owner calling out the one prior staff for not being his friend? It was so bloody hypocritical that I nearly choked.
Because of that, I insisted that we, as the staff behind Perth, remove Perth from Row since we were planning to remove it anyways. We were fed up with Row, so the remaining three staff did so. When they told the rest of the staff at Row that they were leaving and taking Perth with them, that B Santum acted once again as if he had nothing to do with the server's toxicity. I later learned that Sanctum and two others were the three bootlicking head staff that ran the server with doing whatever they wanted while the owner went on a break.
Needless to say, that pissed me off to an extent that made me vent here. I'm still pissed at my friends for not saying exactly why they were leaving and taking perth with them, why double standards and hypocrisy was the foundation of the server, and how their server would crumble because of it. While we are at it, this might as well be an, "am I the asshole" rant as well. Do I regret removing an entire nation, a dozen channels, from Row? No, if anything, I'm disappointed that I ever went to Row in the first place. People only fail RPed at Perth, and no one used it otherwise. Will their server become inactive? No matter how much I want it to be, probably not, as is the nature of the beast; it has too many blood cells to die no matter how many times it gets shot.
Sorry if this was a tad long, but there's many more stories from Row, and this was just the thing that pissed me off most about it, and sorry if the tags aren't quite right, I was just unsure of what the best tag was for this.
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2019.12.05 05:29 Skellingtoon 2019 Ironman Western Australia Race Report

2019 Ironman Western Australia Race Report
Busselton, WA, Australia. 1 December 2019.

Goal 1: Finish Yes!
Goal 2: Finish under 12 hours Yes!
Goal 3: Finish under 10:30: No :(
Swim 1:13:50
Bike 4:57:39
Run 4:17:50 (wheels fell off)
Official Time 10:38:09
It’s been 4 days, and it still hasn’t really sunk in. I’ve done it. I survived! It doesn’t seem real.
I started in triathlon about 3 years ago, after I moved to a house on a lake and started running regularly. After dropping about 20kg in 3 years, (2015-2018) I did my first 70.3 in November 2018. That was one of the most painful experiences, and the run at the end was agony for the last 10k – every step burned my quads more and more. I swore never to do another triathlon.
Fast forward to March 2019, and I did the Victor Harbor Olympic Distance triathlon. I was quite disappointed by the fact that my swim was slower than the year before, and my bike (which is my strong point) was only 2 minutes quicker. However, my run was light-years better (5:15s down to 4:45m/km). I finally decided to do the full IM.
I used the TrainerRoad Base/Build/Specialty plans, mid-volume. These really suited me, because I’m a cyclist first, a runner second, and a swimmer about 90th. I made the decision to train for the full almost 7 months prior to the race, so I had time to slot in the full B/B/S cycle, nearly to the week.
I think, overall, I had about 80% compliance with the workouts. I did nearly all of the runs, although many of my ‘long’ runs were a bit shorter than required. I did most of the rides, except the Friday aerobic/recovery rides, which I usually struggled to fit in. I swam at least 2ce/week, and completed at least 70% of each of the recommended workouts.
I’m a very poor swimmer, and it wasn’t until about 3 months ago that I found myself enjoying the swimming training.
I managed to convince a friend of mine, Aaron, that he should do this too. He’s an even worse swimmer than me, and we quickly realised that we were most likely to complete the swimming training if we went together. So, my wonderful wife Amy agreed to drive me to Aaron’s house 2 mornings a week, and he drove me the rest of the way to the pool at 6.30am. There were so many times that I wouldn’t have swum, had it not been for my training buddy.
Quite a bit later, we also convinced Phil that he could do an ironman. After all, you’ve got 2:20 to do the swim, you can do that easily! Then, you’ve still got like, 9 hours to do the ride, and you could easily WALK a marathon in 8 hours! You just have to come in under the 17 hour mark and you can do it!
It’s worth noting here how much my wife supported me through this. She’s been absolutely incredible, from putting up with my hours on the trainer in the living room, to putting up with my absence during the weekends on my long runs and swims, to driving me to early morning training (we only have 1 car which she uses to get to work), and cooking and shopping to match my enormous appetite. This couldn’t have happened without her.
I really began noticing how much my running was improving, and I’m certain that it was significantly related to swimming. I felt like I had much more contribution from my core, and even though I was training for a full marathon, I broke my 5k PB by 4 seconds (20:52), during a training run on grass! I’m pretty sure I could run under 20 minutes now.
However, I still hadn’t run a full marathon. My longest run was only 30km, and that had left me pretty wrecked.
I switched ALL my bike training to the TT bike about 8 weeks before the race. This was a really good idea, because my power in the TT position steadily rose. I really struggled with the workouts in the TT position for the first few weeks, but gradually got more and more comfortable. I also started doing all my long weekend rides outdoors, practising nutrition strategies and spending more and more time on the rig. I’m really glad I did, because a) I got a lot of experience in windy conditions, and b) I learned a lot about how much I need to take onboard during long rides.
Leading up to the race, 4 weeks before, I raced the Murray Man 70.3. This was a huge morale-booster for me – my swim was rubbish, but my bike was at an average speed of 36.6km/h, and my run was at 4:50/km, and I finished feeling fantastic. My only concern was how bad the swim felt. It took a full 800m before I found anything resembling a rhythm.
The only real problem was that I developed a saddle sore during the ride. This refused to go away, and even after seeing a doctor and getting a cream for it, it remained, making most of my subsequent bike rides quite painful.
Fortunately, I spent a lot more time swimming in my wetsuit before the full IM, and by the time Busselton rolled around, I was feeling far more confident in my swim. Oddly, I was actually looking forward to it!
We flew over on the Thursday, and honestly, the trip over was a nightmare. I discovered that I had to pay an extra $90 for my bike wheels as extra baggage. My total weight was well under the limit, but because I had them in an extra bag, it cost me more. Then, I had issues checking in. Then, when I went through security, they confiscated a roll of packing tape in case I ‘tied someone up’. I had planned to use that to tape the bike boxes shut for the way back.
Once we arrived in Perth, we got to the bike shop to collect the bikes, to discover that only one of them had arrived! It took a whole lot of hassle to discover that they were, in fact, on a truck ready for delivery, but given that they were due three days earlier, it was nerve-wracking.
The drive to Busselton was aborted when it was discovered that our 2nd car in the convoy had a bolt through one of the tires. Fortunately, the hire company replaced the tire, and so we headed off.
When we finally arrived at our accommodation, they had lost our booking. Fortunately, they still had a villa available, but they charged me an extra $400 to book it for the night. At least they didn’t try to charge me for the full 5 nights! (Fortunately, I got this refunded once they ‘found’ my booking). That day was just... unpleasant.
Carb loading was well planned and executed. I haven’t done an analysis of carbs/kg, but it was definitely getting up there around 10g/kg. Mum put on a feast every night, lots of pasta and rice. She said every single night that “I’ve made way too much, but you can have it for lunch if you don’t finish it.” Every single night we polished it off anyway. It’s amazing how much 3 big blokes can eat when loading up for a race!
Thursday night we built our bikes up out of the boxes, and fortunately all three of them were in good working order. I tilted my saddle forward a few degrees to try to take the pressure off my saddle sore, and so had to raise the seat height a little to compensate. I did a few efforts in the new position to test it, and things felt good. I did an ‘opener’ workout on the Saturday – 45 minutes with some increasing efforts, and finally a 20 minute run with some gentle ‘sprints’ to finish off.
The Swim:
Gear: Speedo Aquapulse goggles, Dare2Tri Mach 2 wetsuit, Fenix 5X watch
Over the last 7 months, I’ve kept telling myself that ‘If I can finish the swim, I can finish the race.’ Out of all my disciplines, my swim has improved the most. To start with, I couldn’t swim 2k, and I could rarely finish my swim workouts. My kicking was non-existent, and my stroke was abysmal. However, with regular training and lots of YouTube videos, I managed to haul myself into something approximating swimming ‘form’.
I seeded myself into the 2nd slowest group, hoping to finish between 1:10:00 and 1:16:00. It looked like I was 90% of the way back in the field though, as nearly everyone was in front of me, and my two training buddies (who were slower swimmers than I was) were right behind me. When the gun went off, the first few people went sprinting into the water, but it took almost 30 minutes until we reached the front of the queue. A last pat on the back, and off we went.
Honestly, this swim was incredible. I actually found myself enjoying it. I had clearly picked a spot too far to the back of the pack to start, because I felt like I was passing everybody! I think I got passed by about 15 people on their 2nd laps, but not nearly as many as I expected. By the time I reached the far end of the lap for the first time, I had really hit a rhythm, and was looking forward to the return.
My pace continued nearly perfectly the same. Strava has some strange data, but put my average pace at 1:48/100m. I honestly felt like I was a bit quicker than this, but looking at the official splits, it’s about right.
By the middle of the 2nd lap, I was starting to feel some really significant chafing on the back of my neck from the wetsuit. I thought I had put enough bodyglide on, but apparently not. It started to get very raw and painful, and a lesson for ‘next time’ will be not to trust the wetsuit in long swims, and to put on medical tape around my neck no matter how much I think the bodyglide will help. Sitting here 4 days later, it’s still quite chapped and scabby.
There were some gentle swells, but they only really caused any issue on the short sides of the rectangle, when we were going perpendicular to the waves. Into or with the waves didn’t bother me. There was a bit of a scrum at the turn buoys, with some people managing to chose the worst possible line through. I spent the entire swim about 10m outside the direct channel, which made me a lot more comfortable.
The last leg of the swim was incredible. Even with my chafed neck, I felt like I was gaining on everyone, and passing people left right and centre. I put in a bit of a surge at the end to get ahead of a pack, and crossed the timing matt in 1:13:50 after the start.
Transition 1:
The transitions were incredibly well organised. I had a volunteer deal with sunscreen whilst I put my cycling top on. I’d made the decision to start the swim in my cycling knicks, with my arm sleeves already on as well. This probably saved about 2 minutes, because those sleeves take forever to fit, they are so tight! I got a face full of sunscreen from the volunteer, and raced out to grab my bike.
On the way, I realised that he hadn’t put sunscreen on my wrists, which is one area I ALWAYS burn on my long rides. Wearing sleeves and gloves, there is about a 3cm gap on each wrist. The left wrist has my Fenix 5X to cover most of it, but I always get some funny lines, but my right wrist has a nice, 2-3cm tan line. I tried to scrub some of the sunscreen from my legs onto the wrists, and off I went.
The bike:
Gear: 2016 Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 2 SL, Stages left-only crank power meter, Zipp 808 front and disc rear (borrowed!), Rudy Wing 57 helmet, Garmin 520, Shimano S-Phyre shoes, Port Adelaide Cycling Club knicks and top. I was planning on using some aero shoe covers, but it was too hot, and I decided I wanted the ventilation instead.
[It’s worth noting that my stages crank power meter reports about 30-35W low. So, when I talk about 200W, it should actually be about 235W. For the record, my FTP based on a Tacx Flux on a road bike is 307W, and I have been training in the TT position with an estimated FTP of 280W.]
The bike started out amazingly. I thought I was going too hard based on my numbers (about 200W displayed), but I figured that I would bring that down when I started to feel some fatigue. I realised I forgot to take my gel in transition, so I smashed that in the first few km. The front hydration system had mostly melted, but it was still cold, which was lovely. Both back bottles were fully melted by the time I got on the bike, and were quite warm when I got to drink them.
I realised that I had made a tactical mistake in starting so far back in the swim. I’m a MUCH stronger cyclist than I am swimmer, and so for the first two hours, I was flying past absolutely everyone. Whilst this was really satisfying, it meant that there was never anyone I could sit behind to get a draft. On some of the ‘out and back’ legs, I could see some pacelines forming, (suitably spread out, of course) but they were at least 20 minutes ahead of me, and were going at about the same pace I was solo. It was frustrating, because I’m sure that if I had gotten into one of those lines, I could either have finished 10 minutes faster, or finished with a LOT less energy expended. I think I need to improve my swim, or at the very least, start way closer to the front, if I ever do this again.
My nutrition plan had been mapped out in advance. I had a SIS Beta Fuel in the front hydration system, which was worth 90g of carbs, or exactly 1 hour. Each of my rear bottles had 45 minutes worth of tailwind in them (3 scoops is about 75g of carbs), and I planned to supplement them with gels and clif bars, which I had pre-packed in my jersey. However, I found myself struggling to eat real food or take gels, and ended up relying entirely on the hydration. During the first lap, I skipped every aid station, relying instead only on my on-board nutrition.
I saw Aaron and Phil once or twice. The first time, I worked out that Aaron was about 15 minutes behind me, and Phil about 5 minutes behind that, but the next few times, I realised that Aaron was falling back a bit. I didn’t see Phil again on the course, at least, not that I can recall.
My first lap was incredibly consistent, and I had a normalised power of about 188W at the end of it. I had to stop briefly to unpack my special needs bag and fill my hydration system, but that was only about 90 seconds. The best thing was that all the drink bottles in my special needs bag were still mostly frozen! I used another Beta Fuel for the first refill, and a Maurten 360 for the second, which I had PLANNED on being my last bottle on the bike.
The temperature on the ride was getting right up there. According to my Garmin, it was 34 degrees, but I’m absolutely certain it was hotter than that. Every time I came out of the forest into the sun, I could feel the heat baking up out of the road surface. I went through a whole lot more water than I had expected, and ended up running out of my on-board nutrition about 90 minutes into the second lap. I took on some electrolyte and water from an aid station, but discovered that it was incredibly weak. I drank it anyway, but it wasn’t anywhere near as satisfying as the tailwind or Maurten. I tried to eat the rest of my first Clif bar, but it just didn’t want to go down.
The last 25km or so were pretty rough. I had worked out that I needed to keep up an average speed of around 36km/h to finish under 5 hours, and distracted myself for a while doing maths, trying to make sure I would finish under that time. Even running a bit low on nutrition, I powered back into transition in 4:57:39! Average speed: 32.2km/h.
It was incredibly satisfying to say that there was only one person who passed me the entire ride. I’m pretty sure this guy had a flat, too, because he powered past me early in the second lap, and there was no way I could have kept up with him. So, excepting that one guy, I can say that I was the best cyclist out of the worst swimmers!
I had also been doing some maths. Alistair Brownlee had started about 60 minutes ahead of me, and I knew his bike would be between 4:00 and 4:20. Therefore, worst case scenario, he would pass me and finish his bike just before I started my second lap. However, I was a bit quicker than I expected, and so I was well onto my second lap before he finished his second.
Transition 2:
Coming off the bike, I had taken my feet out of the shoes, and was ready for a flying dismount. However, all the athletes ahead of me blocked the path, and I had to stop completely to navigate a way through. That was really frustrating, especially as I was feeling really good.
Again, the transition tent was well organised, and a volunteer slapped more sunscreen on me whilst I got changed out of my knicks, and into my running gear. I had considered a tri-suit, but after the chafing I experienced in Barmera, I decided to use proper knicks for the ride. That meant a full change, but I didn’t think it would take me long, and it didn’t. The one thing I forgot was that all my bodyglide would have worn off. Oh well.
The Run:
Gear: Brooks Ravenna 10 shoes.
This is where the wheels really fell off. I blame the heat, but also I think I just haven’t run enough, especially LONG runs off the bike.
I ran out of transition and started out on the course. My first few km were probably too quick, but I was just focussing on getting my stomach under control. All the water and electrolyte I had drunk was sloshing around in my stomach, and it really wasn’t comfortable. It took at least 30 minutes before my stomach settled.
However, by that point, I’d realised that keeping my goal pace of 5:30/km wasn’t realistic. I’d slowed right down by then, and all of a sudden, realised that I needed to walk. From that point on, things got worse and worse. I kept bargaining with myself – keep running until the next light post. Run until the next aid station, then you can walk. Run until your next kilometer tick on the watch. Run until you catch up with that guy who keeps getting handups from his team. I started walking 100 steps every time I stopped, then forced myself to run.
I quickly realised that it hurt less to run quickly than it did to run slowly, so when I was running, it was at around 5:20-5:30/km. This kept my body temperature rising, so I had to walk a bit more often, but I felt like I was moving quicker overall than if I kept shuffling along.
I made the mistake of getting a splash of water. This was lovely and cool, but soaked my shoes and socks. I stopped in at the special needs tent in the 3rd lap to change my socks, which took a lot longer than it should have thanks to my exhaustion.
I didn’t really keep on top of my nutrition. I didn’t like taking gels, and I couldn’t stomach the taste of the strong tailwind I had in my bottles. In the end, I forced myself to keep taking gels, and then discovered that most of the aid stations had watermelon! This was incredible!
I was also conscious that I was getting dehydrated. I drank water at every single aid station, even though my stomach was rebelling when I started running again. I tried to take in the electrolyte they were offering, but it was so weak that I couldn’t stomach it. My quads were killing me at this point, although, mercifully, my feet hadn’t blistered! The pedestrian pace must have prevented my usual blister on my second toe.
About 20-25km into the run, I passed Aaron and Phil, running together the other way. They looked pretty chipper, all things considered. I gave them a wave, and kept on going.
Finally, my watch beeped ‘40km completed’. I realised that if I did the last 2.2km in under 15 minutes, I would reach my goal of 10:30! I smashed down my last gel, broke into a run, and rocketed along at 5:30/km for about 1500m. That’s when I realised that my watch was being generous. There was a sign by the side of the road – ‘40km complted’. I still had another 2.2km to go! I realised then that the last 2.2km in 8 minutes was beyond me, and slowed down to a walk for a while.
I eventually got back towards the finish line, and with 1500m (actually) to go, I started jogging again. Coming into the last km, I upped my pace, and finished the last 500m at around 4:00/km! I don’t know where I got the energy from. I crossed the line to find my mother and my sister waiting, cheering! Average pace: 6:07/km.
The finish:
I crossed the line. I know I did, because there are photos. I don’t really remember doing it though.
I do remember giving mum and Catherine a huge hug, and then needing a volunteer to straighten me back up again because I couldn’t stand by myself.
Do you know the old NutriGrain ad? The one where the ironman roars? Yeah, I did that too. I stumbled around to the athletes area where I ate a mini burger, a slice of pizza, then decided that the concept of anything else was abominable and threw the rest away. I got to where my street bag was, and got changed into normal clothes. That’s when I realised how bad my chafing was. It wasn’t quite bleeding, but it wasn’t far off.
I came out to find mum and Catherine waiting. We hobbled off to the pub in the middle of the venue, and waited for Aaron and Phil to finish. The tracker app let us know when they were approaching, and each time they did (it was a 4-lap, up and back course, so they passed us 8 times each) we made our way to the track and cheered them on. Then, back to the pub to keep drinking. I think my first pint took me the better part of an hour to finish.
Finally, Phil finished in a time of 13:23:40, and Aaron, who had had to walk most of the marathon, finished in 14:09:28.
I finished 30th out of 105 in my age category (30-34), 184th out of 939 males, and 207th out of 1168 overall. I’m absolutely thrilled with this result, however I was 3 minutes slower than a colleague of mine, Stephen, who finished (in 2010) in 10:35:20. Gutted! I have to stop thinking about where I could have saved 3 minutes. (Hint – in the run).
I didn’t see Alistair Brownlee – he finished his run while I was on the ‘out’ part of my first lap. I heard the announcer saying he was coming into the chute soon, but he got there before I could pass him. In fact, I didn’t see a single pro the whole race. My timing was just... wrong. I was too fast on the bike course to be lapped by them, and too slow on the run to see them finishing.
Everyone kept asking: “would you do it again?” No. Hell no.
Well, at least, not any time soon. If it was just the race, then I’d sign up for next year for sure. However, I can’t stomach the 7 months of training that has led up to this. It’s been the primary focus for me for all of that time, and it’s affected everything. I’ve not been able to spend as much time with my friends. I haven’t wanted to take on more challenging jobs at work, and I haven’t been able to spend NEARLY enough time with my wife. She has been incredibly supportive and patient, but I can’t imagine doing this to her again – at least not in the next 5 years or so.
What’s next?
Triathlon wise, I have an Olympic distance in March 2020, and that’s about it until the 70.3 in November 2020. Otherwise, I want to get back into crit racing, and I want to see where my FTP is at after 7 months of what is effectively ‘base training’. That will be a huge adjustment from endurance, steady-state work, to move back to VO2max and sprinting efforts.
A huge thank you to the volunteers and spectators. Honestly, every time I got a “Come on Barnaby, you can do it!” from a spectator, it gave me a massive boost. The race was expensive, but worth it. The organisation was spectacular. The only criticism is that there should have been a volunteer handing out sunscreen at every aid station.

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2017.08.23 03:44 FancyScrubNuts [XBOX] [H] Nothing [W] Friends :)

Hey everyone!
So I'm a long term rocket league player (since launch on PS4) and I've moved to Xbox in the last year and just want to say that the rocket league trading community on PS4 is way more relaxed. It seems like the Xbox trading community is full of twelvies that don't know how to negotiate and it has ground my gears to a halt.
Up until recently I thought the only way to trade was through one of the numerous Facebook groups set up for Xbox trading until a friend of mine told me about Reddit. Now I've never used Reddit for anything, I've never even made a "just in case I start to use it" account.
So I checked it out and sure enough the vibe on Reddit from the get go was significantly different. It's like people will actually respond to your message/comment with a genuine response and none of this annoying "nty" bs that goes on all over Facebook. It's also nice to see people actually taking the time to include what they actually want from their trades instead of writing "want offers" on every single post.
I'm now 4 days into my Reddit account and RL Exchange is the only thing I've subscribed to so far but I just want to thank you all for being such a positive community. You guys are tops!
Your mate, FancyScrubNuts
Perth, Australia GMT+8
RL Rankings Solo - Plat 2 2's - Diamond 1 3's - Diamond 1
P.s if there's any trade hints you think I should know then please leave a comment. Thanks 👍🏼
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2017.04.12 14:46 Benjamin7006 Splatoon (Wii U) Connection Disconnection Issue

Hey Everyone, I Really Need Help I Recently Got Splatoon On My Wii U And I Can't Play A Single Multiplayer Game On My Wii U, I Get Disconnected Every Single Time Within 10s - 1m, And I Have Already Finished Singleplayer, I Have Portfowarded Ports 12 & 52 And Assigned A Static IP To The Console And Custom DNS (I Disabled Updates For Now But Enable It For Game Updates Every So Often) Also I Have Did The DMZ Thing For The Console And Also I Have Set My MTU Value To 1492 For My DSL Config On My Router, Please Help I Really Enjoyed The Single Player, And I Want More From The Game Sence I Am Stuck On Level 1, And I Can Play With Other People (If Anyone Is Wondering How Bad My Internet Is I Give You A Hint, Australia, Perth, Telstra)
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2016.11.15 15:35 Vaexa Buyers Beware: Perth (and a short word on 0.5.14)

Other instalments

Tachibana Diana/Aurora Emden (GNB) Albany (GNB) Katori Campbeltown (Limited) Yūbari Ishizuchi (Limited) Sims Tirpitz Arizona Saipan Krasnyi Krym Omaha/Murmansk/Marblehead Texas Scharnhorst Gneisenau Leningrad Belfast
Not all of these are quite up to current standard yet, but I plan on updating them soon!
[14-11-2016 16:35:00] Lulu: h
[14-11-2016 16:35:01] Lulu: oh*
[14-11-2016 16:35:04] Lulu: eh
[14-11-2016 16:36:02] Mr Twisty: kek
[14-11-2016 17:17:56] Lulu: faf
[14-11-2016 17:18:59] Mr Twisty: fef me
godzilla5549 is a hero and bought me Perv. <3
Anyway this moving smoke cloud is basically a Leander but it's not really, butttt I liked Leander a lot so I also kind of like Perth. Woo!
Scroll down for the datamining stuff.

The bad stuff

  • Perth is a Royal Navy cruiser. In fact, it's a modified Leander class (two smokestacks as opposed to one), and, well, this implies a lot of bad things.

Primary armament

  • It's a cruiser, so... Just like I said in the Belfast guide, she does not have anything equating to overwhelming firepower. In fact, it's even more underwhelming than Belfast's, because Belfast gets twelve guns and Perv gets eight. That's 8. 8 guns. They're all 6''.
  • ALSO it's the SAME SHELLS AS BELFAST GETS. Perv gets HE, but that also means she doesn't get the hilarious AP the tech tree ships get (I guess the Australians did away with that in favour of setting things on fire? Don't you think their country is hot enough already?)
  • But yeah she just gets some regular 6'' AP that's not particularly stellar or amazing or whatever.
  • This also means her shells have USN-like arcs. It's a British-made ship, and, well, Britain is the US' pappy, so it's not surprising they have beautiful rainbow arcs.
  • Her range is fucking anemic, at 12.8km. This is a serious detriment to a really squishy ship, but I guess Australians just want to get in and BRAWL. FUCK. THAT'S METAL. THIS SHOULD BE A PLUS.

Secondary armament

  • Perv's AA sucks ass. It's as simple as that. It's garbage.
  • Okay, a little more detail: her AA suite is anemic, consisting of some quad machine gun mounts that have shit DPS and absolutely no range, two Oerlikons, and a bunch of 4'' DP mounts. The DP mounts have range but shit DPS, the Oerlikons and machine guns have both shit DPS and range. Her AA absolutely cannot be relied on.
  • Perv also can't jumpscare pilots by hitting her mighty T button of scariness, because she doesn't get Defensive Fire.
  • I'm going to do a little twist for once: I think horsememes' dick would be more effective at shooting down planes than perv (by giving the pilots laughing fits, if you'll let me reuse that joke). It's that bad.


  • Ahahahahahahah.
  • Perv gets 13mm of plating protecting most of the ship, Wanna know what 13mm of armour bounces? 180mm shells and under, which means every heavy cruiser and battleship in the game can smack you around through your bow.
  • There's a very tiny strip of 100mm of armour protecting her citadel, which... Would stop incoming fire when angled if it wasn't for the shit 13mm plating and the anemic 37mm citadel bulkhead protecting it from incoming longitudinal fire.
  • Oh baby.
  • Also, unlike British ships, she does not get a repair party, so any health lost is gone. Permanently. Perv's crew is too busy fighting off kangaroos and emus and whatever demonic creatures live in the Land Down Under to repair their ship.
  • Oh yeah her citadel extends up to her weather deck amidships ahah fuck.
  • Aaaaand to top it all off, she has an extremely shallow health pool, at a piss poor 27100 health.
  • We'll get to her smoke later, but I'll spoil something: it has excessively long duration, which also means she can't poop out smoke quite as much because of the short individual puff duration, giving her a longer cycle time until she can smoke up again (in other words, longer smoke downtime).


  • Not good. Not bad, either, but not good.
  • She's not really all that fast, at only 32.5 knots, a far cry from the speeds some Japanese and Russian cruisers can hit.
  • She thicc. Like most RN cruisers, she takes ages to lose speed, which, uh, doesn't help with not fucking smashing into islands.
  • She gets the cartoon turning physics. While not a bad thing per se, wiggling your rudder to slow down is only marginally effective, and it causes you to pull off some sick accidental Initial D reenactments when performing hard turns sometimes... Which can end you if you're dodging torpedoes.

Miscellaneous stuff

  • It's tier 6, and because tier 4 gets protected matchmaking, she gets uptiered all to fuck most of the time, with tier 8 matches being frustratingly common.
  • This is actually a pretty serious con for the ship; she just melts under any kind of incoming fire from shit like FUCKING NORTH CAROLINAS, especially with her piss poor range (but remember, borked t5/6 mm is not problem, tovarisch - lesta)
  • It's Australian, or ''Commonwealth'', or basically the bin every British Empire country goes in that isn't England! I'm neutral on splitting the lines this way, but a serious con is that you can't put your British commanders on an Australian ship and vice versa. Apparently those British officers want nothing to do with these kangaroo-riding ruffians living on a glorified prison island, the posh twats.
  • No seriously you need a dedicated captain for it and it sucks ass.
  • It falls just short of the tier 7 sweetspot. This also means it's kind of a subpar choice for moneymaking because tier 6 ships inherently make less dosh.
  • Perth is just such a fucking annoying name to pronounce and it always sounds like ''Perv'' when my Dutch ass tries to pronounce it.
I mean, it's not all bad, right?

The good stuff

Primary armament

  • 2100 alpha and 9% base fire chance on her HE shells, oh my! Maybe not the punchiest, but certainly not bad.
  • It's not the funky cartoon physics RN CL AP, but her AP does 3100 damage and can end broadside cruisers very quickly...
  • ... Especially given she has a 7.5s reload time, just like Belfast, so she can spew a pretty nasty amount of shells.

Secondary armament

  • There's actually some good stuff here!
  • While they do jack shit to keep Perv safe from planes, the 4'' guns aren't all that bad as secondary guns, with passable base range, a quick reload time and 6% fire chance. I'd never, ever suggest relying on these for extra damage, but the occasional extra fires and incaps come in handy when knife fighting.
  • Where Perv's secondary armament shines, though, is in her torpedoes.
  • Perv sports a single quad-tube mount on each broadside, with great firing angles, and like other Royal Navy ships, she can fire her torpedoes one by one in a single spread... Which is an incredible asset, letting you create more intricate launch patterns to guarantee a hit.
  • The torpedoes themselves are pretty potent weapons, with 8km max range, 61 knots of speed, and 15433 base damage. While not stellar, these torpedoes can be great weapons when tactfully combined with the single fire torps.
  • Also having torpedoes is great because ''Perv's long hard rods''. Ahahahah. Quality poster!


  • I was debating leaving this out just to drive the point home, but Perv has two assets that can save her hide.
  • First off, her base concealment with her permoflage is 9.8km, which is pretty great for a cruiser. She's not a stealth firing monster, but her stealth is good enough to let her disengage when things get hairy.
  • Perv's true asset in the art of not getting hit, however, is her smoke generator. It's not the regular short-puffing, long-lasting RN smoke; it's a long-puffing, short-lasting dank smoke generator. I have no idea how popular ganja is Australia, but if Perv is anything to go by, it's pretty popular.
  • No, seriously, Perth's weed generator lasts ninety seconds. That's a minute and a half The smoke itself lasts only 10 seconds, so it's of dubious usefulness for your team (no BBs camping in your smoke), but for you, it's literally a portable smoke cloud.
  • This needs a third point. Perth can sit in smoke for a minute and a half. If needed, she can slowly creep along and take her smoke cloud with her, giving her a lot more flexibility than other ships that rely on smoke to not get their shit pushed in. This is also the ship's main gimmick.


  • Her rudder shift is a fairly average 7.6 seconds.
  • Where Perv shines, though, is in getting through turns. She combines a pretty short turning circle of 640 meters with cartoon RN CL turning physics, which means she only loses speed during the initial part of the turn, then rockets through it while accelerating back to full speed, which means she often dodges fire better than her peers.
  • I'm also pretty sure she gets the cartoony acceleration that lets her rocket away like a fucking drag racer. She must be from Bathurst because she sure does love races/going fast.

Miscellaneous stuff

  • Again, smoke on a cruiser. Pretty huge.
  • She also doesn't have to pick between a catapult plane and smoke, unlike tech tree RN cruisers, which makes her AA very slightly less anemic with the catapult fighter (and why would you use the spotter?)
  • SPEAKING OF THE DUMB PLANE I DIDN'T INITIALLY NOTICE THIS BECAUSE THEY GET SHOT DOWN SO MUCH but for some reason Perv's catapult fighter stays up for SIX MINUTES while the spotter stays up for THREE. Extra range/spotting/XP for the enemy CV!
  • She gets hydro. Big whoop.
  • I mean, it's Australian, and anything Australian is inherently funny/cool, especially the accents. This is a definite pro. Fuck yeah, Australia.
  • I think the twin funnels look better than the weird trunked one on the regular Leander class. Bite me.
  • Usual premium ship bonuses: more XP, more credits, yada yada yada
  • The permoflage looks kind of simple and gnarly and I really like it.
  • Something about value: Perth is quite cheap, at about €20 for just the ship and a slot on EU. I don't know if it's worth it, but you're not getting extorted for the only Australian ship currently in the game, or a fun little gimmick or whatever. If they unfuck T6 MM, it's definitely good value.

The history stuff

  • Perth was originally commissioned into the Royal Navy as HMS Amphion, as a modified Leander-class cruiser, with segregated machinery rooms (hence the split funnels) that made her more capable of surviving incoming fire.
  • A real world traveler, Amphion saw service in the Caribbean, Atlantic and Pacific before being sold to the Royal Australian Navy and was renamed HMAS Perth.
  • Perth's crew promptly mutinied while the ship was docked in New York because fucking Australia, man.
  • Perth's journey home was interrupted by an entire world war; she was still stuck in the Caribbean when WW2 started, and spent some time as a raider there before finally transiting to the Pacific and arriving in home waters.
  • Perth spent most of her career between messing around in the Mediterranean and escorting convoys in home waters; she was bombed once in the meantime, too, while floating around in the Aegean, a station she had been assigned to in order to assist in the evacuation of Allied troops from Greece.
  • She spent her time babysitting convoys until 1942, when she was deployed to ABDA forces to replace HMAS Canberra. She spent her time escorting convoys while the Japanese thundered across the Pacific.
  • Her final assignment came when an ABDA task force sailed to meet a reported Japanese convoy, the buildup to the Battle of the Java Sea. Perth survived ABDA's ill-fated mission, proving herself a formidable force by managing to score hits on several Japanese ships during the string of engagements. She and Northampton-class cruiser USS Houston were the only heavy ABDA ships to survive the battle relatively unscathed, with the Dutch cruisers sunk and HMS Exeter badly damaged.
  • Houston and Perth left the battle scene and attempted to resupply; they were confronted with a lack of spare fuel and shells at the base they docked at, and were ordered to sail through Sunda Strait with meager fuel provisions and no extra shells, being left with whatever they hadn't yet expended in the Java Sea engagement.
  • An hour to midnight, Perth engaged a Japanese destroyer, and both Allied cruisers were promptly surrounded. At midnight, Perth attempted to force her way through, and was promptly speared by four torpedoes, sinking on the night of March 1, 1942, just past midnight, taking about half her ship's company with her to the bottom of Sunda Strait.

In summary

Perth is a gimmicky little cruiser.
She's a bit like a Leander with HE, but without the weird AP, I guess. So-so guns, whacky cartoon mobility, piss poor armour and decent concealment make her a challenge to play, especially with the lack of a repair party; in return, she gets a long-lasting smoke generator that gives her great tactical options and an escape mechanism when things get too hot, with her full complement of shells and her great torpedoes giving her a lot of ways to hurt people. Just watch out for planes.
tl;dr Leander-class without weird AP, with HE, equipped with a portable smoke cloud lasting a minute and a half

The numbers

For the truly lazy among us, I will arbitrarily rate aspects of the ship, with no particular logic behind these numbers but my own gut feeling after marathoning this ship. Take these for what they are, and try not to base your purchase off of these. These numbers grade the ship mostly compared to its peers, which is why you'll probably start seeing some cruisers pull mobility ratings similar to battleships.
  • Primary armament: 7/10
  • Secondary armament: 7/10
  • Anti-air: 3/10
  • Durability: 6.5/10
  • Mobility: 8/10
  • Economics: 5/10
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Fun: 7/10
Overall: 6/10 (Difficulty is reversed compared to the others, where a lower-rated ship is more difficult to play, so the average doesn't get whacky)

Should you buy her?

  • If you're looking for a good ship: no. Perv is so gimped by the shitty MM and the lack of a repair party I just can't really call her ''good'', certainly not as good as some of the offerings found only a tier higher. She's okay, but... No, not good enough to justify getting her.
  • If you're looking for an XP/credit grinder: I suppose. Perth is a premium ship, so it makes decent moolah, but it's also at tier 6, so... Lower tier, gimped MM. It's a maybe.
  • If you're looking for a captain trainer: at the time of writing, Perth is the only Australian ship in the game. Haha no. If you're looking for something silly and/or fun: absolutely. Perth's ridiculous smoke generator is a hilarious little gimmick, and the high octane, every-shot-could-be-your-last playstyle is loads of fun (to me). It's up to taste, mostly, but the gimmicky smoke generator is undeniably a lot of fun to play around with.
  • If you're looking for a challenge: sure. She has a unique gimmick, and being a Leander without a repair party, she's inherently challenging but not broken. Effectively using the smoke generator is an interesting challenge, too.
  • If you're looking for something historically significant: are you Australian? Then yes! Otherwise, I'm not so sure; the battle of Sunda Strait is an amazing (and heartwrenching) tale of two hopelessly outnumbered warships putting up a fight anyway, and this would absolutely justify Perth (and USS Houston, hint hint) for me, but it might not justify it to you.
Her smoke is useless to the team and she offers no other utility like better hydro, radar or DFAA, and is a quite inferior pick compared to Cleveland and Budyonny, so not even once.

Builder's short guide to: Perth

I see tons of threads popping up asking for build advice for ''ship X'', and people have requested that I start including build tips in these guides, so here we go.


There's a few interesting options to play around with, and since you need a dedicated captain, you might as well play around with them.
  • Expert LoadeBasics of Survivability: BoS is a one-size-fits-all kinda deal, but Expert Loader might be useful when you get the drop on a broadside cruiser from stealth and your smoke isn't up. ymmv, both are a bit subpar on Perth.
  • Expert Marksman/Torpedo Armament Expert: Expert Marksman is the go-to tier 2 skill. Faster turrets = faster shootbang, and faster shootbang is always better. However, Perth has good torpedo armament, and with the single fire torps being the way they are, TAE is actually pretty decent on Perth.
  • Superintendent/Vigilance: for a ship relying on a portable smoke cloud, Vigilance is great for not getting shit on by torpedoes being spammed at your portable torp magnet. Superintendent gives you extra weed generator, to quote a wise man, so both skills are pretty good.
  • Demolition Expert/Survivability Expert: Perth has like, no HP, so Everything Counts (it's not even the Belfast guide!) when it comes to HP; SE is an okay pick. However, DE bumps up her fire chance by 3%, and in my opinion the extra fires are just too good to pass up (plus making baBBies cry is fun).
  • Concealment Expert: standard cruiser fare. You get seen less, so you get shit on less too.
  • Whatever tier 2/3 skill you didn't pick: less torp bullshittery/extra weed generator. Alternatively, you can pass one of the two for EM/TAE. Idk mang this is such a huge tossup I can't tell you what to do. Follow your heart.


These are called modernisations in the client, and I practically live in the client, so fuck you I'm calling them modernisations. With an S, because I'm European and British English is more common where I live.
  • Slot 1: Main Armaments Modification 1
Guns are life, also torps are pretty lifey too. Absolute no-brainer.
  • Slot 2: Aiming Systems Modification 1 (but honestly they're all shit)
ASM1 gives you a negligible accuracy bonus (ah, my old noob trap nemesis returns) and also passively boosts your secondary range and your torp tube reload speed and honestly, that's why I recommended it.
If you feel like doing something fucking dumb, get Secondary Battery Modification 2 for 6km secondaries on a cruiser.
  • Slot 3: take whatever
If you're getting ruddered or engined a lot, just take their respective mods. Otherwise, just take damage control. They all kind of suck, honestly.
  • Slot 4: Steering Gears Modification 2
Better turning is great on a cruiser but also, why the fuck would you ever take the damage control mod on a fucking cruiser?
What a guide, I guess.
The bit on the captain/nation split is a joke. Don't get your panties in a twist, please.
Short bit on datamining: 0.5.14 was such a miniscule patch, data-wise, there was nothing to document; I prefer not to make separate threads for that because of reasons I won't explain (I initially did, right here, but idk man it's not worth it).
Anyway, there were no undocumented changes between 0.5.13 and 0.5.14 live builds, bar the new flags and some very minute armour model changes that you should never notice, as well as some more work on IJN DDs that I won't document because I don't document shit that's being playtested.
In light of recent leaks, I feel the need to tell y'all that


Thank you for your attention.
No giveaways, again! I know, it's terrible, and I really want to do another one, but I'm just in a shitty financial situation right now and can't afford to give anything away. Forgive me.
Uhh I have nothing to really talk about this time. I'm still busy, I'm still feeling sick, but I'm alive and that's what counts, I guess!
Oh, before we wrap it up, USS Houston when, WG?
Thank you for reading! If there's typos, grammar fuckery or any formatting fuckups, poke me and I'll fix it asap. <3
Constructive criticism and suggestions welcome in PMs! That way I'm sure to see them in time. Thank you!
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2013.12.28 23:19 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I'm DJ Ravine and I've just hit 200,000 subscribers on Youtube! Ask me about DJing, Youtube, Music or just AMA!

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Date: 2013-12-27
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Questions Answers
Hi Ravine! I love your mixing style, and I have you to thank for first getting me into DJing a couple of years ago! I've got a few questions... Thanks for dropping by to do this AMA, it's awesome to have an opportunity to talk to my DJing inspiration! No, my family owns a business so I worked for them full time for the last….however long my life has been. I'm planning on going part time with them so I can focus more on my DJing career in 2014.
When and how did you first begin DJing? Started in 2006 when I did a DJing course after I finished high school.
Malthe Mehlskov, he's 16 playing at many large events. Yeah he recently played here in Sydney and was with his parents.
I've been listening to you forever man. how long does it take for you to prep a set? For a Youtube video from start to finish including editing takes about 4 hours if I'm not fucking around.
Who do you personally think is a better DJ, you or Cotts? ;) Cotts sucks. Have you heard him scratch. LOL.
What is the most awkward / embarrassing incident that's happened to you whilst at a gig (be it a screw up on stage, crazy people in the crowd etc.)? I remember jumping and accidentally unplugging the power board for all the decks.
How does it feel to be one of the best (or at least one of the most well known) DJ's in Australia? Do you get recognized often by random people on the street? Lol. I'm just another dude.
Hey ravine, longtime fan here! I got two questions for you. Just a huge drop in the quality and quantity of tracks out there. Before I'd buy 10 tracks a week. Now I'd be lucky to buy 2 in a month.
1: Why dont you make as many pure happy hardcore mixes anymore? 2: What do you think of the direction housemusic is taking with all this over-the-top-wannabe-epic-stuff and making ALOT of the tracks with entire lyrics instead of just some vocals here and there? I like it because it's getting harder and harder and I love it hard baby. I want it pushed in a more euphoric hands in the air hard though not just doof doof doof.
Also, what are you playing these days? DotA2, SC2 or something else? And just Dota. Oh and DayZ.
Were your parents supportive at the beginning of your career? Mum wasn't. Dad was like meh, he can sell it if it doesn't go well.
Hey Ravine! Been a long time subscriber, love the happy hardcore mixes. Cotts and I met back in 2006 at the rave Utopia in June. It was my birthday rave and I was completely wrecked. This was before I got my DJ gear and Cotts had been DJing on some turntables made for hi-fi use. We met up because back when Happyhardcore.com was big, they had rave meetups for all the big raves and we all hung out as a crew. I didn't speak to Cotts much but I do remember he had a bright pink shopping bag full of glowsticks that he was handing out to everyone.
Question: How did you and Cotts become good friends and would you ever consider playing a few shows in Canada? What a homo.
Hey Ravine, congrats on 200,000. Just wanted to ask, what was it that got your name out there as a DJ? Was it something like youtube or more local? Thank you! Youtube 100%. Locally, I was a nobody.
Where was your first gig? My first gig was for a girl's sweet 16 cruise when I just started DJing. I'm been DJing for about 2 months and a friend just called me up saying how the DJ had cancelled and they needed a new one. I didn't have much of the music they wanted because they were an RnB/Hip Hop crowd so I got the birthday girl to give me a bunch of CDs she had.
I think it's the only time ever in my career where I've had to play a mixed CD.
I can hear the booing.
What tips do you have for promoting yourself online ? Keep it minimal til you're actually good. Too many shitty 14 year old producers out there that spam every single Facebook, Youtube page just because they created 1 track with FL Studio templates and are convinced they're the next big thing.
Do you ever get pissed off when puppets call you Raveen instead of Ravine? This makes me unreasonably angry for some reason.
When will you come to europe? The goal is Tomorrowland 2015.
Boxers or briefs? You know, for dancing on stage and stuff. Briefs. The boxers don't give me the support I need.
What got you into DJing? Darude - Sandstorm.
How does this make you feel? HNNNGHHH.
Also I met you at the chiptune show in SF and you never added me on facebook. I'm still hurt. I must have forgotten. PM me your name on Facebook and I'll go through my requests.
What's your favorite track from 2013? I really love Get Ready by Erik Arbores.
What do you think of the upcoming "Hardcore Rave" producers in the US such as Rhythmics, T2Kazuya, Chasers/Moogl3 etc? Rhythmics is a pretty cool dude.
What's one piece of advice you'd give an aspiring Hardcore DJ/producer? Make it sound more like Gammer.
If you could choose one DJ to do a collab with who would it be? I know not an original question but yeah I want to know :) Armin Van Buuren.
What is (or was) your day job? Worked for my family business.
As far as music production goes, hardcore or electro? Electro now.
How big do you feel like the Happy Hardcore scene is? And has it grown or shrunk since you started making mixes? If it's gotten smaller, do you think about expanding your repertoire to include more "mainstream" or popular genre's. Subscription count and views should probably matter if you intend on making DJ'ing a fulltime gig yeah? It's definitely shrunk in a crazy order of magnitude. You can hear the mainstream in the tracks released now. Everythings a bootleg of a top 40 track and it's not enough to save it. Apparently soemthing called Powerstomp is big now but never really got into it.
What's it like being a DJ? It's like being a dude.
How did you originally get into dance music? What were your first musical interests? I think when I first heard Exploration of Space by Cosmic Gate, something just clicked and I knew it was time.
So being stiff every morning? Yeah bro, just scratch it out.
What advice to you give to budding DJ's? Keep making mixes non stop until you can do it in your sleep.
Do you have some kind of system to count BPM's fast? Not that long ago i bought two CDJ 100S (Yup... old farts but cheap and they play music too so i dont mind) And i cant beatmatch correctly. Some advices? Moar Happy Hardcore like old times. Plox. They sell some BPM units out there but they all suck. I'd just learn to beatmatch.
What was your first job or hobby that you invested time into before DJing, or more to the point, what were you doing before you even realised you had a love for DJing and electronic music? If playing MMORPGs and CS til 4am in the morning counts as a hobby, then that.
How did you succesed in DJing? I mean how you becamed so famous from Bedroom DJ to Club DJ? I was 100% made on Youtube. I started making Youtube DJ videos at the right place and the right time.
So I've been a long time subscriber of yours. Seen a few of your posts on head-fi too. Pretty jelly of Australia's apparently awesome club scene. It's a bit shit in New Zealand. A while back you mentioned producing your own music. How is this going? Are there any Ravine Originals™ in the pipeline? Or have there been some already that I somehow missed..? Soundcloud has a few and I've got more coming! Got featured on Spinnin the other day!
Hey Ravine! Also a DJ, and I'm interested in knowing a couple things: 1) Why Serato and not Traktor? (Personally a Traktor guy...love it) 2) Why the switch to CDJS from timecode? (On time code myself lol) Serato because I was brought up with it.
CDJs with Rekordbox because it's easier for me when I gig.
Hi, DJravine! How often do you DJ "what do the fox say?" Thanks for answering this! It's kind of a big deal around these parts! I have a mashup which is a joke and I play that regularly.
Deets, man! Well at first it goes a bit like gering ding ding ding ding a ding a ding. Then a bit of haate haate haate ho. Some say, that's what the fox says.
What is your favourite hardstyle song? Pure by DJ Zany.
What are your top 5 tips for becoming a better DJ? What to look for in songs and why you love it? Know you tunes.
Any major advice for underage (16) bedroom DJs for the future so we can be the best we can and perform for the masses? Seriously, practice. Other than that, start producing early. It's more of a producers industry now.
Ravine! If you don't remember me, I was the guy working at the Xbox stand at EB Expo and all I wanted was a photo -.- I wanted to start DJing but didn't have the cash to fork out for CDJs. I ended up buying a Traktor S4 and I love it to bits. My only concern is that if I ever attempt to pursue club gigs, that I would be forced to use CDJs and I haven't had any experience. Other than buying CDJs, what would you suggest is the best way to get experience on gear I don't own? Oh yeah I remember you! Dude sucks you had to be in that room the whole time because I never got to go back in there!
What's your steam username? God damn I want to play some Dota with you ;) Practice with a friend's or at least learn to mix without the BPM and whatever that thing that shows you the beats drifting on Traktor is called.
I know you are a MTG fan, I texted you when you still had time left on your american phone asking for a game the next time you were in america, What if your favourite magic card of all time? I used to play a tonne in high school but I stopped completely. That time I posted on Facebook was the first time I'd played in about 10 years. I can't really remember any cards so...
Amulet of Quoz.
Can you please mix hip hop and try beat juggling or something cool like Kentaro? Just for one video! I've tried it and it's a lot harder than it looks. I am afraid to shame my famirly.
When are you coming back to Texas? ;_; and did that barn show get shut down by the cops? I can't remember, I left before it finished =/
When will you be coming to the bay area next? Or anywhere in norcal really. Last time I was able to make it to one of your shows was 2011. Don't know! Hopefully soon!
When are we going to play Ghosts together on Ps4? :) When you move to Australia so we don't lag!
Any regrets? Not starting producing earlier.
With last years addition of Darren Styles to EDC last year, do you think we'll see some more happyhardcore/hardstyle this year? Definitely. I know Hardstyle is getting bigger but in terms of Happy hardcore, I can only really seem them bringing guys like Gammer and Styles along.
How did you feel during your first trips to America? Also, what was your reaction when your Happy Hardcore mix blew up on YouTube? America is always fun. It's pretty much just a holiday for me. And insane. When I got my first 100 views I was like fuck yeah!
How did you start promote yourself and getting gigs? Youtube helped me out a lot but also getting to know promoters.
I've noticed a large number of vinyl decks have a small light to the bottom left of the turntable (like this) - what's it for? It's actually a LED with a refresh rate synced to the dots that are lined around the DJ platter. As it spins, the dots create an illusion that they are staying still or moving at a slow pace. This lets you know if the turntable is at 0% pitch or is +% or -%. You have to see it.
Hey Ravine, so first of all I gotta say I've loved your stuff for a long time. Especially when you and Cotts mix together (since he introduced me to your channel)! That being said, I wanted to know, what are your top 5 happy hardcore/hardcore songs? Angel Eyes Angel Eyes Angel Eyes Angel Eyes Angel Eyes.
What is your most humorous encounter with the law? I once got pulled up by two sniffer dogs at once at a rave. They were pretty sure they'd caught a big one because I had my big DJ bag on. They searched me, found nothing and I left.
Yeah that's my only encounter with the law.
Sorry to disappoint.
Hey Ravine, When are you coming to NZ for a tour??? and preferably come to Christchurch =p. That'd be awesome! I don't know why I've never played in NZ.
How old are you at the moment? Do you mind telling your fans your 'real name'? How/When did you get into DJ'ing? off topic from that Do get a lot of girls? :) Joel :D Stanley.
1) How has the massive influx copyright issues with YouTube affected your YouTube career and if it gets worse will you continue to use YouTube as your main platform for releasing mixes, rely more heavily on SoundCloud or go in another direction? They've been around for ever and I've just learnt to live with it. Youtube for me is not about money but exposure. Really it's still a hobby right now.
2) Would you or have you considered relocating in order to further your DJing career or is the Australian scene sufficiently big enough to allow you to further your career as much as you'd like to there? Definitely considering it but now the scene in Australia is starting to blow up and people are getting the recognition they deserve. The thing is though, everyone that gets massive here moves out immediately.
Have you gotten gigs just from having a youtube channel? Yep. Pretty much all my gigs stemmed from my Youtube channel.
Any youtube promotion tips for music producers? For Youtube, it seems now that if you're a producer, to get known, you need to push your music onto big Youtube music networks and also stuff like House.net.
Ravine! When are you going to make a mix with your Stantons again? Everyone on Youtube is making mixes with CDJs, please do one with the TTs again, for old time's sake... They're under my bed. I need a bigger table.
Will you ever produce anymore Hardcore Addiction albums possibly with Cotts in the future? Probably not. Just too hard to procure tracks for guys as indie as us.
DJ Ravine, Definitely. I'll start making it as soon as the new year rings in. It'll be released on Youtube this time and i'm gonna put on bikini clad girls and have the thumbnail extremely sexually suggestive in order to get more views.
Your 2010 awsum megamix is amazing. I know you come out with some every year, do you plan on coming out with a 2013 megamix? Keep up the good work, whenever someone wants to get into trance I link them your stuff. I'm actually serious. I want to see if it makes a difference.
If any of the record companies (spinnin') ask you to change so something about yourself will you? Depends on if it compromises on creativity and who I am. If it's small yeah why not if it makes them happy but if they ask you to become something you're not, your fans will pick up on it. Your fans know you better than you know yourself.
Hey Ravine! Really big fan! I was wondering why you don't offer all of your mixes for download? Laziness.
Also copyright.
I have a pretty nice 4 channel Hercules mixer that my friend gave to me before he left to LA. It's in mint condition and I don't want it to sit there and collect dust, might want to pull it out at some point to play around with. So my question to you is, how does a newbie DJ get started with the whole DJing gig? I produce with ableton live and use midi controllers in the past, but have never touched DJing stuff before. Do you have any resources you can help guide me to? Any good hints, tips, and tricks? Would be really helpful, thanks! PS. What are your favorite dj controllers/mixers/equipment, and what are your favorite DAW/DJ programs? Seriously if you're already doing Ableton, might as well use it to DJ as well. Using something like an APC 40 can make you a more formidable DJ than more out there with CDJs.
Dj ravine next time you come to San Francisco will you sign something for me? I've seen you at so stoked and you're one of my favorite dj's because you aren't a pretentious jerk and OMG pls. Find me and I will!
Your In Dubstep We Trust One was one of the first things that got me listening to electric music. Is there a number 4 coming out anytime? Not that I can see. Really not much Dubstep I enjoy now. It's pretty much a dying genre. There is no Dubstep in the Beatport Top 100 anymore. It used to be full of it.
Are you ever going to use the guitar hero controller in any more mixes? Looking back at the battle you had with Kutski was friggin' awesome. Peace. It really wasn't that practical. There was a huge noticeable lag in it and wasn't that great for precise stuff like drummping.
Any plans for producing? What genre would/will you do? Yep doing it now. Mainly making Electro House that I enjoy.
Hi ravine! What do you do to select a track for a mix?? Thanks! Yes? Play it.
G'day Ravine! My question to you is, how has the DJ'ing or club scene changed since you first began Dj'ing? Has it changed for better or worse? Everyone's getting younger and I'm getting older.
How long have you been producing now? Probably 2 years on and off. I tried starting earlier but never got into it.
Whats your opinion about 'dj-s' like Afrojack, Steve Aoki? Afrojack is a good producer. Steve Aoki has his own market. Let them be.
DJ Ravine do you have any plans to hit California? I would like to see you in person...I mean FB, Youtube and Soundcloud is cool but yeah. Hopefully soon. It's always hard to predict these things.
Do you think there will be a UK Hardcore stage at Defqon 1 within the next few years? Also I love the new song with Weaver, Please bring it and Him back over to Perth ASAP. ONE CAN HOPE.
Hey DJ Ravine, it's real cool that you're doing this, I've been subscribed for a while. My question is what is the biggest thing you would tell someone who's interested in being a DJ? (Not necessarily a pro, but someone looking to become decent) I'd learn to produce at the same time as learning to DJ.
Do you prefer hardstyle, happy hardcore or some of the more soft electronic genres like house etc? I love Happy Hardcore but I also love Electro House.
Who would you meet out of the three if you could only meet one? The three: Dj Kentaro, Dj Qbert, Dj Craze. QBert because he just seems like the coolest dude.
As a young dj (15) how can i get gigs in teen discos and how should i approach the promoters for these gigs? Just email them or facebook them.
Yo Ravine! Big fan of your stuff. I'm just curious, when you are laying up your audio to your videos, do you use some kind of marker to signal where you should start the audio when you edit your videos, so everything is in sync? Sometimes I'll just press the cue button before I start recording to get a quick "snap" of audio to lineup the cameras and the recorded raw audio. Other than that, it's just using your eyes and ears to see if it's timed properly.
Whats a typical day for DJ Ravine like? Wake up, get on Reddit, go take a shower, eat, refuse urge to play dota, end up on Reddit, give into dota, somehow sun has gone down, eat, sleep (rave, repeat).
Music and making Youtube videos fits in somehow in there.
What rating are you in dota? Pretty bads. Solo still got about 3 to go for Calibration but Party i'm at 3400. Started at 3700 and won every single Calibration match but since then, lost every ranked match except 1. fml.
Can I send you tracks anywhere? Djravine at gmail.com.
Easy question. Turntables or CDJ's and why? :) CDJs. Just so much more you can do with them. Turntables are definitely in the past but people (me included) still love the visual aesthetics of them.
Watching your videos inspired me to start mixing, and then I started producing. I guess my question is, did you ever think your videos could have that kind of impact on your viewers? Never. I made my first video because Youtube was a fascinating new thing and I just wanted to try it. Who'da thunk it.
Hey Ravine! Been a long time fan of yours. You and Cotts is what got me into the happy hardcore scene growing up. Aside from that, what has been the best experience of becoming a famous DJ and what has it enabled you to do? To me it's still a hobby but we'll see what happens next year!
How much tail has being a DJ gotten you? To give you a clue, my Youtube stats tell me my Male to Female ratio is 9:1.
Hey Dj ravine how do set your cue points when you perform live ? Make sure you set them all in Rekordbox before you start the night.
Did you go to uni and all that stuff?.And Congrats on the 200k subs! Yep. I have a B.Comm - Marketing from Macquarie University.
I have a 1000, dollar budget. looking for a good set up which includes a reasonable portability. (controller + headset) any suggestions? DDJ-SX or SR and something like HD-25 Sennheisers.
Hey Ravine, Thanks for doing this! Are you ever going to come over to Scotland?! Not that i know of but it'd be awesoem to go!
Do you ever do any original production or just mixes? Yep! On my Soundcloud. Few more coming soon.
What do you think of the Jcore scene? It seems to be getting bigger and bigger. It really does. Japan is weird though. Always likes the niche genres.
Heya Ravine! Ever thinking of coming to Canada? Toronto specifically? ;D. I'd love to but nothing as of yet.
Any plans of ever touring Canada? Specifically somewhere in Ontario? My life would be made if I could come see one of your shows! If not I will just have to road trip it to the US the next time you are back in NA. I'd love to but it is not known.
Any sets in Canada anytime soon? Also how do you decide the songs you will play in your sets? Not that i know of =[
Hey Ravine, just wondering what you think the hardest genre to dj is? Congrats on 200K! Trip Hop.
Hey ravine Im a dj and now starting to produce music but i am struggling working with fl (cracked i know i know) got any tips maybe other program or learn to read notes ? Just do it™
Hey Ravine, I know you've been making some house tracks lately... Approx. how long did it take you (and whoever you worked with) to make one + what software would you recommend? I'm trying to get some shit together with Fruity Loops but have been mostly unsuccesful... You gotta get in that zone. When you're in there, track ideas come so fast and you just lay them down insanely quick.
Hey Ravine! Big fan here. I have a question that kinda relates to what I'm doing... Do you think a couple cheap controllers with good mappings are just as good as one expensive controller (with preset mapping)? Nope. Hardware quality is just too big of a difference between ultra low end and even mid range.
Hey Ravine! I have started mixing stuff on my channel just for fun and I am having a lot of trouble with content ID and copyright issues. I just want to share my stuff to friends and family but people are having issues viewing my stuff. How do you get around this issue? Honestly no real way to get around it. Sometimes my vids get flagged too and it 's a real bitch.
When are you thinking about coming to Seattle area again? Also great time seeing you at MLG Anaheim :) I wanna go to The International 4 so maybe then! And nice to see you too!
I dont know what DOTA is but I know I never want to play it because basshunter made a song about it once. The next time you come here, I'm going to strap you to a chair, IV drip you monster energy drink, put Basshunter's Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar DotA on loop and force you to play.
I wish Ravine was YeahDubz because then I would freeking know who YeahDubz was.. YOU ARE YEAHDUBZ.
Ravine! I don't actually have a question really but you were my inspiration to start DJing and producing, and I've been following you for longer than I can imagine. I actually got into a lull recently, and watching your videos made me attempt hardstyle finally and I love it so much. Thank you! Hardstyle is getting huuuge lately. It's also thanks to the fact that Big Room House is takin a lot of inspiration from Hardstyle too.
cough cough Showtek. I am so okay with Showtek getting massive.
Fave all time song to mix. Rebecca Black - Friday. Although Saturday is a close second now.
What is the best way to get started dj'ing for someone who has no experience. Youtube tutorials and Virtual DJ or djay 2 if you have an iOS device.
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2013.09.12 20:04 LukeyHear /r/OutdoorScotland guide to planning a trip away.

/OutdoorScotland Guide to getting out of town.
Here is a map of the National Scenic Areas of Scotland. Other places are nice too.
Here is a link to Geograph.org. This site has photos of nearly every inch of the land laid over the OS map. You have to zoom in twice on the red map and then click "Draggable OS". Perfect for finding hidden, remote camping spots and seeing what the access and area is like.
Here is WheresThePath which features a split screen with Googlemaps on one side and OS on the other, as well as 1930s maps and others. Zoomable and draggable. The license on the OS maps has a daily limit. Very handy for advance navigation and printing your own maps and altitude graphs.
Buses travel between Scotlands main towns (Esp. Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Perth, Oban and Skye) They are generally frequent and relatively cheap. You cannot take bikes.
Trains allow access to a large part of the country. Bikes need to be booked on when you purchase. Prices can be cheaper when bought in advance. With 4 people for a weekend it could be cheaper to hire a car.
Ferries do exist, and provide for pedestrians, cars and bikes to all the main Islands. Island hopping 8 or 15 day passes can bring the price down.
Royal Mail Postbuses have a limited number of routes (8 in Scotland) but can be hailed anywhere on the road, of note are the Western Isles services.
StageCoachBuses have many routes around the highlands.
Multiday walks
Short walks and hills
Sea Kayaking
Mountain Biking
Trip Advisor - 1,845 Activities
BBC Weather
Mountain Forecast
Traffic Webcams
Surf Forecast
Ski Forecast
Avalanche Risk
Midge Forecast
Glenshee Ski Webcam
Buachaille Webcam
Summit Panoramas, digitally rendered views of all the hills that can be seen from the peaks. In theory.
2 night wild camping gear list
Your Access Rights and Responsibilities, know before you go.
Most streams and rivers in Scotland are clean and delicious off the beaten track but do check for dead things or houses or other campers upstream.
It is most common to use a gas burner to heat your meals as much of Scotland lacks trees and campfires in wooded areas are not allowed per the SOAC. This does not apply on beaches.
Please feel free to add any tips and hints in the comments below or as a post on /OutdoorScotland and I will add the best into this post.
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2013.06.25 10:41 mlp909 Been offered job opportunity in another City - Looking for objective viewpoints.

Hi Guys
I am after an objective viewpoint on whether or not I should consider an employment opportunity in another city (Perth). It is within the same company I work for, and the position has been guaranteed for me. I am currently living in Sydney. I enjoy my work, and the company I work for, so I am happy to stay with them (and they may even help pay for relocation costs - this is yet to be discussed but it has been hinted).
to state the pros & cons of the situation;
Pros: the main positive for the move is that I believe I will be happier there, as it is a more relaxed city, a more friendly & easy going life style and a cheaper standard of living (not cheap, but cheaper than where i am). There will also be a small salary increase (around 1-2k) simply for moving.
Cons: Career prospects are more limited in Perth, but are possible. I enjoy my current role (which would stay the same), but If I felt the need for change, could move. I also do not know anyone in Perth, but have planned to join a fair few social / special interest groups to network & make friends.
Facts: young male, single with no kids. i have some uni debt still to pay off (40k), but i also have some savings to be put either towards the cost of moving, or towards the uni debt if I dont move (10k).
I have created a budget plan, and i will be able to afford living on my own but I won't be saving much money (will probably be saving close to $500 a month). My main concern is about my inability to save money (and therefore pay off my uni debt) as I plan to live on my own at first until i am more comfortable and get to know people over there.
do you have any thoughts / ideas / suggestions for me to think about?
Thanks in advance!
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2012.07.03 07:02 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Charles Stross, science fiction writer

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Date: 2012-07-02
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
Are you planning a kickstarter game like Neal Stephenson? If you did what would it be about? Reverse order: no, I'm not planning a kickstarter game. And I'm not really a game designer. (Writing novels takes up about 100% of my available working time.)
Fellow early adopter here. TI gave me a TIPC with a 1200 baud modem and sent me home. I tripped over the usenet and compuserve by accident. What happened to keep you off for 6 months?! Left university and got a job with a company who had no internet connection, back in the days when a 2400 baud UUCP dial-up cost £900 a year (or about a months' gross salary). Remedied this by changing jobs :)
Hallo Charles. I'm in the UK. I just wrote a book and (it looks like) a good publishing house are going to pick it up. It is sort of sci-fi. For starters, there's a long-standing (50 year old) flame war within the field over whether it's "sci-fi" or "SF".
My question: all agents I've spoken to think that while selling a book to publishers it's best to avoid using the term "sci-fi" if possible. Ideally they want to sneak sci-fi stuff in, "under the radar", so it can get the sort of backing that only a big publisher can provide. Secondly, all these labels boil down to is a bunch of marketing categories that tell bookshop staff where to file the product (which they don't know from a hole in the road) on the shelves where customers can find it. SF has traditionally been looked down on by the literary establishment because, to be honest, much early SF was execrably badly written -- but these days the significance of the pigeon hole is fading; we have serious mainstream authors writing stuff that is I-can't-believe-it's-not-SF, and SF authors breaking into the mainstream. If you view them as tags that point to shelves in bricks-and-mortar bookshops, how long are these genre categories going to survive in the age of the internet?
How do you feel about this? Cheers. Note: this skepticism breaks down in the face of, for example, the German publishing sector, where booksellers are a lot stuffier and more hidebound over what is or is not acceptable as literature.
Could you give an example or two of large British publishers that you think are doing a good job in this respect? Ignoring genre barriers, taking risks etc? AhahahaHA!!
Sorry, no I can't. But not for the reason you think. Thing is, my agent is based in New York. And due to a historic accident, my publishing track is primarily American -- I'm sold into the UK almost as a foreign import! So I'm quite out of touch with what's going on in UK publishing. (Even my Kindle is geared to the US store.)
Did you end up with an American agent because all the British agents passed on you? Or did you actually want to do things that way? A bit of both. I wanted an agent who would actually sell stuff. After two British agents failed comprehensively, I was reading Locus (the SF field's trade journal) and noticed a press release about an experienced editor leaving her job to join an agent in setting up a new agency. And I went "aha!" -- because what you need is an agent who knows the industry but who doesn't have a huge list of famous clients whose needs will inevitably be put ahead of you. So I emailed her, and ... well, 11 years later I am the client listed at the top of her masthead!
One last question (if you can be arsed). When you look at the publishing process (particularly the point at which agents have to sell books) what do you think needs to be fixed/tinkered with? Are editors too short-sighted? In your experience is their predilection for putting things in boxes limiting? Biggest message: find your customers and sell them what they want to buy. DRM is bad for business. Territorial rights restrictions are bad for business. Amazon are utterly hateful and evil -- they will kill you and establish a monopoly if they can -- but their one redeeming feature is that they're good to customers: so learn from them.
Basically if you could sit all the big editors down and briefly lecture them on doing their job what would you say? Thanks Charles. It's not the editors I'd lecture, but the senior executives who give the publishing CEOs their marching orders (editors are a level below that). All the editors I deal with are extremely smart, clueful folks who are often frustrated by corporate policies -- because the publishing houses are divisions within large media conglomerates, and they're small, low-profit subsidiaries at that (and so don't get much say in group-wide policy).
Have you considered selling books via Baen? They seem to have the right idea, and you're in the right genre. Link to www.baen.com. Not up to me, up to my publishers.
For someone who is unfamiliar with your work, what book would you suggest as a good starting point (if it's available for Kindle, I will get it as soon as I see your answer)? Any plans to follow in L. Ron's footsteps and start a religion? I'm an atheist (subtype: generally agree with Richard Dawkins but think he could be slightly more polite; special twist: I was raised in British reform Judaism, which is not like American reform Judaism, much less any other strain of organised religion). So: no cults here. Starting points: for a sampler, you could try my short story collection "Wireless". Which contains one novella that scooped a Locus award, and one that won a Hugo, and covers a range of different styles.
Thank you so much for releasing Accelerando as a freebie! I'd just picked up Stanza on my iPhone and was going through the free Sci Fi (or SF) books. That ebook got me hooked, so was a pretty savvy marketing move. Book depository is nothing new; there've been outlets selling books internationally via mail order for many decades -- the only change is that it's now easier to find and use such services.
So, is there an official term for "Polite Atheist"? Someone who doesn't believe, yet isn't offensive about it? I'm not sure. The trouble is, if you go too far towards being polite, the label that applies is "doormat".
Hi! Would you consider Halting State and Rule 34 Cyberpunk? I was heavily reminded of Neal Stephensons early books (the craziness of Snow Crash mixed with more current-day themes like Cryptonomicon). "Halting State" and "Rule 34" are cyberpunk only insofar as we are living in a 1980s cyberpunk dystopia, and these are very much novels of our time (plus 10-20 years). What I've learned during my life is that the near future is 90% identical to the present -- if you buy a new car today, it'll probably still be on the road in 2022. Another 9% is predictable from existing tech roadmaps: Intel's projected roadmap for where their processors are going, SpaceX's order book for satellite launches, and so on. And 1% is totally bugfuck crazy and impossible to predict. (Go back to 1982 and the idea that the USSR would have collapsed and been replaced by hyper-capitalist oligarchs would have earned you a straitjacket, never mind a book contract. Go back to 1992 and the idea that the USA and Iran would be fighting a proxy war on the internet would have ... well, ditto.)
While I love the Laundry books I consider A Colder War one of your best works, is there a chance that we will get another 'serious' story with Lovecraftian themes? Lovecraftian seriousness: well, book 5 or 6 of the Laundry series is due to get epically grim.
Case Nightmare Green? Yup.
It's always interesting to learn how different authors approach their craft. What's your "ritual" when writing? TL;DR: I don't have one.
Longer version ... (I want to apologize for keeping this short: I have carpal tunnel issues so I might have to switch to speech recognition soon) ...
I write exclusively using computers. Pens and typewriters can fsck right off -- I wrote my first half million words in my teens on a manual typewriter (had to trade it for a new one due to keys snapping from metal fatigue) so I am not a pen or typewriter fetishist.
I write almost entlirely on Macs, because: Windows gives me hives. (I first ran into Windows as of Win 2.11/386, back in the eighties. It did not leave a good taste. I then became a happy UNIX bunny. Mac OSX is the last UNIX workstation class OS standing. So I've learned to put up with its other foibles.)
I have no set writing routine other than: plant bum in chair in front of keyboard/on sofa under laptop, and start going. Oh, and I drink tea pretty much continuously at a rate of around 1 imperial pint/hour, which sort of enforces screen/keyboard breaks.
(I want to apologize for keeping this short: I have carpal tunnel issues so I might have to switch to speech recognition soon) I write exclusively using computers. Does this mean you use speech recognition while writing too? or have you been writing before the AMA and you're at your fatigue point? Speech recognition is utterly crap for writing fiction. If you try reading a novel aloud you'll soon figure out why -- written prose style is utterly unlike the spoken word.
Why Mac rather than Linux? (Esp. considering your background, e.g. Computer Shopper etc.) Excellent design values. ("Why drive a Porsche if you could drive a backhoe? The backhoe's got more torque and you can do cool things with it like digging holes in the road!" "Yes, but the backhoe isn't a Porsche ...")
It gets out of my way and lets me get stuff done. Seriously, Windows seems designed to make easy tasks hard and hard tasks impossible; Linux would be fine if it came pre-tuned to the hardware, but I've got a long term 30% failure rate getting any given laptop to run it properly with full device support -- I can do without the choice between badly designed, bulky, inconvenient machines that work with Linux, and taking pot luck that the latest well-designed sleek ultrabook will actually, um, boot.
TL:DR; I've reached an age at which I'd rather pay more for something that "just works" than roll up my sleeves, reach for a spanner, and make it work. Time is money, and the older we get the less of it we've got left ...
It's said that people have to write a million words of crap before they can rite good stuff. True, in your opinion? No. I wrote two million words of crap. Maybe I'm just a slow learner ...
Do you just put up with the carpal tunnel when writing? Up to a point. I don't want to permanently damage myself! On the other hand, a couple of days off the keyboard tends to make things somewhat better.
What are your views about people pirating your books? Back before the internet we had a name for people who bought a single copy of our books and lent them to all their friends without charging: we called them "librarians". Frankly, I couldn't care less about you loaning a copy of one of my books, on paper, to a friend. In fact, I think it's a good idea. Spreads the word, right? What I do have a problem with is people who sell my work for financial gain without paying me a cut of the proceeds. If money is passing hands, then the customer feels that they've paid for the right to read the work. But if they haven't paid me (or my publishers), then that's siphoning money out of my income stream. Today, we see some "file sharing" sites that rely on fans uploading cracked copies of ebooks, and which then make money off those books by charging for downloads (via cash subscriptions or advertising). Again: I take a dim view of this. They're making money off the back of my work without paying me.
2: Mr. Stross answered this question in far more detail while I was typing the above edit. Thank you! [Edit/afterthought] More often than not, piracy is a symptom of an under-provisioned market. People want to buy mp3s but can't? Piracy ensues. Then Apple strong-arms the music studios into the iTunes store and music piracy drops somewhat. The same, I believe, is also happening with ebooks.
Do you make a point of turning unpromising-sounding premises into something really extra-ordinary? Or are the back-of-book blurbs just over-simplifying? The back-of-book blurb is not written by the author (any more than the author paints the cover illustration). The sole job of the back-of-book blurb and the cover is to make a reader who is unfamiliar with the author or the book pick the product up in a store, because retail psychology studies show that consumers who handle the merchandise are more likely to buy it.
Hi Charlie! I've read much of what you've written, and I just have to say that you have a creativity rarely matched in SF - please keep it up. That said, what gadget do you think is going to have the greatest impact on the way we live in the next few coming years? Something like the Google glasses? Ultra-low power consumption ubiquitous embedded processors powered by ambient light or EM radiation are going to do insane things to our cities in the next 15-30 years -- far more significant than google glasses, which are just a slightly different UI (you can do much the same stuff already using a smartphone with motion/orientation/positioning sensors) ...
The radical transparency surveillance state that Brin predicted, open to all? Or data inequality leveraged by the HFT engines of the rich corporations to give them the edge to make a buck of it? Now add ambient genome sensing -- not human genomes, but the microbiome soup we live in (remember, sequencer costs are currently obeying Moore's Law) and start wondering where it's all going!
Been a fan for a long time. Got hooked via Accelerando (which I understand is something of an old shame at this point?), and stayed hooked via Halting State and the Laundry Files. Thanks for the AMA. :D. It's not an old shame, it's simply that I wrote it circa 1998-2004, and my views have changed somewhat over the intervening decade ...
Can you please expand on that? In what way did your views change? Accelerando is one of my all time favourites. Sure. See: Link to www.antipope.org
Link to www.amazon.com
Progress always get met with "but consider the ethics..". OK, let me ask you this: if you have a no-shit AI in a box, and it's running, when you switch it off/reboot it/reformat it/send it to the scrap heap, are you murdering a sentient being? Yes/No? Please justify your reasoning.
Now consider: your no-shit AI is the adversary in a computer game environment. What happens when you kill it (in-game)? What happens when you get tired of the game and delete it?
Hint: some fun background reading would be Ted Chiang's "The Lifecycle of Software Objects".
Have you ever used unused (or used) ideas from your D&D days in your stories, or vice versa? No. My D&D days are 30 years gone; it'd be a rare idea to survive from that long ago.
If you could meet any dead science fiction author for a day, who would you meet and what would you do? Roger Zelazny. And probably a pub crawl then a curry.
How hard was it for you to break into the US market? If I'd known how easy it would be, I'd have done it earlier!
If you could choose between The Merchant Princes becoming a video game, a movie series, a TV series, and a limited HBO TV series, what format would you choose? Who would you pick for a director and some of the leads? Would you want to do the screenplay yourself? None of those are media formats I consume, so I have no opinion on the options. (Nor do I have any idea who the currently interesting directors or actors are.) If I wanted to be in movies, I'd have gone into scriptwriting: the fact that I write novels should be a big hint about what I prefer to do!
(Final Q: I dislike Dr Who and Star Trek, so I shan't comment further.)
"I dislike Dr. Who and Star Trek..." This is like finding out your dad really can't beat up everyone else's dad. They've achieved cult following through character development, but as SF they both have gigantic structural flaws at the plot and tech level; great gaping internal inconsistencies! (Although I'm kind of fond of the meta-theory that explains Star Trek as being propaganda intended for external consumption by the Federation, which is actually the Soviet Union in Space in the 24th century.)
Next you will tell me Nutella doesn't really taste good. Damn you Charles Stross! Damn you to hell! I will still read your books, but I will do so with a smug expression of annoyance ;) Nutella is okay, but Marmite rocks as a sandwich topping!
You must try Vegemite. I like vegemite too.
(Alas - this may be TMI - I have a mild yeast intolerance; if I consume too much wheat beer or marmite or vegemite and my next morning will be exceedingly interesting, in a most unpleasant way.)
I saw that you started writing at the age of 15, novels at that. I'm a younger person myself, and for me and the rest of novel-aspiring-youth, what do you have to tell? Tips, motivation, etc.? Write. Every day, if possible.
Finish stuff.
Send it out, and when it comes back, send it out again.
Step 3 may be a bit premature if you're thinking about professional publication, but at the very least: workshop with other writers, learn to critique their work, learn to understand and listen to their criticism of your work, then apply the skills you learned dissecting other folks' writing to your own stuff.
Do you ever read something someone else has written and think "damn, now I cant do that". Who do you read? (if you have time) Yes, I sometimes get the "Damn, too late, [X] got there first" idea. But seriously? I have time to write 1-2 novels per year, and get roughly novel-sized ideas every month. I have to perform triage on my own writing impulses. So it's usually quite easy to shrug and write something else instead.
What I read: while I'm writing, I tend to go off reading fiction for relaxation -- especially the challenging stuff. It's too much like the day job. When I do get to chow down on a book, I try to read ones that are nothing like what I'm writing. So, as I'm currently working on a space opera (of sorts) I'm mostly indulging in urban fantasy.
Wow, I didn't realise the ideas flew in so fast. Is it morbid to ask if you worry about getting it all written before you die? (Im thinking of Terry Pratchett here...) Yes, I worry about that. I'm 47. I reckon I can count on 30 more writing years, averaging a book a year (I can't keep up the 2-2.5 a year I used to do these days). And these days I've gotten round to wondering, for each new idea, "do I want to be remembered for this?" before I get to the point of spending a year on it.
Asimov or Clarke? Neither, although I'm marginally less averse to Clarke's style.
Out of curiosity, what about Heinlein? (As a writer, at least - let's leave politics aside for the moment.) I have written a Heinlein tribute novel.
In general, who in sci-fi/SF inspired you, and/or inspires you now? (Unfortunately, while most authors who do that -- Scalzi, Varley, Robinson, et al -- pick Heinlein juveniles, I went for a dirty old man Heinlein tribute novel. Hence "Saturn's Children" and a novel that hinges on the word spung!).
Have you ever been afraid to actually publish a book for fear of what your fans may think? And how do you deal with writers block, or just actually getting the damn thing started? And lastly, do you read books that aren't in your current genre? And if so, what's your favorite? Publishing is the final step in making a book; if I was afraid to publish one, I wouldn't write it in the first place. (But in general, a little controversy isn't harmful: if anything, it gets people interested. I don't think most of my opinions, political or social, are so far outside of the mainstream that they'd cause massive outrage on a scale liable to provoke death threats or referrals to prosecutors for outraging public decency, so why worry?)
Writers block: when I get it, it's because my subconscious spotted that I'd make a huge structural mistake in constructing a novel before my conscious mind became aware of it, and threw on the brakes. So I've learned not to sweat it: take two days off, then back up a chapter, read through, and try to work out why I'm suddenly uneasy about continuing.
While writing a novel I almost completely stop reading books in the same sub-genre for the duration.
Hi there, funnily enough i just finished the Atrocity Archives, which i bought because i bought the Laundry RPG a while back. Awesome book. Loved it. Can't wait to run the game. So do you play Call of Cthulhu or the Laundry at all? Or are you just into the writing side? Strictly writing side. I was heavily into AD&D in my teens (late 1970s-early 1980s) but fell off the RPG habit in the mid-80s and have never gone back to it; my lifestyle today isn't very compatible with having a regular gaming group (too much travel).
Which do you enjoy writing more; the Laundry series or harder scifi like Glasshouse and Accelerando? That's a very hard question.
If I write too much of anything for too long, I burn out on it. So it helps to vary my output from year to year. That's partly why the Laundry books are coming out at 2-5 year intervals rather than every 12 months.
As someone who grew up reading Ian Fleming and HP Lovecraft, I think they're well worth the wait! (Just pre-ordered the latest iteration) Also, do you find it difficult to write your more abstract stories like Accelerando? I tried to explain it to a friend once, but failed miserably. Accelerando was murder. It took me more than five years, in the shape of nine stories. One of which (#5) was so difficult that by way of finding an excuse to dodge having to work on it I accidentally barfed up the first two volumes of the Merchant Princes series.
I am a huge fan of yours. Three of my favorite short stories are Missile Gap, A Colder War, and Unwirer. Well, I guess I just really love the whole "Wireless" collection. What inspired you to cross Lovecraft with The Cold War? Fear of nuclear annihilation. I'm a child of the cold war: I didn't live more than 10 miles from a major WarPac nuclear target until the Berlin Wall came down and the CW ended. Knowing you can die horribly at any moment because of decisions made by alien intelligences thousands of miles away who don't even know you exist -- there's something Lovecraftian about that, isn't there?
At what age did you start writing novels? I began my first novel when I was 15. It went through three drafts, of around 40,000 words each. If I find it, I'll burn it. (If you read it, you'd thank me :)
Hahahha I'm 15 now. Every time when i have to do an assignment for school, i don't really know how to start, could you give me some advice, please? Nope. Because I'm nearly a third of a century older than you, and any advice I could give you about school assignments would be slightly out of date ...!
The modern solution is to just wikiwalk until inspired. Or tropeswalk! Actually, no, don't do that. You'll get sucked into TVTropes and suddenly notice that the sun's peeking through your window, you're knee-deep in villain archetypes, and the assignment's due in three hours. Your warning comes too late. Actually, I was semi-immunized to TVTropes by being sent a copy of the Turkey City Lexicon by Bruce Sterling at an impressionable age: Link to www.sfwa.org
What do you think of TV Tropes, in general? Like all good things, it's possible to overdose on it.
But for someone who is starting out on developing their critical skills, just being aware of its existence is great: it can make the difference between trying to write a story around a cliche or an original idea, and better still, studying it can eventually clue you in on how to breathe new life into tired tropes.
One of the things that I liked about Halting State and Rule 34 was that they are set in a plausible near future where technology has made individuals much more productive than people from 50+ years ago. Given that with technological assistance one worker can now supervise many machines working to produce goods do you think that there will be a resurgence of a leisure class in the first world? Do you think that we are getting to the point where instead of overpaying people to do manual factory work there is room for another model that still resembles modern life? I have no answer to this question. Keynes asked it more than fifty years ago; something has clearly gone wrong, given that the folks with jobs seem to work endless hours while many people can't get a job at all.
Nice to see a bit of social marketing, it will be interesting to hear how it compares to the publishers' marketdroid efforts in terms of sales (if you can tease out the stats). Now the important question, favourite beer? My regular session beer is Deuchars IPA (Link to www.caledonianbeer.com) It's not an American-style bitterness wars IPA; it's a light, Scottish ale with just enough hops to tell you what it is, and it's weak enough that you can keep drinking it continuously for hours without any risk of waking up in a puddle with KICK ME tattooed on your bum.
Any other writing aids? Link to www.antipope.org
What's your policy/opinion on adverbs? I ask because guys like Stephen King encourage writers to murder every adverb before it ever hits the page, whereas guys like William Gibson (my favorite author) use them liberally. I have no policy, for or against: only a personal style. (Which is to say, I use them when I think it's appropriate to; for example, an internal monologue by a locquacious and verbose narrator is more likely to be larded with adverbs than an exchange of instant messages between cops at a crime scene.)
I'm a new but big fan. The first book of yours that I read only a few months ago was Accelerando and it absolutely blew my mind! Not only that but it made me very excited for the near future, I see Google Glasses as being a very exciting tech that leads into your vision. Bitcoin: probably not, but it's intriguing enough to be at the root of an entire interstellar finance system in "Neptune's Brood" (due next July, 2013).
PS I'm really looking forward to seeing you when you come to Perth West Aus next year. Maybe I can buy you a beer! Perth, beer? Sure!
Bitcoins as... urrrrgh. Okay. I'll have to read that, then. Hope you got the failure conditions right! I hybridised it with Chaum's digicash. With the added twist that participants in exchanges had to be in different solar systems. It's called "slow money" for a reason ...
How do you make sure you aren't "inadvertently plagiarizing?" I think up ideas a lot but am sure they have already been done somewhere or that I am ripping something off I have read and cannot recall specifically. Original creativity seems difficult. First: plagiarism requires you to copy someone else's words. You can avoid this by, er, not copying! Writing your own story around the same ideas is not plagiarism; at worst, it's being unoriginal.
thanks for the books...I love science fiction and appreciate the work that goes into putting out novels to entertain us. Having said that, you're right: coming up with truly new ideas is hard. But I've got a method: I look for a couple of obvious ideas that have been done before (try: folks who can travel at will to parallel universes; in their home world they're the aristocracy, because: magic powers) and then look for the second-order side effects: stuff that other authors didn't dig into (for example: wrt. the previous idea, what are the consequences of these folks' ability for the ongoing economic and political development of their world? Can it have negative consequences? If so, what are they?)
How long did it take you to become comfortable writing in the second person? I finished reading Rule 34 and it was the first novel* i had read in this style. It took me about a hundred pages of "Halting State" to get the hang of it, and another hundred pages to feel comfortable. I also needed a reason to start doing it (2nd person is the natural voice of the text adventure game -- "you are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike").
A trilogy? Does this mean that a third book is on contract, or that you just have it kicking around in your head? EDIT: Nevermind, you answered this already. Looking forward to it! "The Lambda Functionary" is on contract for delivery on July 1st, 2013 and publication around July 3rd, 2014. And I haven't even begun writing it yet. Ulp.
Connected intelligence (as in, human intelligence augmented by online sources) seems to be on the perpetual 'five years out' list - do you think projects like Google Glass will finally make this a reality? What sort of timescale would you envisage for mass-adoption? (crosses fingures for a 'yes') Hmm ... what's wrong with a smartphone with always-on 3G or 4G data and google/wikipedia? Doesn't that qualify?
How much pre-planning would you say that you do before starting on a new book? Or do you subscribe more to the "Let's just start writing and see where it takes us" camp? Both :)
No two books come out the same way. Some I write by the seat of my pants; others are planned in minute detail.
The one thing that does happen, every time, though, is that I never get to write a book until I've already been thinking about it for a period of months to years. Unless it's "Glasshouse" (time from initial idea to starting writing: 9 days).
Rule 34 was one of my favorite reads last year, but I found the title to be a bit of a red herring since (without spoilers) neither memes nor porn ended being a big part of the story's resolution (other than the department Kavanaugh is in when she started). Was that intentional? What is ATHENA if not a meme with legs? (The relative lack of porn I'll grant you ...) Link to www.antipope.org
Hi Charles, I'm Chinese and I live in Asia and most of the sci fi actually comes from the west. Is this due to cultural reasons, literacy or how technology/future seems to resonate more if written from a western perspective? Also, how can one become a successful sci fi/fantasy writer outside of Europe/America? I have no idea, frankly ...
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